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  1. Har har.

    hey thor thats pretty neat how was your day mine was great.
  2. A Pole.

    bai bai mr. th0ry ok
  3. Halp?

  4. A Pole.

    1+2+3 ok.
  5. salvia divinorum

    [Edited by - Toxic Hippo on October 20, 2005 7:47:04 PM]
  6. Make Fun of My Website Layout!

    my post is blank [sad] [Edited by - Toxic Hippo on October 20, 2005 7:06:50 PM]
  7. Good bands/songs

    PORCUPINE. TREE. [Edited by - Toxic Hippo on October 20, 2005 7:52:29 PM]
  8. Worst website. Ever.

    That site broke Firefox for me as well. Bye bye, Java... [Edited by - Toxic Hippo on October 20, 2005 7:24:13 PM]
  9. ## Coolest website ever

    i push, no love.
  10. Sad sad sad

    money money get me gdnet+ mithrandir please i will do only JESUS
  11. A great Misfortune.

  12. Hi2u

    awesome mang
  13. IBTL

    lol cool
  14. That Shemale Has Lumps!

    hey mang yeah this one time i met this broad in a tijuana bar and she was like "hey mang" and i was like "hey broad" so yeah i brought her back to my place sat her down and was like "hey so you ever done anything fun broad" and she was like "hey yeah ive done lots of stuff why do you ask mang" so i was like "hey yeah youre really pretty i really find you attractive you are beautiful how much broad" and she was like "hey well lets see for one hour its twenty four but i will make it cheap only twenty two that is american united states dollars i am talking here mang" so i was like "hey that sounds pretty good but what is that broad" when i looked at her groin area and then she was like "hey uh well that is a um well didnt you maybe know um that i was um you know mang" and i was like "i dont follow what are you talking about i am so confused could you please explain broad" and then she was all like "hey well you see i am actually a man but i like to dress like a woman because it gets me off why do you ask because i thought you knew why not mang" and i was like "hey well thats pretty nasty okay bye broad" and she was like "hey well whatever you say i just wanted to be friends but okay try to be more accepting next time and maybe i wont hate you because just rememeber that it could always happen and you never know where you are and what if you are trying to drink something when you do it because then it could hurt even more especially if you arent prepared so please take notice next time and dont forget to check mang" and then we parted.
  15. love ravuya

    HI MIKE!!~~ I'm "coming out" and confessing: Ravuya, I'm madly in love with you. All I can think of day and night is to hold your manliness in my hands. I thought that girl thread I made a while ago would make you jealous and you would confess to me, but you didn't. I say it now, that was all a lie, there are no girls in my mind, it's only you whom I truly love. pls consider kthxbie
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