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    VB Lisner function in C++

    Thank you so much! The code is great :) Correct me if I'm wrong, but the code still leave one problem unsolved.. Doesn't all the objects/buttons in the class get the same OnClick() function? In my CommandButton class I can create as many buttons as I want to.. Lets say I create two.. In Visual Basic i can use different code for my two different command buttons.. Private Sub Command1_Click() 'Code for first button goes here.. End Sub Private Sub Command2_Click() 'Different code for second button goes here.. End Sub
  2. opengl_coder

    VB Lisner function in C++

    Yes :) but it has to be away to create listner functions in common c++ without the use of MFC and other large libraries.. My class is working like it should I just want to create different lisner funcions like on_click and on_focus etc..
  3. opengl_coder

    VB Lisner function in C++

    Hello guys :) I have a problem I have created a commandbutton class in c++ and it is working great I just create a new object of the class and i get a new commandbutton.. Before I started programming c++ I proggrammed a lot of visual basic.. How can I make a listner function as a member of my CommandButton class?? Visual Basic uses an ActiveX(Class) control and I automaticly get this function: Private Sub Command1_Click() End Sub I want to create a similar function structure for my c++ class! If you have programmed VB and C++ I hope you understand what I mean... Thank you!
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