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    Moved my journal

    I do not think that a change of policy is needed, because I do not think I broke the existing policy. I did not complain about my free speech rights either, because I know that I can not resonably expect free speech rights from a website, just as we do not offer similar rights to our users. Anyway, my decision to leave was not based entirely on that suspension, that was the proverbial straw that broke the camel's back. Similarly, an apology would be nice, but wouldn't change much. The real issue here is the other members, and no reform to the rating system that me and many others have suggested. Namely, the option to see each rating and from what thread/post it has originated. I totally understand that you guys don't have the time to do that, we don't have time to implement everyone's suggestions either.
  2. Raduprv

    Moved my journal

    Actually, the post I got suspended for was this: (notice the edit, so it was not what I've originally posted). The original post was something like: "[...] and I've bought their CDs from Amazon after I've downloaded some of their tracks off eMule)"
  3. Raduprv

    Moved my journal

    Is not that I want to leave, but there are some things I consider innaceptable. One of them being suspended for that particular post. And I am not fighting over the suspension, since now it's over anyway. I just voiced my oppinion about it, and that was it. Fighting would have meant sending PMs/e-mails to the staff members, which I didn't do because it is your site, and you have the right to set whatever policy you want.
  4. Raduprv

    Moved my journal

    I perfectly understand your "no piracy" policy, and I have no problem with it. However, I do not think I've violated it. First of all, I did not post any links to warez. Second of all, I didn't tell people to pirate anything. And, most important, I do not think that buying the music you download is pirating. It is the exact opposite. if I wouldn't have downloaded songs from that particular band (Avantasia) I would have never bought their CDs. I mean, really, would you buy a CD that you've never heard before? Would you tell others to buy it? Given the stores policy not to refund CDs/DVDs that you've opened, I think it is fair for the customers to download the songs before deciding wether or not they want to buy them. Now, you might disagree, and I am fine with that. However, I think that suspending the users for doing that particular thing is wrong.
  5. Raduprv

    Moved my journal

    Getting the traffic is not a problem, if I only announce it in my game I can get a few hundred views/day. One of the reasons I move it is because blogger just looks nicer (cleaner). Another reason is that there is more freedom of speech there, and you won't get suspended for saying that you try music before you buy it. The 3rd reason is that I've tried to move away from, and I came back because of my journal, then I got weak and started posting again :D @EDI: I did it before you did, so I own the copyright, trademark and patent on being the drama queen :D P.S. Something really funny is the sheep mentality going around here. For example, my rating dropped 31 points since I was suspended, even though I didn't post anything wrong or illegal, and Run_The_Shadows was 'nice' enough to edit my post and remove the part where I said I've downloaded some songs before I bought them from Amazon. So basically the fucktards see that someone is suspended, they have no clue what the fuck is going on, but they use the rate user link anyway.
  6. Raduprv

    Moved my journal

    In the light of the recent events with, I've decided to move my journal to You can find it at This will be the last entry in this journal.
  7. Raduprv

    Avantasia (heavy metal opera)

    Like Slayer or Sepultura?
  8. Raduprv

    Avantasia (heavy metal opera)

    It's a really cool band (actually it's a bunch of members from other bands that came together to make a metal opera that spans on two CDs). Their style is between Iron Maiden and Blind Guardian, so if you like any of those two bands, you really should buy their CDs. I've just ordered their CDs from Amazon, after happening to hear their songs. I'd personally recommend the tracks: "The looking glass", "The seven angels" and "Neverland". All their tracks are good, but those 3 are, IMO, the best. [Edited by - Run_The_Shadows on March 26, 2006 11:04:47 AM]
  9. Raduprv

    Games are responsible for PC developement?

    Except for games and specialized stuff such as image, sound and video processing and creation, a 233 MHZ CPU with 128 MB of ram is more than enough, if the programmers would actually bother to design their programs properly, and not use all kind of bloated, unnecesary features.
  10. Raduprv

    The Tall Poppy Affect

    Why the hell would I pay MS 500 USD for Office, when I can get it* for free? *By it I mean an equivalent, such as Open Office. I don't hate Intel, nor do I hate the PCs. I don't love or like Ipod, nor do I hate it. I never had any feelings towards a company based on it's size. Yahoo is big, and so is Google, and I like (and use them) both. It is what a company does that makes me like it, hate it, or have no oppinion about it. And BTW, small companies that sue other companies because they broke their 'patent' are not on my favorite list either.
  11. Raduprv

    Must indie developers pay taxes?

    Well, sure, that was the short version. But basically if you want to make a game, there is no reason to be anything else than a sole proprietor. As long as you have contracts with those who help you make a game, a sole proprietor is OK. If you make video games, it is very unlikely you will be sued. There is little libability involved, is not like you can kill or hurt people, destroy property, and so on. And unless you are REALLY successful, then no sane lawyer will come to get you for some BS reason, because they know they can't get much money off you.
  12. Raduprv

    Yet another DMCA abuse

    Just because someone owns a trademark, it doesn't mean no one else is allowed to use that trademark. It really depends on how you use it. If I were to make a Worlds of Warcraft II game, without the permission, then it would be illegal, since I'd be violating Blizzard's trademark. However, if I have a computer shop and say: "Our computers can run MS Windows", then it is OK for me to do that. Similarly, if I say that my game runs on Linux, MS Windows and Apple, the trademark owners can not sue me because I used their trademark. A form of fair use also applies to using someone's trademark. Caterpillar sued Disney for using some Caterpillar bulldozers in a movie, and AFAIR Disney won.
  13. Raduprv

    Yet another DMCA abuse

    Yes, but only if they sign a contract with that show specifying that their rights to their performance are belong to the show.
  14. Raduprv

    cpu overheating issue

    Did you open it and see if one of the fans stopped working? Is the heatsink in place? Maybe the vibrations caused it to move or something.
  15. Raduprv

    Yet another DMCA abuse

    They both own it, but I guess Tonight Show owns it more.
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