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    What's a good book to get started with electronics?

    I highly recommend this book: Getting Started in Electronics A few of the engineers at my office swear by the Forrest M Mims books. I just bought this one myself and I've learned a ton in the few pages I've made it through so far.
  2. Whackjack

    Garriott Sues NC soft

    Here's an explanation over why it's happening... Kotaku - Why Richard Garriott Is Suing NCsoft EDIT - beaten to the punch.
  3. Try this tutorial on JTextField: http://java.sun.com/docs/books/tutorial/uiswing/components/textfield.html I believe there is an example that listens for updates to the JTextField as the user types.
  4. Whackjack

    [java] Best approach to serialization

    My personal favorite XML parser is NanoXML. It hasn't been updated in a while, but it uses standard Java containers (like Lists) as opposed to the annoying containers specified by DOM.
  5. Whackjack

    [java] addActionListener(this)?

    I want to point out a potential race condition in the constructor of GameFrame. You have to be careful about passing "this" to objects when "this" isn't yet fully constructed. In this instance, you may get an event on the AWT dispatch thread before the constructor is finished. Granted, this is unlikely, but coming from lots of multi-threaded experience, I've seen weirder things happen.
  6. Greenfoot looks like it's a framework for making simple games. BlueJ is a learning tool for doing Object Oriented Programming in Java. Netbeans is a pure IDE (with all the learning curves included). If you're new to Java AND OOP, BlueJ might be a good start. It looks like it will help you understand how Java classes and interfaces interact. I don't think there is anything wrong with just skipping to step 3. When I was taught Java in school, we used Textpad and the command line. What's important is that you learn the concepts. The IDE just speeds up development time. Who wants to waste their time memorizing the libraries when the Javadoc is so easy to access?
  7. Whackjack

    [java] Java Team Required

    Oh boy, the FUD in this thread is astounding. Where do I start? Quote: I would have thought that C++ would be a better language to write this in seeing as it would run faster than if it were written in Java. Sad, overused argument that's been disproven many, many times. A modern HotSpot VM can compile native code quickly and sometimes produce code that is more efficient than C/C++, since it's done at runtime. Quote: The only way around this is to obfuscate the code, which introduces a bunch of garbage code that will ruin your FPS. I don't think you really know what obfuscation is or does. It will take class, method, and variable names and rename them to something shorter or more confusing. Example: com.foo.MyGameEngine becomes com.foo.a. It doesn't "ruin your FPS", whatever that means. Quote: I'm just saying that unless I'm mistaken, you could do it with C++ just as easily. "Just as easily" is a relative point of view. Memory management is much easier in Java than in C++. Both languages have advantages over the other. Java was made to be cross-platform and to allow for rapid development. But you get the trade off of not being as "close to the metal" as C/C++. Pick the tools that let you get the job done. The end result is what matters, not the language.
  8. Whackjack

    Is this ...unethical?

    Quote:Original post by Trapper Zoid I'll claim any methods for the breakdown of molecular oxygen and the resulting recombination of oxygen atoms in a process termed "OxidisationTM". Unfortunately for you, I've already claimed any methods for the breakdown of molecular oxygen and the resulting recombination of oxygen atoms in a process termed "Oxidization"TM And we all know that the US is the world leader in frivolous patents! More on topic, it seems like that interface is pretty generic. So I don't see anything unethical about copying it.
  9. Whackjack

    Google Chrome

    Running it now. It's rather slick. However, it died pretty violently trying to play a Flash video on Kotaku. The tab died, but didn't take the rest of the browser with it, just like they said it wouldn't.
  10. This is definitely something you'd want to ask the JOGL devs about. JVM crashes are *always* bad and never should be worked around.
  11. Whackjack

    EA takes the cake and eats it too

    Quote:In the end, if they'd announced they were dropping the 3 time activation crap or provided an easy to use system to manage these activations and said they were calling home every 20 seconds I think I would have been more inclined to buy it. But as it is, it's still not worth my time. Last I heard, the 3-time activation meant 3 "concurrent" activations. So you could have it installed on up to 3 computers simultaneously. Hopefully, they allow a way to "deactivate" some installs (probably through the uninstall process?)
  12. Whackjack

    EA takes the cake and eats it too

    Forgive me if this has already been mentioned BioWare Backs Down From Draconian Mass Effect Authentication I'd call this a victory for the consumer.
  13. Whackjack

    Need suggestions for a typing tutor game

    I second Typing of the Dead. I played that on Dreamcast way back when, then got it for PC. It's even multiplayer over network!
  14. 1st year: C with a little optional C++ 2nd year: COBOL/MVS-JCL/VB6 3rd year: Java
  15. Whackjack

    Inventory System - Random Question

    Sounds like you want an ERP system of some type. Try looking at Everest ERP. A company I worked for was a reseller for that system. Or, if you're feeling particularly guilty for some past sin, SAP is a pretty popular ERP system. I think the UI is horrendous, but big name companies use it. If you're interested in open source, look into Compiere. It's a bit rough around the edges (at least when I looked at it a few years ago), but it's about the best option for free software.
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