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    Anyone twitter?

    Quote:Original post by mittens Quote:Original post by Gaiiden aidan_walsh has it right - if you follow interesting people and people you know, it can be fun. He's just saying that because my Twittering alone makes his feed amazing. It's true :)
  2. aidan_walsh

    Anyone twitter?

    Quote:Original post by boolean See, the thing I don’t get is, who cares? Does anyone actually read the things people post? I can’t understand how someone could read with rapt attention “I think its going to rain – it’s raining – it rained – they say it might rain again”. I can’t wrap my head around who gives a crap what people are doing on a second by second basis of the day. If I rung my friends up and went: *Ring* “Bob, it’s Boolean, I’m going to the shops” Bob – “ok...why are you telling me?” Me- “Oh, I just thought you would want to know” *click* *Ring* “Bob, it’s Boolean, I’m back from the shops” Bob – “ok...?” *click* *Ring* “Bob, it’s Boolean, I’m going to the shops again, I forgot milk” Bob – “...please stop calling” *click* *Ring* “Bob, it’s Boolean, I’m going to watch some TV now” Bob – “STOP CALLING ME ASSHOLE!!!”. *SLAM* This is my impression of twitter. I see everyone using it and dang it, there must be something about it that interests everyone, but I just cannot fathom how in any way it’s interesting to anyone. Has the world become so close because of advances in technology that we now need 24 hour reports on everything our friends are doing? At what point did we panic and think "OH GOSH, is Jim watching TV or reading a book? OH GOD I MUST KNOW!". Perhaps everyone uses twitter under the impression that while they couldn't give one billionth a shit what anyone else’s twitter says, they are sure everyone is reading theirs? I don’t know. I just don’t get it. Same rule that applies for all social networks - the value is directly proportional to the people you follow. Don't follow people who do this mundane rubbish and you'll be fine. If you won't tolerate it on Facebook/MySpace/Other network of choice, why tolerate it on Twitter?
  3. aidan_walsh

    GDNet at the Movies: The Dark Knight

    Quote:Original post by Salsa Christian Bale, as Bruce Wayne.. he's fine. Christian Bale as Batman is absolutely horrible. It's like watching a 5 year old in a costume, trying as hard as possible to lower his voice and sound "bad ass". It was so terribly forced I had to hold back my laughter every time he spoke. Apparently you're not the only one of the opinion.
  4. aidan_walsh


    Conspiracy Theories R Us.
  5. aidan_walsh

    iPod Touch handwriting notes

    Quote:Original post by Mephs First result on google :) www.tenonedesign.com/stylus.php I'm not trying to be a PITA with that comment, I just knew I'd heard of them in the past (as I looked into the idea when I got my iPod touch). I'm pretty sure there are some simple drawing apps too. I found this sketching app pretty easily, although it requires Jailbreaking your iPod as far as I'm aware. Sketches I hope that helps anyways :) Steve Happy to be corrected. I hadn't searched myself, because I hadn't heard of anyone who had done it (now there is wonderful logic, folks!).
  6. aidan_walsh

    iPod Touch handwriting notes

    Quote:Original post by _Sigma as well, are these stylus' that you can use with the touch? Doubtful, the iPod Touch and iPhone screens are capacitive in nature.
  7. aidan_walsh

    Is this license actually legal?

    Quote:Original post by d000hg Who are they to tell me what I can do on my PC while I have their software installed? It's fair to say I can't USE their software commercially to make money but how can I legally be obliged to tell them what I do on my PC? I wonder if it's a totally unenforceable, BS clause they add to make businesses pay up? Or is it legal for them to restrict my computer usage while their software is on my PC? Read it this way: "If you use this software intended for home and personal use on a business critical system and later become compromised, we are not going to support you."
  8. aidan_walsh


    Quote:Original post by Yann L Am I the only one who finds all these social networking sites incredibly boring, annoying, and frankly, just plain dumb ? Especially Twitter (and clones). I just can't imagine a single situation where "micro blogging" would classify as anything else than an annoying pain in the ass... I used to think the same. I started to use Twitter mainly as an experiment out of boredom. For the most part, it depends on what/who you follow. The value you get out of it depends on what you are looking for in it. I don't use Facebook or MySpace or Bebo because they don't look like they have any value to me. Twitter is gaining value all the time. A lot of people only follow people they know, others like to follow as many people as possible. I think I'm getting to be the latter, though it would have to be people who share similar interests. Sometimes its handy to have to vent, other times it can be handy to see peoples reactions to things and stories as they break. Sometimes you can see the formative thoughts of articles you see a few hours or days later popping up, other times its just trash Valleywag crap. Some publications like Ars Technica use Twitter as an alternative to their RSS feeds. Some sites have come up using Twitter as a framework, bringing additional functionality to the service. Sites like Quotably which allow you to track Twitter conversations, or the search engine Tweetscan. Twitter has proven itself to be relevant at times. The biggest example that sticks out in my mind was the storm that surrounded the California fires last summer, and how people and services started to use Twitter to follow and even mould the story. The LAFD still use the account they set up then to issue safety alerts to this day.
  9. aidan_walsh


    Just joined fairly recently myself. http://twitter.com/aidan_walsh Using Twitterific myself, found Twhirl to be kinda buggy on the Mac. That said, I'm not entirely convinced by Twitterific either, so thinking I might give writing my own client a go as an exercise in Objective C.
  10. aidan_walsh

    Post Your Blogs Here

    Again, sig-ward bound with you. Mind you, it's staler than last years bread at the minute. Keep meaning to update it but I don't have much to write about at the moment and I don't really want it to descend into Livejournal "w0t I d1d 2d/-\y" nonsense.
  11. aidan_walsh

    Why does everyone say IM wierd?

    Quote:Original post by boolean Quote:Original post by JBourrie Quote:Original post by Oberon_Command What happens the fourth time somebody calls you a horse? Daniel Radcliffe will ride you. His arms look really weird... Bloody Gilderoy Lockhart...
  12. aidan_walsh

    "The Dark Knight" trailer online

    Quote:Original post by mtw Quote:Its going to be a long 6 months... No, there's a number of possibly good movies coming out during that time. There Will Be Blood, Rambo IV, Cloverfield, Iron Man, and Indiana Jones. Why do I keep thinking Iron Man is out after Dark Knight..? Its the month before. Actually haven't heard much about There Will Be Blood, going to have to look into that. Cloverfield hasn't caught me up in the hype, and I was never really a fan of Lost - this looks to be following much the same formula so far. Indiana Jones could be real hit or miss, I reckon a lot of Star Wars style nostalgia is keeping that one going for a lot of people. And no real interest at all in Rambo, which just looks utterly stupid.
  13. aidan_walsh

    "The Dark Knight" trailer online

    Few posters flying around for it as well in the last week or two. Poster 1 Poster 2 Poster 3
  14. aidan_walsh

    "The Dark Knight" trailer online

    Yeah, it was leaked on YouTube a few days ago but now Warners have put it up themselves. http://www.atasteforthetheatrical.com [HERE BE SPOILERS AND OPINION] First off, Ledger looks and sounds amazing. I had my fears when I heard who was taking on the role of one of my favourite Batman villains, but these have been utterly swayed. He's somewhat different in appearance from previous Joker's - no longer the crazed clown with the pristine white face, now he looks more like some psycho who only ever applied the face once. And that laugh is as crazed as Mark Hamill at his best. There were some great shots in the trailer as well. Nolan is representing Gotham on a far, far larger scale than ever before, and this gets represented very well. When you see the rather small Batman looking out over a city that falls into the fog in the distance, you get a real feel for the height of the challenge faced that just wasn't really present in any of the other movies. Speaking of which, there also appear to be some nice throwbacks to previous Joker depictions. Though they don't show here, the original look of the Joker is supposed to be rather like Caesar Romero's '60's version. And one scene in particular is looking like a sideways throwback to Keaton v Nicholson in '89. Its going to be a long 6 months...
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