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    Should I quit my job?

    There is never going to be the perfect job. There are always going to be people that treat you rudely. There are always going to be people that don't like you and/or you don't like. Even if you were programming your games for a living. Everything changes when you HAVE to do it every day. You sound like someone who has more potential than being just a security guard, but in my experience, anyone I've known who quits a job as soon as there is something they don't like never excell beyond a security guard level job. Don't get me wrong, I don't see anything wrong with being a security guard, only STAYING a security guard (or equivalent) for the rest of your life if you don't want to. Try to go to school in between working, and if you already have an education beyond high school...use it! Even if you can't get any more money than you make now with your education, it is still the better route because you will be getting experience. Get any job that will give you any kind of experience in the area you want a career in, even if it is at the bottom of the food chain, and even if it is for less money. If you can afford to just quit your current job and have no income, then you can afford to take a pay cut by taking another job. I have a bachelors in computer science. I graduated a month before 9/11. There were absolutely no jobs for entry level computer programmers during this time. After almost a year of searching I found a crappy job that offered be a salary that was below the national average for entry level programmers. Four years and two jobs later I have more than trippled my salary. Why? because I sucked it up and worked my butt of to get experience. Four years ago I could have taken a job in another area for a little more money than the original salary I took, or I could have been lazy and mooched off my parents and laid around game programming all day in my room. If I had taken either of these two options, I would still be in that same position today. Anyway....I guess what I want to say is to make the decisions in your life that will make you a better person forever, not the decisions that are going to give you immediate satisfaction. My advice is to go to school if your not already, and in the mean time find any kind of job that you can that is even remotely related to what you are going to school for. Once you find another job, then quit the one you have. Before you know it you will be done with school and eventually you will have a really good job. Then I guarantee that if you go and hunt down John Hurtride, you will find that he will be in the same place he is today.
  2. didalabu2

    Can multi-window be created in a screen?

    Check out lesson 42
  3. didalabu2

    Can anyone spot the problem?

    What compiler are you using? Why dont you use the debugger and watch the code run. That is a 100% sure way to find out what is going on.
  4. I am trying to render an array of vertices (Quake 3 BSP). In OpenGL, the glVertexPointer, glDrawElements functions work very well (same process as GameTutorials.com). What I want to do is be able to render the same vertices in Direct3D. I can do this, but it only runs at a fraction of the speed OpenGL. Here is what I am doing: //************************************************ // Begin Render Lock the vertex buffer. Copy the BSP vertices into the vertex buffer. Unlock the vertex buffer. For each face (polygons only...no patches yet) Lock the index buffer copy face mesh indices to the index buffer Unlock the index buffer use DrawIndexPrimitive(D3DPT_TRAINGLELIST, 0,first face vertex index, number of face vertices, 0, number face mesh indices / 3) // End Render //************************************************* This process renders the level perfectly, just much much slower. I am using all the same data structures, classes, etc. with both OpenGL and Direct3D. Nothing in the code is changing except the specific API calls and how the window is created. I am wondering if the problem lies in my rendering process? Am I possibly doing something wrong with my window creation in Direct3D? Could it be my video card? I can't tell you what kind of video card that I have except that it is integrated and sucks! Thanks for any help
  5. didalabu2

    what did you do?

    "If it aint broke dont fix it." One one side, I believe that one of the goals of progamming is to write code that is reusable. But on the flip side, dont be afraid to start over and try something different if your not happy.
  6. didalabu2

    NeHe contest theme?

    What if every contestant were given the same models, textures, music, etc....whatever and then competed to see who could be the most creative and entertaining with the resources they were given?
  7. didalabu2

    Direct3d textures

    thanks guys
  8. didalabu2

    Direct3d textures

    Suppose I just have an array of bytes in memory. I dont see how those functions will let me take my array and make a texture out of it???
  9. How to i go about creating a texture from a custom image format? I know how to do this in opengl by specifically passing in the array of bytes that make up the image. Every function that I can find for Direct3D makes you create a texture from a known file (format) or resource. Thanks for the help!
  10. didalabu2

    3ds max to OpenGL Axis Conversion

    // in 3ds max, the vertical (up and down) vector is z // so swap z and y vertex values, but dont forget to negate // final z value temp = vertex.y; vertex.y = vertex.z; vertex.z = -temp; this works for me...unless i misunderstood your problem
  11. didalabu2


    agreed. i just think this forum is one of the most responsive i have seen. I like the people here. i will post my question in another section.
  12. didalabu2


    well...your not thinking hard enough of the possibilities....or you dont care to....
  13. didalabu2


    Anyone using soap with any of their games/programs written in c++?
  14. didalabu2

    hard collision detection

    that sounds like a very good idea....i will check it out..thanks alot
  15. didalabu2

    hard collision detection

    Ok...say that I have my world and its objects partitioned with an octree....so i only check collision b/t objects in the same node of the tree....i will then check if objects collide first using either sphere or box collision just to see if they are even close to each other. If two objects spheres or boxes collide, then i want to really check if they are colliding..... do i check each polygon of object 1 with each polygon of object 2. This seems way too inefficient. especially if two objects stay very close to each other very often. I guess i was wondering how else you could do it and appear accurate.
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