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  1. JoHnOnIzEr

    Need some math help: deriving arctan(x)

    You have your triangle labeled incorrectly. At the beginning of your proof you state that tan(y) = x, so it should be as such: . /| / | / | / | / | x / | / | /y______| 1 the hypotenuse is sqrt(1+x^2). Therefore, dy/dx = 1 / (1+x^2)
  2. JoHnOnIzEr

    Hard Drive Speeds

    This is just the information I was looking for. Thanks!
  3. JoHnOnIzEr

    Hard Drive Speeds

    Is there really a big difference between a HD that spins at 7200 RPMs and 5400 RPMs? Im trying to cut a few bucks off the price of a laptop I am getting, and I'm wondering if there is a noticable difference when playing a game or just whatever. The 7200 RPM one has a 10.5ms seek time whereas the other has a 12ms seek time. Everything else about the two HDs is identical.
  4. JoHnOnIzEr

    .asx files wont play

    I'm not sure why, but my computer refuses to play .asx files at all. It used to up until a few hours ago when I got a Blue Screen telling me something about a page fault. After that I havent been able to play them, so I am assuming something is corrupt somewhere. System restore didnt help and Ive tried reinstalling various codecs and even windows media player. I get this as an error message: Windows Media Player cannot play the file because the specified protocol is not supported. If you typed a URL in the Open URL dialog box, try using a different transport protocol (for example, "http:" or "rtsp:"). I have no idea why I am getting this error :(. My other computer can play the same files correctly, as well as my friend--so it's something on my end. Any help would be appreciated :(
  5. JoHnOnIzEr

    IE popups in Firefox!

    Bah. Thanks for the help.
  6. JoHnOnIzEr

    IE popups in Firefox!

    Well I just had a very strange experience with Microsoft Antispyware, and I am not entirely sure what happened. Basically, after I installed it, I have not been able to use my computer. It loads the desktop, and then a little after its icon was loaded in the system tray the screen turns blue and flashes some text too fast for me to read (so I do not know what it said) and promptly restarts. This happened every single time without fail. So I went into safe mode and disabled it from running when the computer turns on, and everything worked fine. On the bright side, those popups have yet to return.
  7. JoHnOnIzEr

    IE popups in Firefox!

    Well the problem seems to have gone away after using several different programs and scanning multiple times. Weird part was that each time i used microsoft anti-spyware different things came up that it didnt catch the time before. It seems to be gone though. XD
  8. JoHnOnIzEr

    IE popups in Firefox!

    It could potentially have come from either IE or FF, but my money is on IE based on the browsing habits of others who use this computer.
  9. JoHnOnIzEr

    IE popups in Firefox!

    So I'm surfing the web in firefox and an internet explorer popup appears. I scanned my computer using Ad-Aware and Spybot S&D and found a bunch of things. It removed them, but these popups are still appearing. Has this happened to anyone before? What can I do to stop them :(
  10. JoHnOnIzEr

    Creating DVDs

    I have a lot of videos on my computer taking up space, and I figure it's about time to put it on some removable media to free up my hard drive. Basically, I could just copy them onto blank DVDs, but I thought it would be cool if I could get them to play on my DVD player on my tv. I'm not exactly sure how to do this. There are a lot of programs out there but most of them are not free and add some kind of watermark. Im hoping someone here has done this before and can help me out. :)
  11. try switching some lines around: Quote: temp = SDL_LoadBMP("hero.bmp"); hero = SDL_DisplayFormat(temp); SDL_SetColorKey(hero, SDL_SRCCOLORKEY, SDL_MapRGB(hero->format, 0, 255, 0)); SDL_FreeSurface(temp);
  12. JoHnOnIzEr

    Help! CD-RW Drive suddenly not working - FIXED

    negative. Don't know how to use linux either *_*. Maybe I can try and dig up the CDs that came with the computer.
  13. It's a Pioneer DVD-RW DVR-104, it came with my computer (VPR Matrix 253R). It was working a few weeks ago when I last made a music cd, but now it doesn't. I can open and close the drive, but windows wont do anything with it. In the device manager it says it is disabled and wont let me enable it. I'm not exactly sure what I can even do to get this thing working again. Help please! edit: after reinstalling the drivers several times it appears to be working. Not sure why it didnt work the first time or why it stopped working at all :( [Edited by - JoHnOnIzEr on May 18, 2005 8:51:32 PM]
  14. I was just awarded a $30 gift certificate to Barnes & Noble. However, I'm not exactly sure on what I should buy with it. I'm debating on either buying a book on java (to get a head start with next year's class) or a good book to read. If anyone has suggestions for either of these I'd appreciate it. =)
  15. JoHnOnIzEr

    dead laptop, whats the cost

    well this happened like two months ago (one of his friends spilled it onto his laptop). Anyways he kept using it since he didnt find anything immediately wrong with it, but eventually it died and we just found out today what was wrong with it.
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