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  1. the function you want to use to "get" the pixels, is glReadPixels. that will only give you the raw image though.
  2. jenova

    what compiler / IDE do you use?

    PLATFORM: WIN32 IDE/compiler: MS Visual Studio LIBS: SDL, OpenGL --------------------- PLATFORM: Sony PS2 IDE/compiler:, gcc LIBS: my own
  3. jenova

    Just wondering about PS2
  4. jenova

    What sound files can OpenGL play?

    umm, none. OpenGL (Graphics Library).
  5. jenova

    2D RPG development

    Quote:Original post by Raduprv BTW, what happens if you publish a game without having a Sony license? On what grounds can they sue you? they can't, take a look @ hdloader. btw, there are various companies that will press sony ps2 cd's for you.
  6. jenova


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