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    Quote:Original post by Samsonite Parents raise their sons/daughters to believe that computer scientists and mathematicians are strange, undesirable people. Some parents even have a direct disgust over "academical intellect". For the most part, at least in my experience, computer scientists and mathematicians are strange. They all seem like their entire lives revolve around their disciplines. As for "academical (sic) intellect", well, you have to realize there's more to life than "book learnins". Focusing on just one thing, be it athletics or academics or music, can't be healthy. It's best to be well-rounded. Quote:Original post by Samsonite Teenagers and their parents don't know that mathematicians and engineers, be it computer engineer or whatever, are the ones who enables them to listen to music via iPod. The ones who build this world. They may "build this world", but the things they build aren't what make it worth living in.
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