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    creating a flashlight in XNA

    Ya, I guess spotlight would be the best way to describe it.   Something similiar to the flashlight effect in say Slenderman or any other of the horror-survial-at-night genre of games.
  2. CaptCanada

    creating a flashlight in XNA

    This is not for a game persay, just tweaking the code found in the book. I was trying to change it so that the light used in the example is more focues like a flashlight beam. I don't have access to the code used in the chapter at the moment, but can post it as soon as practicle.   The code is 3D as the author has created a camera system and is demonstarting the use of lighting by having a light follow the movement of the camera.
  3. Hi all   I have finished reading the XNA Game Studio 2nd Edition and, having read the chapter covering lighting systems, I am having trouble figuring out how to create a "basic" flashlight in XNA 3.1 (though I am currently reading Learning XNA 4.0) right now.    I have tried tweaking the code and have been able to make the light used in the chapter example bright and dimmer, but haven't been able to dim the ambient light nor been able to "focus" the light into a beam shape.   I am currently coding using XNA 4.0 and VC# 2010.   Thanks for helping this old gamer/programmer!    
  4. CaptCanada

    Neighborhood Conflict Beta Released

    You state it is a game about control a group of kids who manipulate the neighbourhood socially, economicially or by force. What else can I surmise from a statement like that, that the game doesn't involving bullying or intimidation of some form or another??
  5. CaptCanada

    Neighborhood Conflict Beta Released

    In an time where bullying is not and should not be tolerated I think a game with these themes is going to send the wrong message to today's youth. How about a game where you instead control a group of kids who go around and stop others from doing these sorts of activities by helping others? Just my thoughts
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