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  1. We're now also on Steam Greenlight. Please give us a vote :)
  2. Hey,   in 2004 a friend of mine and myself released our first freeware game "Atomic Butcher". Now, more than a decade later, we finally teamed up again and have been busy working on a sequel which will be on Steam Greenlight soon.   It's fast, it's ridiculously gory, it's offensive, and most of all, you got to use your bodily fluids to ravage what's left of a destroyed world. Yes, that's right, you got to pee on foes.   The game mechanics are those of a classic platformer (it's 2D), but with 360° aiming. Watch the trailer on youtube, it contains a little bit of gameplay. Then, go ahead and download the demo from our site (it's a ZIP with approximately 130 MiB in size, but beware, it's only for Windows 64-bit currently!).   Do all of that now, or the Atomic Butcher will come along and eat you and your mother and your kittens, and you wouldn't want that to happen, now would you? (Disclaimer: he probably won't come)   Also, we'd love some feedback, and likes on our facebook page. Or follow us on [twitter]atomic_butcher[/twitter].   Here's two screenshots to set your expectations right:   Yours,   David from Das Humankapital.
  3. Indeterminatus

    so I got this program...

    Ok, I took a first glance at your code, and simply it was too much for me to look through. I can't give you the solution now, but I tell you: debug your code. Use assertions, make some outputs (maybe a log file), comment stuff out until it works again. Just try to narrow the error down as much as possible.
  4. Indeterminatus

    my website upgraded

    Very simplistic, I like that. Loads very fast, I appreciate that also. What I found disturbing were those huge advertisements (but I guess there's nothing you could do about them) and the background/text color. The text was really difficult to read sometimes, ok, not REALLY difficult, but there are places where the background gfx has very bright balls, and those mess up with the fluent reading (the contrast to the white text is not high enough). Hope that helps a little bit! edit: I have to add that I've never seen your old website
  5. Indeterminatus

    Atomic Butcher 1.0 released

    Finally, after one year work, our first freeware jump'n'run, Atomic Butcher, is released. It is held in the classic style of Abuse (at least concerning the movement/aiming), but with a very strong emphasis on action and violence. Please look at our website:, download the game, play it for a while and tell us what you think ;).
  6. Indeterminatus

    Pong help

    I know this is not what you've been asking for, but I want to point out that libraries like Allegro are supposed to make things easier for you. If you really have that little experience as you pointed out, you might be better off with the sources you already have. Allegro projects do compile with MSVC++ without problems. At least I appreciated the work Allegro did for me when I would've never understood what I had to do in order to get something simple like a pixel plotted to work.
  7. Indeterminatus

    IDE option setting

    Hmmm...ok, here we go. Here are my settings for Dev-C++: [x] Auto indent [x] Insert mode [x] Use Tab character [x] Smart tabs [ ] Keep trailing spaces [x] Backspace unindent [x] Group undo The rest I left unchanged. You might want to check "Highlight matching braces/parantheses" in the "Caret" section. Oh yeah and tab size I have on 4, but that's just personal preference. The above options might get you close to MSVC, but still, Dev-C++ has a few bugs with code formatting, the developers are currently working on that.
  8. Indeterminatus

    Quick constructor question

    I'm sorry, but I don't get it. Do you want to create an array sized by an argument passed to the constructor?
  9. Indeterminatus

    IDE option setting

    You find those kind of options under "Tools" -> "Editor options". I want to point out, though, that Dev-C++ won't indent the same way VC6 does! You kinda chose a very clumsy title, since this has absolutely nothing to do with COMPILER settings, that solely concerns the IDE. Hope that helps!
  10. Indeterminatus


    To my mind a 13-year-old already should be mature enough to both not posting threads with bad language and ignoring them on reading. Regarding parents letting their 8-year-old kiddies surf the site ... well ... that's out of the hands of GDNet. That's something the parents should take care of.
  11. Indeterminatus

    AtomicButcher demo (download)

    Hi everyone! Finally, we managed to upload a small demo of our upcoming freeware jump'n'run game called "Atomic Butcher". You can download the game here. Since the archive above doesn't contain any music, you can retrieve the score from this link (it's optional, though, so you don't have to download it to get the game running). Please post any comments you have, especially bug reports. The readme file explains everything you ought to know, if there are any questions, just press F1 during the game (this opens a help screen). This is our first game going to be completed (hopefully) in the nearer future, so please don't be too harsh on us ;) Sorry, there are no screenshots available yet, and the same goes for the website (which is still just not existent), we'll try to catch up on this one as soon as possible. Basically, you can expect a game with controls similar to 'Abuse' (moving around using the keyboard, aiming with the mouse). Thanks in advance for testing the game. I hope you enjoy playing it as much as we did creating it. edit: fixed the links [Edited by - Indeterminatus on September 5, 2004 7:47:49 PM]
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