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  1. LastUnicron

    Domino Playground

  2. LastUnicron

    Gaia Eternal

  3. LastUnicron

    How to convert 3D point to 2D

    I wrote up a thorough, friendly (I think) explanation of all the math. The series starts with vector-matrix multiplication, then goes into homogeneous coordinates, and finally perspective projection. Link goes to the perspective projection part, which has links back to the introductory material: perspective projection
  4. The simplest way is to use D3DPOOL_MANAGED. You will be able to lock the textures, and Direct3D will use a simple caching scheme to keep the right textures in video memory. If you really want to implement your own memory management for textures, you need to use D3DPOOL_DEFAULT for the video-memory textures, D3DPOOL_SYSTEMMEM for the textures that you initially lock and place your pixel data into, and IDirect3DDevice::UpdateSurface or UpdateTexture to copy from the system-memory texture to the video-memory one.
  5. LastUnicron

    Visual C++ 2005 problem.

    VC is always parsing your code in the background as you make changes. The results are stored in the project's .ncb (no-compile-browse) file. When things get out of sync, I ususally close the project, delete the .ncb, and open the project again. This causes VC to reparse all your code. If it still doesn't work after that, there's always a slim chance that something in your project is convoluted enough to confuse the parser. Also, there must not be any errors in the module that has the class you're interested in.
  6. LastUnicron

    Problem with functions

    When I was a beginner, I had trouble with everything. If you're a beginner, I'd advise you to stubbornly stick with it for at least a year or two, before trying to decide if you'd be good at it. It does get easier with constant practice, like most things.
  7. LastUnicron

    automatic type conversions

    From MSDN: "if either operand is of type long and the other of type unsigned int, both operands are converted to type unsigned long"
  8. LastUnicron

    Communicating with a process (C++)

    You might have a look at the actual Debugging API as well: MSDN Page
  9. LastUnicron

    Inline Assembler Issues

    Here's a straightforward way to set member variables in an __asm block. (Note: I know this works with MSVC - can't vouch for other compilers.) __asm { mov ebx, this mov [ebx].supportSSE, 1 } edit: Also, to make it work the other way, it's: __asm { mov ebx, _supportSSE mov dword ptr[ebx], 1 } Just remember that if you want to dereference an address with [], the address needs to be in a register. The "dword ptr" part lets the compiler know the size of the object - in this case 4 bytes. [Edited by - LastUnicron on April 9, 2005 5:09:12 PM]
  10. LastUnicron

    What's your favorite console RPG?

    FFVI. It was like the perfect sophomore album. FFIV was my first RPG, and it blew me away. The wait for FFVI seemed like forever. I was all anticipation, wondering what magnificent follow up was in store. When it was finally released, it cost $80, and I felt like I had just acquired a precious item. I popped it in, and it was one emotional high after another. From the intro, to the first onslaught of guitars in the souped-up combat music, to the crumbling of the world, to the opera house, and all the gorgeous detail inbetween - I was in a delicious state of shock most of the way through it. Best ending in any game I've ever seen, too - especially due to the music. I've liked a lot of other RPGs, but no other game (and few experiences, period) have ever made me feel like that again.
  11. LastUnicron

    God of War

    I wholeheartedly agree. I haven't been overwhelmed by so much densely packed awesomeness in an action game since Castlevania IV. Had my jaw dropping from beginning to end, and all of it was really, really FUN, to boot. The only complaint I have is that I didn't want it to end, ever - and yet it did. OP is not kidding - this game is so great in so many different ways, it's hard to believe it was created by mortals.
  12. LastUnicron

    Compiler questions

    Add custom keywords to usertype.dat in the same folder as MSDEV.EXE. Create usertype.dat yourself if it isn't already there. Then, restart the IDE, and set the color you want for "Custom Keywords" in Tools->Options.
  13. LastUnicron

    LCD tv's?? Any good for gaming?

    Like PnP Bios mentioned, the problem with LCDs is that they don't tend to handle fast action very well. The pixels take more time to change color than those on a CRT, and the result looks like moving objects are excessively motion-blurred. I won't get an LCD monitor for the same reason. Not sure how universal this problem is, but I'd at least want to see a game running on a particular TV before I made up my mind.
  14. Quote:Original post by ph33r Hope that makes it clear. Ok, it makes perfect sense when you bring in D. I had been focusing on the interaction between B and A. Thanks!
  15. class B { public: int iPublic; protected: int iProtected; }; class A : public B { void usePublic( B* p ) { p->iPublic = 1; } // fine, A can access B's public members void useProtectedA( A* p ) { p->iProtected = 1; } // fine, A can access B's protected members void useProtectedB( B* p ) { p->iProtected = 1; } // oops! but only through a pointer to A... }; ...or a reference to or object of A. That one threw me when I first ran into it, since it seemed so counter-intuitive. I must admit, I still do not understand the reasoning behind this rule.
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