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  1. Metorical

    RPG Anvil: The Escape Problem Part 2

    I have to agree that getting stuck in place for an attack is going to be very frustrating. Good post though :)
  2. Metorical


    It's been a while ;) Your isometric screenshot looks really good. I ran in to exactly the same trouble setting up my camera correctly especially because I hadn't wrote most of the camera code, suprising how difficult it is to get just right.
  3. Metorical

    C# Rounded Rectangles

    Might be worth checking this out: http://www.folklore.org/StoryView.py?story=Round_Rects_Are_Everywhere.txt The rest of the site is pretty interesting too :)
  4. Metorical

    Life, project, cycle

    Nice. I think also too much planning can make life boring in the same way too much planning/engineering can make programming boring.
  5. Metorical

    Turtle speed!!

    Looking like improved XCOM at the moment, sweet! Keep up the work.
  6. Metorical


    You should make a movie capture function (that dumps the frames in to an animated gif) to show off on the journal :) Would be very sweet. I know there's tutorials to do it in SDL but not sure about XNA :(
  7. Metorical

    SQL Server

    I'd quite like to see an article along the lines of "Is SQL Server applicable for my project" where you discuss the pros/cons, scaleability, timescales etc.
  8. Metorical

    Tangent: IDE?

    Two thoughts come to mind (in case you haven't heard/seen these already): 1. Visual Studio shell team - so you can use vs as your editor/build tool etc. 2. Eclipse equivalent of above (forget what it's called).
  9. Metorical

    Games once again destroying society

    Trial by jury is like Communism... great in theory, poor in practice.
  10. Metorical

    More exams

    That doesn't sound like a trick question to me although perhaps it was bad wording. Aren't they asking "How was it trained to give the correct result" not "What more do you need to do to get the correct result"?
  11. Metorical

    More fun with lighting

    Followed here from the thread on java you posted in! I looked at this before, this is you, awesome!
  12. Metorical

    Timed stuffs!

    Likewise if it only takes 1 ms per game loop iteration then you'll only do a physics update every 40 iterations. Why is this good? Because you just stick everything in the game loop while (1) { handleInput(); doPhysics(); renderScene(); } then let it runs as fast as possible! You can also output how much time a physics frame is taking to see how close to the limit of your processing you are.
  13. Metorical

    Timed stuffs!

    Here's an example of how you'd do constant frame-rate physics. 1. Record time between physics calls. Last call = 1.000 seconds This call = 1.010 seconds Time taken = 100ms 2. Divide time in to frames. Desired frame rate = 25fps or 40ms per frame. Maximum frames = 2 in 80ms Remained time = 20ms 3. Do physics calc per each frame for ( int i = 0; i < frames; ++i) { doPhysics(25ms); } Notice how you do it twice with 25ms rather than once with 50ms. This helps keep things stable in simulations and consistent if you have multiple clients or are resimulating the same data. 4. Render graphics, handle input etc. 5. Next frame add remainder on... so if it takes 100ms next time then do (100+20) / 40 = 3 frames. You might have noticed this in games before. If your computer isn't fast enough then the game gradually slows down as each frame results in more frames next time round ad infinitum. Makes sense?
  14. Metorical

    Timed stuffs!

    I missed the original posts so please forgive me if this comment seems out of place? Is your goal to achieve a fixed 'frame-rate' simulation? I suspect this is what you're doing (at 2fps) but if you're just trying to change the speed the game runs for your computer then shouldn't you just be basing your updates on the time elapsed?
  15. Metorical

    The Wii Fit story

    Made me smile :-) Effectively though they just got a free taste of fitness and they'll get another free taste in 3-4 days!
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