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  1. sirob

    C# and DirectX 11 -- Yes you can!

    Hurray! Well done, Mike.
  2. Why are there two tesselators? Any chance you could reduce it to just one box that executes twice? (unless I misunderstood why there were two). Looks awesome otherwise!
  3. sirob

    New computer

    Almost forgot - I personally don't see the point of RAID-1 these days. If you're interested in data integrity, there are some pretty nice backup tools that could ensure you can always get your data better than RAID ever can. I use Windows Home Server backup, and I've recently started using Live Mesh. The only scenario I see where you'd really want RAID-1 is if you really need 100% uptime on the machine, and can't suffer the time it would take you to restore the data in case of a drive failure. Personally, I could live with about a day's downtime if I lose a drive, as long as I'm confident I won't lose any data when it happens.
  4. sirob

    New computer

    Heh, I've been pondering the Dev Machine in a VM scenario for a while now, but have mostly decided not to go for it because I was under the impression I wouldn't get full access to hardware. I'd love to hear how your results go for running 3D apps inside the VM. I've been thinking about simply using Server 2008 as the OS on my development machine, but I'm worried about support issues. I'm not sure most desktop hardware has proper drivers for Server 2008. My machine has similar specs to what you're building (Q6600, 4GB RAM), so I'd love to hear your experiences with alternate development environments [smile].
  5. sirob

    More design work

    NO! DON'T KILL THE POST ICONS! I LOVE THEM! (actually, you can kill the per-reply ones, since no one cares, but I love having the per-thread ones)... (If anything you just need MORE icons [smile])...
  6. sirob

    Microsoft Most Valuable Professional

    Congrats. I just heard I was reawarded as well. Hope to see you at the summit this time.
  7. sirob

    .NET 3.5, WPF and Direct3D

    They also mention extensible shader support for WPF controls. The few samples look very exciting, though I havn't looked further into it. I also think that's already in the beta, though I'm too scared to install it.
  8. sirob

    Benchmarking Utility

    Why is the conditional call made when you're in DEBUG? Profiling in debug is pointless, as it has very little to do with what actual performance would be like. Why don't you use a different define for the profiling (BENCHMARK) so that it can be enabled in a special build configuration used for benchmarking (which would have all optimizations turned on)?
  9. I looks cool and all, but I don't see it's usefulness. Without actual intellisense, I don't find highlighting very useful. I use VS exclusively for editing and compiling my shader, I love it as a development tool, and can't say I've ever missed having highlighting. Maybe some other people can't live without it. :)
  10. sirob

    Microsoft's slogan

    Quote:Original post by Khawk When did they change their slogan to "Your potential. Our passion"? I noticed this on one of the slides of the ESP lecture. At least a year now.
  11. sirob

    I Can Has...

    Woah, nice work, I can barely tell you even photoshopped it!
  12. sirob

    MVP Summit

    I've booked the Sheraton as well, since it's supposedly the closest one. I'll only be there for Sunday-Wednesday, and will have to leave early Thursday (Passover starts on Friday, so I need to land before the holiday starts). Boo for missing the Balmer talk. See you there!
  13. sirob

    Shader X6 Article

    Awesome, congratz!
  14. sirob


    Just two things I noticed were missing: - Linking against d3dx9d.lib instead of the regular one when running the debug runtimes (or when not). - Under Managed Projects, you need to select "Enable unmanaged debugging" in the Debug section of the project properties. If you're running C# Express 2005, you cannot view the debug output using VS, and would need to use an external tool to catch debug output (like sysinternals' dbgview).
  15. sirob

    Of DirectX and D3DX

    Amen. I don't dislike the D3DXMesh interface. Back in it's days, it was great. I just feel it has no place in todays shader-based world. I'm very happy to see it go. I can't say I agree with the "black-box" feeling. I feel abstraction is important, and while not having access to code might be limiting, not having to worry about it is a great relief. Things become overwhelming when everything you do is in the detail. Cheers.
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