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  1. how about just using it as is? i know, paranoya and such, but the telemetry data actually leads to improvements, especially if you're running insider builds. they're very responsive, and fix a lot of quirks rather quickly.   i see really no point in the blocking of os improvements. same as disabling updates n stuff. it's just stupid. making your own life worse for nothing. you want windows to be as good as possible? let them do their job.
  2. i'd suggest to dive a little into the next aspnet.. it's a full rewrite that works crossplatform and is open source on github.   but personally, i'd go for the metro/win10 universal app stuff.
  3. RT @CarmenCrincoli: Saying that WebKit powers the only browsers that matter, then listing Chrome? Embarrassing.
  4. RT @SaltineJustine: Responsive design principals in wonderfully simple gifs - http://t.co/fxALcSbYya
  5. RT @arialdomartini: "There are two types of languages. Ones people complain about, and ones nobody uses."
  6. Surface Pro 3, docked. Windows 8.1. Visual Studio 14
  7. RT @SwiftOnSecurity: If Android was a pony I'd have it euthanized.
  8. RT @IEDevChat: Introducing the IE Developer Channel http://t.co/emoS1PxgV2 A preview version of IE for web devs to see what we are working …
  9. Soo.... how many days till GoT Season 5? ...
  10. Dash Berlin? [check]
  11. RT @ch9: Cet MicroWPF - WPF for Netduino (Plus) 2 and the FTDI FT800 Eve http://t.co/5FWODrRuL3
  12. RT @iCaramba: Röntgenbildaufnahme eines 900 Pfund Mannes. Irgendwie hatte ich was anderes erwartet. http://t.co/oTnTlKNKbO
  13. RT @madeon: Ladies and gentlemen, I am proud to introduce this new innovative technological breakthrough. The Diamond launchpad. http://t.…