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    "Women Can't Fight"

    Quote:Original post by capn_midnight I don't want to live in a society in which women fight wars. I want to live in a society in which men protect women from the evil in the world. Wether that is mysogynistic or romantic, I really don't care. Thankfully we're not ruled by capn_midnight, and men and women can choose their jobs without worrying whether capn will judge their choice to fit into his grand vision where 'men protect women from the evil in the world'. I want to live in a free society where anyone who is interested in a job can take it, regardless of gender. Perhaps the easiest way to protect them from evil would be for the women to stay at home in the kitchen all day?
  2. CloudNine

    No sleep.

    Quote:Original post by programering I'm coding high quality. I've got the hang of it now. I know exactly how I shall do compared from the time I posted the "Programming Trouble" thread you know. My hard-time is over. I'm not so sleepy. For how many hours shall I sleep? Perhaps poetry is a better bet?
  3. CloudNine


    Breakfast - two pieces of toast and a glass of water Lunch - ham and cheese roll, chocolate, crisps and typically apple or orange juice Dinner - largest meal of the day, changes a lot. After dinner - bowl of fruit, apples, pears and grapes
  4. CloudNine

    2000th Post!

    Quote:Original post by medevilenemy Heh, I've got 420 posts counting this one, with 0.84ppd avg. Yep, I've got to work on that. I think the problem is that I go on streaks of posting like a maniac and then losing all interest for weeks at a time. yep... thats probably it. Join the club. I've got 383 posts and 0.27 posts per day, but I've not been posting lately. I've been registered for 4 years now!
  5. CloudNine

    Going in the Army

    Quote:Original post by skittleo To everyone else, the United States Military will ALWAYS be around and doing the tough sh*t our country needs done so that civilians back home don't have to - so that civilians back home and live their normal lives with their normal lawns and their normal families and not have to worry about threats within and without Yeah, the US has been invaded countless times since it's creation. Oh wait, it's never been invaded once! The US loves to create problems for itself in terms of foreign policy.
  6. CloudNine

    Going in the Army

    Quote:Original post by jfclavette Quote:Original post by T1Oracle Quote:Original post by BerwynIrish *ungrateful whining* How many in this thread have actually served? Not having done something doesn't preclude you from having an opinion on it. Indeed - otherwise the majority of people would have to have led a country of 300 million to order to criticise the President, which is nonsense.
  7. CloudNine

    Steve Irwin IS DEAD!

    Quote:Original post by fadilthrejk [ Images ] Could you be any more tasteless? RIP Steve Irwin. Anyone who raises awareness of wild animals is a good guy in my book.
  8. CloudNine

    Jesus Camp!

    Quote:Original post by vrok137 Quote:Original post by Lolicon I hope you all realize that these people aren't real Christians, they're fakes. Using religious dogma to alienate people is one of the things Jesus strongly opposed. I wouldn't call them fake, the are what you call evangelical christians. They beleive in spreading the word of God with a big "bang". And it is usually this fervor that often offends some people. It's also pretty dangerous. The US, which is mainly controlled by evangelicals, seems to place a lot of wars since 1945 in a Christianity versus X style (for example, the Cold War was against those "godless" Communists, and the war on terrism (!) against "Islamo-facists"). Makes you wonder what the point of religion is when people talk of war and hate their fellow man based on his belief.
  9. CloudNine

    Taste in Music? Last.fm?

    Lo, Just listening to my personal radio on Last.fm (does anyone else have an account?), and I was wondering, what kind of music are you guys into? Rock, hip hop, dance? My taste is definitely in rock, from The Velvet Underground to Nirvana, but my favourite band has to be Pixies - got all their albums and I'm hoping they release some new material. CloudNine
  10. What you're trying to do is not really supported in C and C++ - and it's called reflection - and is supported better in languages such as C# and Java - whose runtimes do carry more runtime information. Another way - although not very extensible, would be to register all the possible functions (along with their prettified names - try using extern "C") and the addresses of the functions in question. They should all have the same type signature of course. EDIT: Beaten as well! :)
  11. CloudNine

    Bad gas, or...?

    I'm intriguied by the way abstractimmersion has the time to make up a fake story and everything - but not enough time to get to the hospital to sort it out.
  12. CloudNine

    university advice can it be done

    Quote:Original post by CProgrammer Thanks guys. Very helpfull! -CProgrammer Helpful! ;)
  13. CloudNine

    Point distance from ellipse outline

    Thanks for the linky - it's helpful! I'd just like to clarify some of the terms used in the example code - such as "extent". Would the extent of my ellipse be "width/2" and "height/2" in my case? It's definitely a harder task than I thought though.
  14. Hi, This is in a similar vein to my previous thread, involving GDI+ and ellipses (here). In short, I'd like to know a general formula for a 2 dimensional point's (shortest) distance from a ellipse's outline at any angle (if I've got the x,y, width and height of the ellipse). Thanks in advance, CloudNine
  15. CloudNine

    [.net] C#, GDI+ and Ellipses

    Nope, the arc in question is just a looped line really.
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