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  1. Just finished Brick Bow HD for iOS and Android!
  2. Fuel

    Source code for games?

    There is a book I like which has the full source to the engine. ADVANCED VISUAL EFFECTS WITH DIRECT3D by Peter Walsh. Link to the source is at the bottom of the page: http://www.courseptr.com/ptr_detail.cfm?group=Game%20Design%20%26%20Development&subcat=Game%20Art&isbn=978%2D1%2D59200%2D961%2D9#downloads I would highly recommend picking up the book as well but the source is pretty easy to grok through. Greg
  3. Fuel

    too old?

    You are never too old. Instead of worry about if you are too old to do something focus on what it is you want to do. Lets say you have a great game idea you want to make just focus on making it and having fun. You will get better over time. I started programming C++ in college (Digipen) at 18. I had previously only done basic before that. One of the things to remember and that I love about the game industry is it is always on the bleeding edge so everyone is constantly learning. So get out there and write some code! I would love to check out what you come up with. -Greg Founder Caffeinated Games www.caffeinatedgames.com
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