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  1. We're now also on Steam Greenlight. Please give us a vote :)
  2. Hey,   in 2004 a friend of mine and myself released our first freeware game "Atomic Butcher". Now, more than a decade later, we finally teamed up again and have been busy working on a sequel which will be on Steam Greenlight soon.   It's fast, it's ridiculously gory, it's offensive, and most of all, you got to use your bodily fluids to ravage what's left of a destroyed world. Yes, that's right, you got to pee on foes.   The game mechanics are those of a classic platformer (it's 2D), but with 360° aiming. Watch the trailer on youtube, it contains a little bit of gameplay. Then, go ahead and download the demo from our site (it's a ZIP with approximately 130 MiB in size, but beware, it's only for Windows 64-bit currently!).   Do all of that now, or the Atomic Butcher will come along and eat you and your mother and your kittens, and you wouldn't want that to happen, now would you? (Disclaimer: he probably won't come)   Also, we'd love some feedback, and likes on our facebook page. Or follow us on [twitter]atomic_butcher[/twitter].   Here's two screenshots to set your expectations right:   Yours,   David from Das Humankapital.
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