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  1. Oh, and also the error sum from the network seems to go down AND up during training. That can't be right, right? Surely if it's adjusting using an error adjustment factor, it must always go up?
  2. Hi All, I've been trying to adapt the code to make it compatible with more than one hidden layer, but I think on P306 after the line '// and now we calculate the error', after calculating the error it should then assign the error value to the neuron, should it not? My network is kind-of functioning, but behaving a little oddly. The adapted code looks like below if anyone would care to have a look and see if they can spot anything odd. Thanks Rael -(bool)trainNetworkOnceWithInputSet2:(double*)inInputSet ofSize:(int)inSetSize andOutputSet:(double*)inOutputSet { // cumulative error for training set errorSum = 0.0f; // run each input pattern through the network, get outputs, calculate error and adjust weights for (int s=0; s < inSetSize; s++) { // first run input pattern and get outputs double *outputs = [self updateWithInputs:&inInputSet[s*inputCount]]; // save layers for readability NeuronLayer *outputLayer = [layers objectAtIndex:hiddenLayerCount]; // for each output neuron, calculate the error and adjust the weights for (int o=0; o < outputCount; o++) { // first calculate the error value double err = (inOutputSet[s*outputCount+o] - outputs[o]) * outputs[o] * (1.0f - outputs[o]); // update the error total (when this becomes lower than threshold, training is success) errorSum += (inOutputSet[s*outputCount+o] - outputs[o]) * (inOutputSet[s*outputCount+o] - outputs[o]); // keep a record of the error value Neuron *thisOutputNeuron = [outputLayer.neurons objectAtIndex:o]; thisOutputNeuron.errorValue = err; // for each weight for this output neuron except the bias int hiddenNeuronIndex = 0; NeuronLayer *hiddenLayer = [layers objectAtIndex:hiddenLayerCount-1]; for (int w=0; w < neuronsPerHiddenLayer; w++) { // calculate the new weight based on the backprop rules Neuron *thisHiddenNeuron = [hiddenLayer.neurons objectAtIndex:hiddenNeuronIndex]; thisOutputNeuron.weights[w] += err * learningRate * thisHiddenNeuron.activation; // go to next weight and next hidden neuron hiddenNeuronIndex++; } // also adust the bias thisOutputNeuron.weights[neuronsPerHiddenLayer] += err * learningRate * bias; } // loop through hidden layers for (int h=hiddenLayerCount-1; h >= 0; h--) { // get this hidden layer NeuronLayer *hiddenLayer = [layers objectAtIndex:h]; NeuronLayer *layerAbove = [layers objectAtIndex:h+1]; // for each neuron in the hidden layer, calc and adjust the weights for (int n=0; n < neuronsPerHiddenLayer; n++) { double err = 0; // to calculate the error for this neuron we need to loop through the output neurons and sum the errors * weights int myOutputCount = (h+1 == hiddenLayerCount ? outputCount : neuronsPerHiddenLayer); for (int o=0; o < myOutputCount; o++) { Neuron *thisOutputNeuron = [layerAbove.neurons objectAtIndex:o]; err += thisOutputNeuron.errorValue * thisOutputNeuron.weights[n]; } // now we can calculate the error Neuron *thisHiddenNeuron = [hiddenLayer.neurons objectAtIndex:n]; err *= thisHiddenNeuron.activation * (1.0f - thisHiddenNeuron.activation); // save error value to this hidden neuron thisHiddenNeuron.errorValue = err; // for each weight in this neuron (hidden) calculate the new weight based on the error signal and learning rate int myInputCount = (h == 0 ? inputCount : neuronsPerHiddenLayer); for (int w=0; w < myInputCount; w++) { if (h == 0) thisHiddenNeuron.weights[w] += err * learningRate * inInputSet[s*inputCount+w]; else { NeuronLayer *layerBelow = [layers objectAtIndex:h-1]; Neuron *inputNeuron = [layerBelow.neurons objectAtIndex:w]; thisHiddenNeuron.weights[w] += err * learningRate * inputNeuron.activation; } } // calculate the bias thisHiddenNeuron.weights[myInputCount] += err * learningRate * bias; } } // free outputs array free(outputs); } // make error sum not dependent on set size or output count errorSum /= (float)inSetSize*(float)outputCount; // all went ok return YES; }
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