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    Fantastic. You've just ruined the next day on me. I hope you're happy.
  2. Yes, it has been a long time. Well, the time has come to close this down, I think. Lets face it, it was never orientated towards game development much. So I'm taking my exploits off elsewhere, to www.aidanwalsh.net, if anyone is interested. I'll also be taking new projects and ideas with me, so I do hope you'll join me.
  3. aidan_walsh

    Anyone wanna trade?

    I'm not going to hijack John's blog (sorry [grin]), so if anyone else wants one drop me a PM. Thanks.
  4. aidan_walsh

    Anyone wanna trade?

    Mac Intel. Invite sent.
  5. aidan_walsh

    Anyone wanna trade?

    Just sent one there. The invite system just went unlimited today as well.
  6. aidan_walsh

    MVP '07: Day something

    Quote:Original post by Ravuya I find it remarkable that the English can still spell 'uninitiated' while hammered. Here in North America, we're lucky if they can spell 'uninitiated' period. Especially when he stumbles over words like "in" and "room" [grin]
  7. I'm quite enjoying my Digital Image Processing course. Not only am I getting an excuse to force myself to learn C, but I also get to work with a Playboy centerfold. And who doesn't enjoy that? Still haven't heard much back about the timetable/subjects not running messup, except for an email telling me that I will have to come back next year to finish, and an offer of an appointment to talk about it. Which has yet to be followed up.
  8. aidan_walsh


    Thanks Jap. I was really leaning more towards that one than the other. I'm still not convinced that either would be accepted though. Still, I can only try.
  9. aidan_walsh

    It's a bird! A plane! A... software engineer?

    There's a Mr. Boll on the phone for you, something about a script. Or a boxing match. Or possibly both.
  10. aidan_walsh

    Project Pre-proposal

    [wow] Wonderful, now my project ideas feel truely pathetic. Thanks a bunch. [wink]
  11. aidan_walsh


    I have until the fourteenth of this month to get my project proposal ready to hand in at college. The problem is, I have no real idea yet of what I want to do. Its my final year (HAH!) project, so it has to be something that "reflect[s] the particular interest of the student and the aims and objectives of the course of study. The completed project must demonstrate the student's ability to plan, execute and present the findings of a suitable applied research or software development project." Or, at least thats according to the specification document. Last time we got one of these projects to do, I ended up doing an initial (fugly) version of my current installer project. I have two ideas, but they both sound kind of like things that would probably get rejected: An instant messaging application for mobile phones A podcasting suite - record, edit, encode and announce your cast Anyone got any ideas\opinions on those?
  12. aidan_walsh

    Screendumps of MOP

  13. aidan_walsh


    The design came to me in a dream, and I forgot it in another dream.
  14. Its amazing how fast the bubble bursts on somethings. Talking to one of my friends who did his final year last year, I have since discovered that there are a lot of courses that I need to complete not being run by the college this year. They run on a two year rotation you see, and so they will be run next year instead. This essentially leaves me with the following options: 1) Continue this year with the subjects that are running, and go back again next year to complete the lot 2) See if I can defer the year in the hopes that all subjects will be running next year (not currently a reasonable assumption) 3) Quiz the college for other alternatives 4) ??? Either way, what was supposed to have been a two year course is now looking like its going to take four years. Hows that for an ego boost? I think I'm going to go and cry now.
  15. aidan_walsh

    Back to school sales

    June. Its been since June since I wrote anything to do with the installer. Don't wory though, it hasn't gone away. I've been in an awful slump lately that I have been having trouble pulling myself out of. I've been working on a couple of small side projects, such as webpages and some small toy stuff in C#, playing with new components. (Actually, I might be able to combine some of that as a second smaller scope project, combined with some of the stuff I have already done for the installer. Basically, I'm pretty much just procrastinating writing the vcdiff stuff, in spite of the fact that it needs to be done.) The fact that I am now back at college, with a semester of classes and a full year Final Year project to work on isn't going to help that much I suspect. I finished work last Friday week, and got a very nice send off the following Friday. It was good to see so many of the people I worked with outside of work for a change. I picked up a bit of valuable general computer experience during my 19 months there, though not much in the way of coding. Such is the price of an admin job, I guess. I started back to college yesterday. Given that we only have a 10 week semester of classes (give or take a week or two), most of what we are doing are only very condensed courses, or really just primers. Digital Image Processing looks like it will be interesting, Object Orientated Databases is going to be excruciating. I haven't made my mind up on the business course yet. My timetable also blows big green hairy chunks. Two days a week, I have one class in the morning, followed by four hours of a break before the next one. That wouldn't be so bad except for the fact that this campus, in its six years of existance, hasn't done much in the way of entertainment. Hell, the sports pitches are only being opened tomorrow. None of the societies meet until after college hours, when the rooms become available to them, so there is nothing that can be done in that regard. The only option is really a 20 minute walk into town, but unless there is something you are specifically looking for, there isn't much available there either. I badly need to learn how to drive so I can get home in these times. Spent the week off basically arsing about, caught up on Battlestar Galactica Season 2 now that its on dvd, just in time to be able to watch the new season when it starts here in the New Year. I'm also after working about a third of the way into Code Complete. Damned interesting book, that. The pirate speaks,"And so ends another o' me attempts t' burn four hours. I think I'll crack open Dev-C++ and start takin' a look at some o' t' Borland BGI stuff. Avast!"
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