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  1. GDNet show and tell: a blog and a band

    100 jobs The Rheostatics
  2. Sad day for Sony?

    Quote:Original post by maximAL Quote:Original post by Witchcraven I couldnt get a wii if my life depended on it. All the stores say I wont see one on the shelves til february. I guess they are all bought up yeah, and at least here the DS are sold out mostly everywhere, too. i just odered one on amazon, although nearly every reasonable NDS game is also out of stock (have to live with electroplankton for the moment). They're EVERYWHERE here. I can't spit without hitting a DS price tag :P
  3. Avoiding google toolbar's autofill (ie6).

    Quote:Original post by Servant of the Lord On your google toolbar(Or on mine, at the least) there is a drop down menu called 'Settings'. In settings, select options, and on the main page('Features' tab) de-select the AutoFill checkbox. I normally just ignore it myself, but haven't actually disabled it. @capn_midnight: I use google toolbar for the nice spellchecker, the searchbox, and my personal quick buttons.(GDnet, Wikipedia, Ihop, I just ignore all of the info collecting features; not because I'm paranoid or anything, but because Google is trying to kill me. Still, the spellchecker is worth the risk. Uhh.... Are you using IE or something? An OLD version of IE? Most of those features can be implemented in any browser either by default or with plugins.
  4. Graphics drivers in vista?

    Use linux. In all seriousness though, I've been seeing Vista choke and die on some AGP cards for reasons I have yet to understand. You may be SOL until a driver update is released.
  5. Chrysler Picks the Chery

    I'm sorry, but what the flying fuck does a car have to do with the election?
  6. Noob Test

    Quote:Original post by ChurchSkiz I never played it before and I *won* in about 45 seconds. Might be because I played a lot of muds though. Same, but maybe it was because this guy used such an insecure password.
  7. Your keyboard and mouse setup

    I have a fairly square left handed keyboard and an old logictech trackball wheel mouse. I'm not left handed, its just that having the numberpad over there is great for FPSs
  8. OUTCAST (game) - why was it such a commercial flop ?

    Maybe because I've never even heard of it.
  9. Ghosts in the Machine

    Quote:Original post by DakeDesu Uh, last I checked: shadow person != ghost Ghost tends to be an ethreal shell of a person who has left their physical body. A Shadow Person is a more recent phenominom of a rather evil group of entities that seem to want to kill humankind. Check out some of the occult around Sudden Unexplained Death Syndrome. GTFO
  10. Great Song!

  11. Saddam to be executed tonight

    Quote:Original post by LessBread Quote:Original post by Pouya This news just came from Iraq's former ministry of information: [lol] Straight from Tony Snow's understudy... Jeez, you politicize everything, even politics.
  12. Weird dream

    [13:12] Jebus: this is the entire idea behind my blur effect [13:12] Jebus: it came to me in a dream [13:13] Jebus: then I forgot it in another dream [13:13] Jebus: thankfully, I wrote it down [13:15] Jebus: Well, I was lying in bed, thinking about how to generate HDR effects other than just bloom and exposure stuff [13:15] Jebus: then I sort of nodded off [13:15] Jebus: and I had this dream where I was sitting at a table with former Prime Minister Trudeau, Adolf Hitler and Jimi Hendrix [13:16] Jebus: and we were discussing animation, and how to make it look smoother at lower framerates [13:16] Jebus: which included the use of stretching and contracting objects to give them a sense of motion [13:17] Jebus: and then we started talking about how to do these effects in real time to improve the quality of amination in games [13:17] Jebus: and then I said something to the effect of "Wait, why are we trying to affect an entire 3d scene? Why dont we just apply the effect to the HDR texture and reduce the amount of detail we need to work with?" [13:18] Jebus: and they all just stared at me, and the waitress showed up with out meal [13:18] Jebus: then I woke up
  13. How would you pronounce...

    lill - ith - ee - an
  14. Dust in computers...what can it do?

    Dust can conduct electricity.
  15. Help me choose a degree!

    Womens Studies.