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  1. davepermen

    About the Windows 10 spying issue...

    how about just using it as is? i know, paranoya and such, but the telemetry data actually leads to improvements, especially if you're running insider builds. they're very responsive, and fix a lot of quirks rather quickly.   i see really no point in the blocking of os improvements. same as disabling updates n stuff. it's just stupid. making your own life worse for nothing. you want windows to be as good as possible? let them do their job.
  2. davepermen

    Well.... the place hasn't changed all that much

    i'd suggest to dive a little into the next aspnet.. it's a full rewrite that works crossplatform and is open source on github.   but personally, i'd go for the metro/win10 universal app stuff.
  3. RT @CarmenCrincoli: Saying that WebKit powers the only browsers that matter, then listing Chrome? Embarrassing.
  4. RT @SaltineJustine: Responsive design principals in wonderfully simple gifs - http://t.co/fxALcSbYya
  5. RT @arialdomartini: "There are two types of languages. Ones people complain about, and ones nobody uses."
  6. Surface Pro 3, docked. Windows 8.1. Visual Studio 14
  7. RT @SwiftOnSecurity: If Android was a pony I'd have it euthanized.
  8. RT @IEDevChat: Introducing the IE Developer Channel http://t.co/emoS1PxgV2 A preview version of IE for web devs to see what we are working …
  9. Soo.... how many days till GoT Season 5? ...
  10. Dash Berlin? [check]
  11. RT @ch9: Cet MicroWPF - WPF for Netduino (Plus) 2 and the FTDI FT800 Eve http://t.co/5FWODrRuL3
  12. RT @iCaramba: Röntgenbildaufnahme eines 900 Pfund Mannes. Irgendwie hatte ich was anderes erwartet. http://t.co/oTnTlKNKbO
  13. RT @madeon: Ladies and gentlemen, I am proud to introduce this new innovative technological breakthrough. The Diamond launchpad. http://t.…
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