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    Parental control

    Before 12-13 years of age, I don't think you don't need to use a computer at all, be out with friends instead, or play consoles (where the content can be very controlled). When you go 12-13 your mind starts to wanna do more complex things to be satisfied, especially if you are a geek, and the computer can be a good part to train your brain... and at the same time by that time you don't need parantal control, or at least not through any obscure programs. Porn is not dangerous to mind. Stupid people do stupid things, doesn't matter if they have a program installed on their computer or not. That's my opinion. If you wanna point at anything, TV watching is way worse than stumbeling apon a porn site on the internet. And you don't get what you don't look for, so if anything, parents should teach their kids what's ok and what's not. But then again, what do I know, I don't have kids. Albert "thec" Sandberg
  2. thec

    opengl using tao framework with C# ui

    nehe.gamedev.net has C# examples for each code session... Albert "thec" Sandberg
  3. thec

    Pope dies of a broken heart

    I'm not a believer in any religion and therefore the pope was just an icon to (IMO) a unhealthy world view. But he made people happy and that counts for something, even tho his christian bliefs sometimes were just crazy (like abortion). Albert
  4. perhaps you're not compiling in debug mode. for gcc the option is -g, I dunno for whatever compiler you are using. cheers thec
  5. thec

    camera view

    Yeah, I changed it as you posted, sorry for my mistake. Albert
  6. thec

    camera view

    In 3D space, there are different views, as you mention view, projection (matrix actually) and model view (also refered as the object view). Imagine our planet system for a second. If you'd like to spin the planets around, you'd change the model's matrix (view). You'd be rotate it for it to spin, and change it's translation (position) to place it at it's position in world (universe) space. The view/camera matrix is the whole planet system combined, this is where you change your camera matrix to be able to see the planet system from any angle and position that you'd like. There is lots of code out there to produce a camera matrix so I won't look it up for you and I assume DirectX / OpenGL has this built in if you look for it. The projection matrix pretty much makes the translation from 3d space to 2d space when you are drawing (since you don't have a 3d monitor do you) and sets the maximum and minimum depth (which also the z-buffer uses). If you want to know more about this, check this out, and some other tuts on frustums and 3d clipping etc. So when you only have _1_ object, sure, you can change any one you'd like, but as soon as you have 2 or more objects, this things count, so try making it right. If you wan't to move around, change the view/camera matrix, if you want to spin the object, use the model view. Hope this helped. Albert "thec" Sandberg
  7. thec

    Files Streams in Binary mode

    Quote:Original post by SirLuthor If I recall correctly, serialization is simply the act of turning the data of an object into a stream of bytes that can be written directly to a file (or sent across a network as packets), and re-interpereted into the data when it is read back out again with a corresponding 'un-serialize' method. I'm afraid that was ghastly and most unclear, but, well, methinks you will have to wait until a more knowledgeable person then I comes along to get a better explanation [smile] Cheers! Yeah, you're right. It's not that important how you save the data, just you can bring it back up to the data structures again. A good thing could be to implement a class "Serialize" or similar, java does this, with only two methods, in c++ "const std::string serialize()=0;" and "void deserialize(const std::string& input)=0;" and just inherit that interface into whatever class you need serializeable. This makes sure the class which needs to be serialized/deserialized gets the proper interface, which then the program can rely on when using it. That way, you can store a list of Serialize object pointers to make sure you load/save all of them at once for instance, just from the top of my head. And a pretty interface is always a good thing :) Good luck Albert "thec" Sandberg Ps. The =0 thing in the interface class means you _have_ to include those methods in the class which inherits Serialize... Ds.
  8. thec

    Ideas on Programs

    Physics always look impressive, even when single cubes are tossed around. I suppose there are tons of papers and other resources out there so I would definitly look that up if it's all for show. It will also show that you know a bit math and how to implement algoritms. A raytracer would also be within reach, and with quite simple tricks do amazing stuff (like reflections and shadows). If that's not enough challenge, make it realtime. That's two of concepts from the top of my head. I'm not really a fan of games as a showproduct since you need to get the gameplay really neat to make something impressive. Albert
  9. thec

    C++ Where to start

    http://sol.planet-d.net/gp/ Can really help. Start easy. Albert
  10. Try change this: m_SndChannel[2].Play("..\\Data\\Earthslow.wav", 100, 0); to: if (Dir!=0) m_SndChannel[2].Play("..\\Data\\Earthslow.wav", 100, 0); Perhaps you just don't know enough programming yet or I'm too stupid to understand your problem, but this means "only play if you move". Another problem might be if you press a key and hold it down so it repeats, the sample will start over again each time the key repeats (making stupid noise perhaps). Anyway, good luck. albert
  11. thec

    Help me simplify my sprite class

    I'm not going to comment on the code, but I should really recommend you to use xml for your text format. It can be very nice when you make the system grow, and tags can be entered in any order etc... there are also some libs out there which will do the job. We wrote our own lib (which is really not xml, but it read/write tags anyway) which is also a way you could walk to learn parsing, which can be fun too :-) But of course, anything that works for you is the best :) Albert
  12. thec

    Need help with assembly

    to be clear... eax bits: [ byte ][ byte ][ byte ][ byte ] 76543210765432107654321076543210 <--ah--><--al--> <-- ax --> <-- eax --> .albert
  13. thec

    Need help with assembly

    si, di, bx etc is 16 bit registers, to use 32 bit registers, you'll need to use edi, esi, ebx etc. and accordingly, [edi] etc. .. or you can try and compile it in 16 bit real mode in some way, but protected mode (32-bit) has been it since 1995 or so :) albert
  14. thec

    Key combination events in SDL

    For my recent project I wrapped SDL's event class to my own, and since you get keydowns&ups for ctrl/alt etc I just stored those seperatly and added to the regular events, so I can detect ctrl+mouse_left_click for instance... I haven't tried any other way, but consult the manual if you want to know more... Albert "thec" Sandberg
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