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  1. I'm working on an endless-runner-game type game where the player has to catch coins and avoid bombs. It's underwater in the ocean and the scrolling direction is downward. The player moves towards the ocean floor, except it's like an endless pit and he will never actually reach the ocean floor.   The problem is that I don't know what to display as a background, because in open water there are no plants or rocks.  With a horizontally scrolling game this is easier because you can show plants or the floor moving. The enemies slowly move upward ofcourse, but I don't think that's enough to convey the downward scrolling motion...   Any tips or ideas will be much appreciated. Or does anyone know any underwater vertically games like this that I can take a look at?
  2.   The point about the disproportionate media attention is a good one. Actually this boils down to the same point about some apps getting large amounts of attention and most apps getting ignored almost completely. But I don't agree with your second point. Maybe the original Flappy Bird creator spent weeks or even months optimizing the scrolling speed, gap height and bounce upward amount for the best gameplay. In the case of Flappy Bird I doubt it took that long, but in most other games quite some time is spent on experimenting ideas and optimizing/balancing gameplay. Someone making a clone can skip all that research and just look at the end result and copy that.
  3. Flappy Bird inventor releases a new Swing Copters game – and it’s almost impossible   ..released only 5 days ago (20 aug), and predictably here come the clones.     good point
  4. I'm not talking about game clones that are better than the original, or clones that try to be a little different. Im talking about the gazillions of clones that range from low quality amateur stuff to almost verbatim copies. There seems to be a trend now where certain app developers are just copying whatever is in the top 25 downloaded apps. Preferably with a title that contains words from the top apps. There actually are several(!) "Flappy 2048" apps, that kind of says it all really.. And no, the developers aren't trying to improve the original here; I think it's essentially link-baiting with app titles  
  5. Ever since that Flappy Bird hype earlier this year the copying and cloning of simple but successful games on Android and iPhone has gotten a little bit out of control I think.    At one time the iPhone app store was flooded with at least 60 Flappy Bird-clones per day, but the cloning hasn't just been limited to just Flappy Bird. Ever since there have been smaller but similar hypes around several simple games, each spawning hundreds of clones and copycats. Flappy Bird Threes / 2048 Piano Tiles 100 ballz Timberman Follow the line <- to a lesser extent (hype in progress?) Don't touch the spikes <- the latest craze And yes, I understand there always have been clones, like the many Doodle Jump clones and Temple Run rip-offs.. But the pace and especially the volume at which these clones are cranked out at the moment..  It's at least remarkable. There even are posts on sites like Elance where people are simply asking for someone to write them a Timberman clone for a certain amount of money. I personally think it's a bad think, and there are some similarities with the videogame crash of 1983 (high volume, low quality).   Any thoughts on this?
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