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  1. Promag

    Returning 1 on main()

    Well when you do something like $ prog_a && prog_b then the OS will execute prog_b only if prog_a succeded, by returning 0...
  2. Supose I have a XML structure and a XSL to transform it. Then in a browser I can see the HTML generated. Now supose that I have one event handler (i.e. onclick) on some generated HTML element that adds a new XML node element to the XML source. My question is if this is possible and if the browser updates the HTML by re-processing (in a lazy evaluation or not) the XML with the same XSL. Thanks!
  3. mrbig proposal is something like RGBE where E stands for expoent. See http://www.graphics.cornell.edu/~bjw/rgbe.html and google for more details
  4. Promag


    Well again I suggest using multiple index arrays. For instance, a cube have 8 vertices and 6 normals: vertices = [v0x v0y v0z v1x v1y v1z v2x v2y v2z v3x v3y v3z v4x v4y v4z v5x v5y v5z v6x v6y v6z v7x v7y v7z] normals = [n0x n0y n0z n1x n1y n1z n2x n2y n2z n3x n3y n3z n4x n4y n4z n5x n5y n5z] then we could specify two index arrays for each array (first triangle): vertex index = [0 1 2 ... ] normal index = [0 0 0 ... ] This way one could save memory on gpu. I can see only one problem, fast memory access...
  5. Or you could use Framebuffer Objects (FBO) since is more recent and probably faster. I used in linux for rendering to texture and multiple render targets.
  6. Im not familiar with windows threads... only posix threads. Anyway, If that method performs some action (read/write) on critical (shared) resources then it should be protected by an monitor (mutex) so only one thread can execute the method body at a time. This kind of operations (race conditions) should be automated as in Java synchronize, or with a pre-processor like OpenC++ witch performs code transformations on C++ code. Btw, I use OpenC++ to have something like Java synchronize and other cool stuff like RTTI (not typeid).
  7. Yeah I forgot the title :S Anyway I was looking and found no awnswer.. :( like Dan said.. Well, or I'm going to learn vertex_program.. or I'll implement my GLSL shaders on other computer.. life..
  8. My ATI Mobility Radeon 9000 have GL_ARB_vertex_program but not GLSL. Is there a tool to compile GLSL code to a vertex program? Thanks! [Edited by - Promag on December 14, 2005 9:27:40 PM]
  9. Promag

    Webcamera DLL ?

    There is also OpenCV witch among other thing can capture webcams. And there is OpenAL for sound witch is simply and nice for 3D audio. They are all opensource and multiplataform.
  10. I have a sequence of images (screenshots taken from an aplication I wrote) and I need to build a movie from them. Is there any way? Thanks
  11. Promag

    Doing without gluLookAt?

    Quote:Original post by Specchum ... The problem is that there is no gluLookAt function since GLUT is not available in our case. ... gluLookAt belongs to GLU not GLUT. You must understand geometry transformations and matrix manipulation before doing you LookAt version.
  12. Promag

    Bounding sphere

    Well its a static model so its a pre-calculated sphere. After reading some googled stuff i found a O(n) algorithm witch gives an 5% aproximation error (Pretty nice). Anyway, this problem is something like resolving the equation: r(O) = max { distance(O,v) : p in P } , r = sphere radious, O = sphere center, P = point set here the O must be one that gives the minimum r(O). So what numerical algorithm should I use to resolve it?!
  13. Promag

    Max & Min in shader

    Never used gl minmax but you can found more here: http://www.gamedev.net/community/forums/topic.asp?topic_id=293968 Well since shaders are per vertex or per pixel based then you have no other option than reading back some value. However you can read async (ARB_pixel_buffer_object) to speed up.
  14. Promag

    Max & Min in shader

    ARB_imaging provides min and max and also a histogram.
  15. Promag

    Bounding sphere

    Best/Fastest way to get an aproximation of minimum bounding sphere of a point set?
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