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  1. DalTXColtsFan

    MFC & OpenGl

    if you still need help I have a bunch of MFC examples on my site. If not, congratulations and keep at it :)
  2. DalTXColtsFan

    C# and VC++ 6.0

    Out of curiosity, how do you do Windows API calls in C#, i.e. GetPrivateProfileString? The reason I ask is, aren't all OpenGL functions in VB 6.0 or VC++ 6.0 en facto just API calls? So what's the big deal, why is it so hard to get the hWnd of a form or a window in C# and just pass it to the wglCreateContext function? What is it about C# that makes it "so much harder to get started" when it comes to OpenGL than just C?
  3. DalTXColtsFan

    C# and VC++ 6.0

    Any longtime VC++/MFC 6.0 programmers experiment with "making the switch" to C#, whether it pertains to OpenGL or not? Whaday'all think about the marketability for programmers who don't have .NET? Is it really necessary to "make the switch" to make yourself more marketable? Comments appreciated!
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