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  1. Metorical

    RPG Anvil: The Escape Problem Part 2

    I have to agree that getting stuck in place for an attack is going to be very frustrating. Good post though :)
  2. Metorical


    It's been a while ;) Your isometric screenshot looks really good. I ran in to exactly the same trouble setting up my camera correctly especially because I hadn't wrote most of the camera code, suprising how difficult it is to get just right.
  3. Sorry to do this but I need to ressurect my old question. It seems that randomly, when I build my code, the serialization for some object will stop working. I can fix it everytime just by restarting VS but this is getting to be quite painful. The strangest thing is that code that has been working fine for hours and hasn't been changed will sometimes be the culprit.
  4. Hi All, I've solved this problem, turns out it was a bug in Visual Studio and after hunting for a solution for 4 hours it was fixed by restarting VS! Oh how I long for Eclipse. Cheers, Meto
  5. Hi All, I've been building some new .NET components and their associated designers and have ran in to some problems with serialization. Unfortunately after extensive googling I haven't been able to find an answer. I've reduced the code to the bear minimum and included it below: 1. Blob is an empty class 2. Basic contains a list of Blobs 3. BasicComponent has a property that allows you to modify the list of Blobs. I can embed my component fine but as soon as I build the project Visual Studio starts complaining that the resx file is invalid (see below). It only happens when it's a list of custom objects, am I missing something in Blob to allow it to work? It literally has no data so I can't imagine what it could be but a List<String> works fine. Massive thanks in advance, Meto using System; using System.Collections.Generic; using System.Linq; using System.Text; using System.ComponentModel; using System.Windows.Forms; using System.Windows.Forms.Design; using System.ComponentModel.Design; namespace Serialisation.Harness { [Serializable] public class Blob { public Blob() { } } [Serializable] public class Basic { private List<Blob> basics; public List<Blob> Basics { get { return basics; } set { this.basics = value; } } public Basic() { basics = new List<Blob>(); } } public class BasicComponent : Component { private Basic basic = new Basic(); private IContainer components = new Container(); public List<Blob> Basics { get { return basic.Basics; } set { basic.Basics = value; } } public BasicComponent(IContainer container) { container.Add(this); } } } Quote: Error 1 Invalid Resx file. Could not load type System.Collections.Generic.List`1[[Serialisation.Harness.Blob, Serialisation, Version=, Culture=neutral, PublicKeyToken=null]], mscorlib, Version=, Culture=neutral, PublicKeyToken=b77a5c561934e089 which is used in the .RESX file. Ensure that the necessary references have been added to your project. Line 132, position 5. C:\Visual Studio Solutions\Fidessa.Toolkit\Serialisation\Form1.resx 132 5 Serialisation
  6. Metorical

    Sitting Places Website - Feedback

    I like the design and it seems like a great concept. I don't think the search is working yet though e.g. I tried typing in "city" and I'm from the UK so that means City of London 99% of the time, I ended up with some result in Redmond.
  7. Metorical

    C# Rounded Rectangles

    Might be worth checking this out: The rest of the site is pretty interesting too :)
  8. Metorical

    Dwarf Fortress roll call

    So who's currently playing Dwarf Fortress and what are they up to? I'm spending most of my time on: 1. Trying to generate interesting worlds so that I can... 2. Find interesting embark locations with waterfalls and cliffs. 3. Creating lots of starter forts, but abandoning before disaster, to figure out the best way to start off. I always try and create a temporary fort that does as little damage to the landscape as possible when starting until I can get enough labour/food to start a grand project. My current goal is to create a gigantic dam, damn the fps. Not sure where I'm going from there though.
  9. Metorical

    Life, project, cycle

    Nice. I think also too much planning can make life boring in the same way too much planning/engineering can make programming boring.
  10. Metorical

    Turtle speed!!

    Looking like improved XCOM at the moment, sweet! Keep up the work.
  11. Metorical


    You should make a movie capture function (that dumps the frames in to an animated gif) to show off on the journal :) Would be very sweet. I know there's tutorials to do it in SDL but not sure about XNA :(
  12. Metorical

    SQL Server

    I'd quite like to see an article along the lines of "Is SQL Server applicable for my project" where you discuss the pros/cons, scaleability, timescales etc.
  13. If this was an strip then it would be profound. I think there's merit in your concept of a victory equation but I don't think it's something you could actually create. It's in the same vein as a function such as: public String getMeaningOfLife(List<Observable> observables); Of course if polymorphic return was possible we'd all know how to craft the version: public Integer getMeaningOfLife(List<Observable> observables); I think for your equation you need a lot more dimensions though. Six dimensions is only just enough to describe a particles position and momentum (3 for position, 3 for momentum)!
  14. Metorical

    Tangent: IDE?

    Two thoughts come to mind (in case you haven't heard/seen these already): 1. Visual Studio shell team - so you can use vs as your editor/build tool etc. 2. Eclipse equivalent of above (forget what it's called).
  15. Metorical

    Dear Scottish Friends

    Yeah equally I found when visiting New York that it was impossible to get good quality food even if you were paying top dollar. Wasn't hard to get quantity though. Not trolling here but this is my genuine observation from staying for a week. Fact.
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