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  1. gee......

    Go to the drop down menu at the top of the forum. Choose view all posts, and it'll show all the tutorials. Hope you find them enjoyable. Really, they should start up another tutorial. I'd do it, only I'm just starting to learn this stuff. The Warrior Poet
  2. Narrowed choice to 3 laptops, advice please

    Hey, Perhaps a suggestion of a different kind. Here in Australia a friend of mine sells generic brand laptops. As the seller, he also supports these units, and tells me that he has had few technical problems with them. They'll often come with other bonues features such as TV tuners, wifi, bluetooth and the such. These features will normally make up for the lack of brand name they have, and the savings you make in a better specced system you can put into extended warranty perhaps. If you're dead set on these laptops, go down to the item not mentioned, warranty. How fast is the turn around, how long are parts covered for etc. The specs are looking pretty similar, and it looks like you've done your research. It'll come down to warranty support and track record by the looks of things. Andrew The Warrior Poet