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  1. NP or P problem?

    It's definitely in P.
  2. Look up space partitioning. That way you'll have to check an object for collisions with other objects in its vicinity rather than all objects.
  3. I just found out you have to pay $99 to not only publish an iphone app but even to test the app on my iphone. Is there a way around that? Is there some sort of free contract to maybe make free apps?
  4. Objective-C

    I just finished the Wikipedia article for the second time. I am still a bit fuzzy on how polymorphism works in Obj-C. Do superclasses forward messages to subclasses? Other way around? Of course in C++ if you call SuperClass.someMethod() it will delegate appropriately to SubClass.someMethod(). Does the same thing happen in Obj-C?
  5. Objective-C

    Yeah, I read the Wikipedia entry, which is where I read up on the differences. I just couldn't really understand how these differences impact the programmer. Thanks for helping clarify it, though. So would you say that Obj-C OO is similar to parametric polymophism a la SML? Where you can pass in any object at will perform the method as long as the type has that method?
  6. Objective-C

    I've been looking at Objective-C and I am failing to understand the fundamental difference between C++ OO and Objective-C/Smalltalk OO. I understand that in Obj-C you pass messages to objects instead of calling methods directly, but what is the difference besides semantics? I know that there is something I'm missing.
  7. [java] Static Initializers

    What happens if you have to initialize static member A before static member B? Or if initialization is more complex than a single line?
  8. [.net] OS X and C#

    Interesting. Do either of these allow development for the IPhone?
  9. [.net] OS X and C#

    Yeah, I think you are right. I just started up a project in XNA. I thought it'd be cool to make something for the IPhone, but Objective-C looks like a pain in the ass. Unfortunately, I can't run my code via VMWare Fusion since it can't find my graphics card, so it looks like I'll have to reboot in Bootcamp. And I would never thinking of switching out of OS X for anything but game development - it's just so much nicer than Windows.
  10. I am on a Mac OS X (Leopard) machine. I love C# and would like to use it for my next project. I just installed Mono and MonoDevelop. However, even just by opening up the editor I can see it's no Visual Studio. In fact, it looks like a Linux program ported to Mac instead of a native Mac program. So anyways, I was wondering if anyone is developing C# programs on a Mac. If so, what do you use? MonoDevelop or something else? I also have VMWareFusion and VS2008, so I can use that, but I would rather find a native Mac solution so that I don't have to run Windows virtually. Thanks, Yaroslav
  11. Visual Studio see all vars- how?

    Why would you ever need to do that? I'm assuming you want to avoid name collisions. In that case, this won't be a problem since local variables are out of your scope, as Visual Studio suggests.
  12. Float to Negative Float

    No. For one, what if we are negating a negative number?
  13. Float to Negative Float

    Actually, in 2's complement negation is more than just negating the sign bit.
  14. Can you be a bit more specific? Your question is a bit ambiguous.
  15. Tracing a bullet's path?

    Quote:Original post by Leo28C I don't wanna sound like a complete noob, but isn't there something easier than that? I don't understand most of the symbols and variables and stuff... Right, which is why "the symbols and variables and stuff" are explained in the article. Now if you actually have a specific question about the article and/or implementation, we'd love to help, but unfortunately there is no magic solution.
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