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    Moved my journal

    I do not think that a change of policy is needed, because I do not think I broke the existing policy. I did not complain about my free speech rights either, because I know that I can not resonably expect free speech rights from a website, just as we do not offer similar rights to our users. Anyway, my decision to leave was not based entirely on that suspension, that was the proverbial straw that broke the camel's back. Similarly, an apology would be nice, but wouldn't change much. The real issue here is the other members, and no reform to the rating system that me and many others have suggested. Namely, the option to see each rating and from what thread/post it has originated. I totally understand that you guys don't have the time to do that, we don't have time to implement everyone's suggestions either.
  2. Raduprv

    Moved my journal

    Actually, the post I got suspended for was this: http://www.gamedev.net/community/forums/topic.asp?topic_id=383429 (notice the edit, so it was not what I've originally posted). The original post was something like: "[...] and I've bought their CDs from Amazon after I've downloaded some of their tracks off eMule)"
  3. Raduprv

    Moved my journal

    Is not that I want to leave, but there are some things I consider innaceptable. One of them being suspended for that particular post. And I am not fighting over the suspension, since now it's over anyway. I just voiced my oppinion about it, and that was it. Fighting would have meant sending PMs/e-mails to the staff members, which I didn't do because it is your site, and you have the right to set whatever policy you want.
  4. Raduprv

    Moved my journal

    I perfectly understand your "no piracy" policy, and I have no problem with it. However, I do not think I've violated it. First of all, I did not post any links to warez. Second of all, I didn't tell people to pirate anything. And, most important, I do not think that buying the music you download is pirating. It is the exact opposite. if I wouldn't have downloaded songs from that particular band (Avantasia) I would have never bought their CDs. I mean, really, would you buy a CD that you've never heard before? Would you tell others to buy it? Given the stores policy not to refund CDs/DVDs that you've opened, I think it is fair for the customers to download the songs before deciding wether or not they want to buy them. Now, you might disagree, and I am fine with that. However, I think that suspending the users for doing that particular thing is wrong.
  5. Raduprv

    Moved my journal

    Getting the traffic is not a problem, if I only announce it in my game I can get a few hundred views/day. One of the reasons I move it is because blogger just looks nicer (cleaner). Another reason is that there is more freedom of speech there, and you won't get suspended for saying that you try music before you buy it. The 3rd reason is that I've tried to move away from gamedev.net, and I came back because of my journal, then I got weak and started posting again :D @EDI: I did it before you did, so I own the copyright, trademark and patent on being the drama queen :D P.S. Something really funny is the sheep mentality going around here. For example, my rating dropped 31 points since I was suspended, even though I didn't post anything wrong or illegal, and Run_The_Shadows was 'nice' enough to edit my post and remove the part where I said I've downloaded some songs before I bought them from Amazon. So basically the fucktards see that someone is suspended, they have no clue what the fuck is going on, but they use the rate user link anyway.
  6. Raduprv

    Moved my journal

    In the light of the recent events with gamedev.net, I've decided to move my journal to blogger.com You can find it at http://eternal-lands.blogspot.com This will be the last entry in this journal.
  7. Raduprv

    Playing with a Pocket PC

    While waiting for the EL test server to be tested properly, I was toying with developing for my PocketPC devices. The tools are free, from Microsoft, but they are the worst programs ever. For example, MS didn't really bother to implement some libraries in the emulated Pocket PC, so I had to download some 3rd party libs that had no documentation whatsoever, so it was a lot of guesswork involved. Basically, I had to copy a DLL file in the root of the emulated Pocket Pc device. That's not a big deal, however, the moron who wrote that emulator (because I can not call him anything but a moron) did not think it would be nice to actually be able to SAVE the files on that emulator. So what happens is, when it crashes (which happens quite often) restarting it will clear all it's memory, so you'll have to reinstall all the files again... Now, in all fairness, it does have an option to save the current state. Only that using that option somehow prevents the IDE from connecting to the emulator... No wonder there are not so many programs for an otherwise great platform. Yesterday I've spent a few hours trying to get SDL to work on it. I couldn't, there was virtually no documentation, no nothing. So I just gave up and decided to use GAPI, which is some low level, rudimentary API for accessing the screen buffer. There were some other libraries out there, but they were C++, and I was looking for a C library. On a positive note, I've been able to compile a GAPI sample and get it running on the emulator, and on an actual device. The problem with the actual device is that, if I keep it docked, it crashes my computer (the whole Windows freezes). So unless I want to restart my computer every few minutes, I have to use that idiotic emulator that is a huge time sink, and a source of terrible frustration...
  8. Raduprv

    Some EL news

    Yes, it was inspired by geocaching :) As for preventing theft, that's not our objective. We even unoficially encourage people to go and take other's bags, it would add more fun to the game. That's why we also told our players not to put anything they can't afford to lose in such a bag.
  9. Raduprv

    Some EL news

    For the past 2 weeks, I worked at a new feature, called "hyperspace bags". The hyperspace bags are basically item containers (up to 10 different items, unlimited quantities for each item). They are permanent, and will last forever, hidden in the hyperspace, until someone retrives them using a special item. Their purpose is to hide some stuff, like some potions, ore, etc. for later use. They are not really safe, because someone can get your bag if he or she knows where it is. So the players are encouraged not to put really valuble stuff in there. They are also very useful for contests, we can put some prize in a hyperspace bag, then give the players clues about the location. So far, we are testing this feature on the test server, I want to make sure it works right before putting it on the main server. We don't want exploits or anything.
  10. Raduprv

    Some hardware update.

    Considering the fact that this computer is in the livingroom, and it has to stay on 24/7, I would like it to be as quiet as possible. Some people might not mind some noise, but why not getting rid of it if possible?
  11. Raduprv


    Oh, doesn't work in China? No wonder, I heard they made laws against how long you can play a MMO :)
  12. Raduprv

    Some hardware update.

    A few days ago I've ordered from tigerdirect.com the final items for my totally quiet PC. They were a passive big ass, 45 USD heatsink, and a 450W PSU that had a 12CM fan. I've also ordered a nice refurbished wireless keyboard and [air] mouse. Everything was OK except that the idiots from Tigerdirect shipped me the WRONG PSU. It is a 450W PSU, by the same company, but it has to fucking loud 8CM fans, that you can hear allover the house. And from talking with other people, Tigerdirect does that pretty often. I could send it back and get the right PSU, but I'd have to pay for the shipping to them, and it's an extra hassle. I guess I will just open the PSU, remove one fan, and put some resistor on the other fan to lower it's speed. Pretty annoying though. Other than that, my otherwise quite PC runs very nicely, I've installed Mepis Linux on it and I can view movies on my HDTV, listen to music, etc. And it will server as a local EL test server as well. Speaking of hardware, Friday I got my Torq 120/Eten m600 GSM phone/Pocket Pc. It's a very impressive device, I am in love with it. It has a few minor software bugs, but other than that it's great. Using Skype on it is a much better experience than using it on a normal PDA. The sound is perfect, and the other person hears me better as well.
  13. Raduprv


    Thanks, I am glad you found it informative :)
  14. Raduprv


    Welcome to about 200 year ago. This kind of reactor was discovered in 1822 (the thermoelectric effect). It is in use in space probes for about 30 years now.
  15. Raduprv


    Of course, if we do this it has to be done properly, and securly. We'd need to make sure no buffers can be overflown and stuff, because than a malicious client could execute remote code into other computers.
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