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  1. From the XNA FAQ: Quote:XNA FAQ XNA Game Studio Express is intended for the hobbyist/small development group and therefore designed to help create non-commercial games. XNA Game Studio Professional will include additional functionality such as libraries supporting Xbox Live (Achievements, Leaderboards, Multi-player) needed by professional game developers wishing to create commercial, signed titles. XNA Studio will implement enterprise wide solutions aimed at the production pipeline and process by which games are developed in large AAA studios. The XNA framework is intended to be used by both hobbyists and professionals. Quote:Original post by Uphoreum It seems like Microsoft wants managed code to be the future, but at the same time there aren't any managed API's worth learning. XNA is the API that's worth learning :)
  2. MickePicke

    Is It Possible To Point To A Function?

    It very possible indeed. Learn all about function pointers in C right here
  3. MickePicke

    Singleton vs member variable

    Quote:Original post by codehunter13 Hi, Normally i don't like singleton. But for my logger i also use a singleton. My log class is able to log to different outputters. This way you can have one log class that logs to different files,console,... greets, I would use this approach.
  4. MickePicke

    Command Interpreter: Care to look over my code?

    nvm :) I should have learned to read the thread before I reply by now...
  5. MickePicke

    Command Interpreter: Care to look over my code?

    ApochPiQ, that got to be some of the most helpful (and well formatted + funny) answers I've seen in some time, you even got me to realize a few things :)
  6. Quote:Original post by Ardus how does it make the horizon so smooth, yet not really affect the character's that are up close? One way to do it is to render the scene into a "position-map" (a depth texture), and use that as input in the smoothing shader or as alpha values on the blurred scene. The DirectX SDK sample Post-Processing does something similar (or identical, can't really remember).
  7. This is exremely helpful, thanks alot! Not only do I have use for the lightning algorithm (I was just about to implement a similar one when I randomly stumbled into this from your IOTD), your CalculateNormals() function will help aswell since I'm too lazy figuring it out again for myself (I did it once but lost the code ^^). A well deserved rating++
  8. MickePicke

    what to learn openGL or Direct x?

    Quote:Original post by Promit XBox, Xbox 360 -> Direct3D I'm guessing a bit here but I think that should be XBox, Xbox 360 -> Heavily modded version of Direct3D
  9. MickePicke

    [4E4] Post yer Screenshots

    Quote:Original post by DoktorAce Lots of eyecandy Now I have to go down to the cellar to recover my jaw.
  10. MickePicke

    Updated DirectX 9 Tutorials

    Quote:Original post by LeChuckIsBack I would realy like to see some DirectPlay tutorials, about the fastest way to build a multiplayer game. Microsoft's tutorials are a bit fuzzy about this... Microsoft discourages everyone to use DirectPlay, and use sockets instead. Read more about it in the DirectX SDK documentation.
  11. I'm used to them by now and the links don't bother me at all. The only kind of advertisement I hate is the kind that www.gamespot.com has.
  12. MickePicke

    [4E4] Post yer Screenshots

    Quote:Original post by Srekel I can post the urls for the program and the codec Thanks, Appreciated!
  13. Read somewhere than UT2004 have about 3500 polys per character and Unreal 3 will have around 7500. Don't know if that is accurate or not as I don't remember where I read it...
  14. MickePicke

    [4E4] Post yer Screenshots

    Might be a little OT... PnP Bios, your signature link doesn't work :D
  15. MickePicke

    [4E4] Post yer Screenshots

    Quote:Original post by Moe Thats pretty cool. How do you find the performance to be? You see the FPS on the screenies. Usually around 250 fps at 1024x768. Specs: AMD 3500+ ATI X800XL But the performace is this high because of the very simple terrain. I only use two textures (base + detail) and quite few polys. If I decide to work more on it I will implement some splatting technique for the ground (blending together several textures with a pixel shader), grass and foliage.
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