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  1. Why A.I is impossible

    I don't think I was actually disagreeing with you, in that I'm definitely not saying that being able to refer to consciousness is necessary for having it. I'm also not claiming that consciousness as a metaphysical thing does (or does not) actually exist. If I do disagree, it's only partially with the statement that "it's only an assumption of me that other people than me have consciousnesses." Of course it is impossible by definition to (directly) verify someone else's subjective experience, so you can't be sure that other people experience consciousness the same way that you do. But if consciousness is some metaphysical thing, it'd at least be weird (or coincidental) for lots of other people to talk about "consciousness" when you're the only one who actually has it. That is, if other people than you do have consciousness, then we can plausibly all talk about it, and everything is good. If other people than you don't have consciousness, then you can potentially talk about it, but all of the other people who talk about their own "consciousness" must actually be talking about something else, even though we all seem to be talking about roughly the same thing. You're absolutely right that a program that just prints "I have consciousness" also appears to be talking about consciousness, but since other people were presumably not programmed (at least not by you) to do this, it seems at least difficult to explain why they'd make such a statement in the absence of a conscious entity external to you. This again assumes that consciousness isn't an illusion -- if it's an illusion, then of course we all could be (falsely) claiming to have it for the same reason.
  2. Why A.I is impossible

    Why not because they can talk about it? As you point out, your own consciousness (insofar as that's a thing that exists at all) is self-evident to you, but when you talk about it, are you actually referring to it? If so, then it would, at least, be pretty implausible that other people would appear to talk about their own consciousness if it weren't something that they themselves also actually have. If not, then there's some even weirder coincidence afoot: you experience consciousness, but when you talk about your own consciousness, you're actually talking about something different than the consciousness you actually experience. Basically, either consciousness manifests itself physically to the extent that people are at least able to refer to it in speech and writing, or it doesn't, meaning we can't actually refer to it at all despite the fact that we appear to be discussing it. In the former case, the fact that people outside of your own perception of consciousness claim to refer to consciousness would suggest that they too actually can refer to it, and thus experience it in some way. In the latter case, either it's pure coincidence that we merely appear to be discussing a phenomenon that actually exists (but cannot actually be discussed), or consciousness doesn't exist at all.
  3. Why A.I is impossible

    I agree, and I think that perhaps the more relevant question would be why would we want to channel this magical spirit consciousness? What would that actually accomplish? There are two possibilities worth thinking about. Either the magical spirit consciousness does something that can also be fully described by an algorithm running on a computer or some other formal machine (which of course means that there's no need for merely channeling it -- it can be replicated instead), or that it can't be described computationally. The latter case sounds interesting: magical spirit consciousness generates output in a manner that can't be described by an algorithm. Great! What does that even mean? Superficially it seems like it could be something like "free will," but unfortunately that doesn't really work: it might be "free," but it's pretty hard to think of an action as willful if it doesn't actually follow in any describable way from the initial conditions. In fact, behavior of this sort isn't even meaningfully distinguishable from randomness (if it was, we'd be able to describe the non-random aspect of it computationally, which by assumption we cannot). Now, I certainly can't argue that channeling this magical spirit consciousness won't magically result in something desirable (it is magic, after all), but I think it's also safe to say that arguing about something that by definition cannot be described formally probably won't be very productive.
  4. I'm so confused

    I don't know, to be honest it seems to me like just deleting the post and sending the member a message would probably have been more than sufficient, given that this is pretty clearly an honest mistake (and especially now that this person has gone to the trouble of trying to learn from their mistake). Besides, a 20 day warning doesn't really seem like it'd accomplish anything unless the member was already planning to continue participating in the community for at least another 20 days. If anything, it seems like it'd discourage someone from being an active member of the community, whereas someone who made one post and then left forever wouldn't even know they'd gotten a warning. If there's really such a commitment to enforcing this rule, why not just have the forum software automatically disable posting until some minimum threshold of participation is met? At least it'd ensure consistency in enforcing this kind of thing, because right now I feel like it's a bit haphazard -- those weird "Kenneth Eng" posts are still around, for example, and that guy seemed to be deliberately failing to be a productive member of the community, even after having the situation explained to him repeatedly. I guess I just prefer to err on the side of having a welcoming community that can be flexible about this kind of thing, rather than one that says "nope, not going to remove your 20 day warning even though you apologized and tried to understand what you did wrong. Rules are rules, no flexibility, etc." Anyway, that's what I think.
  5. What game was this? FPS, low poly

    It's probably way to well-known to be the right answer to this question, but Deus Ex 1 seems to fit this bill fairly well. On a side note, someone needs to make a bot that can find the names of games and movies based only on half-remembered descriptions. Trivially, you could train a classifier based on descriptions after which the author successfully discovers the identity of what they were describing. Human memory is very strange, but I can't imagine that there aren't also a lot of patterns in which sort of details players are likely to remember/describe, etc. or even which elements are likely to be remembered incorrectly.
  6. WoA V - Afterparty/Judging thread

    Well I enjoyed this immensely, although I still haven't managed to review a single one of the other games yet. I've liked what I've seen so far, though! I guess it's a good thing I wasn't a judge. I was really pleasantly surprised by the response to my game. It wasn't a great fit for this contest, since it was much more about style than gameplay in the traditional sense, but I feel like it was judged based on its own merits. Even with some major pacing issues, I feel like people still manged to actually engage with it. I wish I'd had a chance to playtest a bit more, since I probably would have realized that going back upstairs after finding the floating orbs was not at all an obvious choice. I also noticed that it's a bit too easy to step into the final trigger zone while pointed away from the window, thus missing the ending. There are some pretty obvious things I could have done to avoid this had I discovered it a bit earlier. The idea for the aliens actually came from modeling the scroll ornaments on the columns. I thought "hmm, this looks sort of like some weird alien face," remembered that aliens were in fact part of the contest theme, and just rolled with it. I'd have liked to incorporate the scroll pattern into the actual alien design, but I didn't quite get to that in time. I've already added a lot of detail and polish to the floating spheres and secret staircase area, but I think this whole baroque + alien aesthetic might actually work if I can get it to gel together with a bit more nuance. It's been a few years since I've actually made a serious attempt at a game jam, and even longer since I've attempted a solo entry, so I'm definitely trying to polish and expand my game into something longer and less broken. The two biggest things I'd like to add are some more involved gameplay with the alien, including possibly some kind of chase sequence, plus actually getting to meet the king. If this works out I might try to have it tested more thoroughly and release it as some kind of donationware. Also, my castle looks a lot like the Cuban embassy for some reason? Especially now that I've gotten around to polishing it up a bit more.
  7. WoA V - Afterparty/Judging thread

    That was so great. I love being able to see people's live reactions, and, despite the fact that I know how playtesting is supposed to work, I have the hardest time not interfering when I see someone playing something I made, so a "naive" playthrough like this is extremely valuable. There are some obvious problems with my game, but I consider myself extremely lucky that people are consistently getting stuck in the same couple of areas. I'm totally looking forward to fixing up the ending as right now a lot of people miss all/part of it. I want to talk about it in more detail but I'm going to wait until all of the judging is done. Finally, and this is purely my own vanity speaking, but I did make 100% of the geometry myself specifically for this game. In fact, aside from some primitive shapes (and a couple of spoilery things that appear at the very end), I managed to make everything out of the same 8-ish models that I made available earlier in the contest thread. I definitely took some of the base texture images from free sources, but all of the actual materials were mine as well (although for these I re-purposed some of the effects, like the dust, from my own other projects).
  8. Hobby: How do you finish your projects?

    One fairly straightforward thing that I've found helps is to tell a bunch of people what you're working on and letting them follow along with what you're doing. If people find what you're doing interesting enough, they'll sort of automatically put some pressure on you to finish. Another thing I've found that works well is to make a short and simple "finished" version of your game, even if you've only been working on it for a week or so. It's a lot less daunting to add features to a game that you know is already good (or at least something) than it is to try to get through a massive list of features before your game be playable at all.
  9. WoA V - Afterparty/Judging thread

    This has actually been a semi-known problem for some people with Unreal for a while, although I've never actually seen it firsthand. It only pops up on some machines, and the symptom is a pretty generic low-level error which made it harder for Epic to pin down. The bad news is that thee "Real-Time Thumbnails" and most other workarounds only help with the editor, not already-packaged games, and apparently none of the workarounds work for everyone. The good news is that most people report that it doesn't happen in Unreal 4.17, and, if you didn't run into this problem with my game, I think it's safe to say that that was the difference. I bet if Newtopia is able to re-build with 4.17 it'll run properly for you. Anyway, I'm hoping to get to reviewing all of the other games some time this week. I'm also polishing up my game a bit. I'm sure I'll get more feedback regarding what's actually wrong with it, but I've already fixed a few things other people have caught, and there's a bunch of cosmetic issues that have been driving me crazy. Mainly some of the geometry that's conspicuously unfinished/un-detailed, particularly when seen in comparison to the more-polished stuff I made earlier in the process.
  10. WoA V - Afterparty/Judging thread

    I'm still assuming the whole thing is just an elaborate ruse to steal my login credentials. Totally worth it though.
  11. WoA V - The Competition Thread

    Thanks! Yeah, I figured that might be the cause: I didn't have time to get it to a more reasonable size. I hope it didn't cause too much trouble.
  12. WoA V - The Competition Thread

    Hmm, I'm getting an "invalid input" error when I try to submit my entry. I'm not sure if it's a bug or some submission criteria I've missed, but I'm going to upload to Google Drive just in case. EDIT: Done uploading! Game is available at Description: A short first-person experience that takes place in a strange castle.
  13. WoA V - The Competition Thread

    I spent all day working on the actual game, and I'm significantly closer to finished than I ever imagined I would be. Most of the main (and fortunately simple) mechanics are actually working now. I'm using Unreal since I have a lot of experience with it, so it was really the only viable option given the time pressure. That also meant that I could re-use a bunch of materials and effects I made for past projects, like a procedural dust function that I can just slap on to make it look like my game is a lot more polished than it really is. The game is definitely more focused on style and atmosphere than on "gameplay" or "fun" per se, so I'm not exactly expecting it to get great scores in the competition, but I'm hoping that someone finds it engaging for what it is. Having such a small game also means I can afford to use crazy high-detail light/shadow maps that would probably be too large for a "real" game. I started with some non-real time renders as reference, which I find really helps; it's easy to spend so much time staring at a scene that I can't tell if I'm making it look more "real" or not, so I need something to compare with.
  14. WoA V - The Competition Thread

    Finished a few more models. Trying to keep the scope very small both so I can finish the gameplay on time, and also so that I won't need any more than these eight models. EDIT: Also free to use under a CC0 license, in case clarification is needed. castle models 2.fbx
  15. WoA V - The Competition Thread

    Thanks! Now I just need to make the rest of the art, and then also start making a game, and then before I know it, my game will be done! You know, or something like that.