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  1. Zern

    MMO Networking

    Sorry to say but you having networking issues (which you mention) does not make "TCP not work" with "delayed" messages. It just didn't work for you when your ISP was having issues, which you mentioned. Unless you know exactly what was happening to the packets leaving and coming back to your pc, making such a bold statement is silly.
  2. Zern

    MMO Networking

    While many people assume and recommend using UDP for MMO's keep in mind WoW uses TCP/IP and last I checked it runs very well. Don't get fooled into thinking that UDP is the way to go for MMORPG's. However good luck with your project!
  3. Zern

    Hard Time Programming!

    To continue with the two options Serapth mentioned, there are times when I've been programming for hours and hours day after day and I just tend to "lose focus" (if that's the proper word) on what I'm doing. This comes and goes often and quickly (thank goodness) but what I found that helps me (your mileage may vary) is every day for my personal projects I always make a new "to-do" list of things that need to get done, that I want to get done, and that I'd like to add that will finish the "bigger picture." As projects are always evolving you may encounter something new that you didn't think of the day prior. Just need to have a priority list of what "to-do." Basically you need to set a goal of what you want to make, break it down. And keep breaking it down until you have manageable "chunks" that you can attack and work on. Perhaps your issue is you have no direction when you look at your own projects. So try making a design template (figure out what you want to make, break it down, and then go from there.) and see how that works. Start with any size project you want IMO, granted you might get discouraged from attempting something rather large and will most likely fail. But know that starting with something simple, as a text based guessing game in a console will give you quick results and a sense of "I can do this." (abet it might be a very small program that isn't the point, it's about getting experience.) Good luck!
  4. ^-- this. If you are programming for the iPhone (which I assume? unless you login in via safari) .. A solution: toss this into the AppDelegate class: UIApplication *myApp = [UIApplication sharedApplication]; myApp.idleTimerDisabled = YES; it will prevent the screen lock from happening (automatically at least).
  5. Biggest issue with statements like this, at least in my opinion is this is _MY LIFE_, not yours. What is boring to you, I might find to be the next best thing besides sliced bread. I could argue that watching sports aka grown men chase balls like dogs is utterly boring while others would highly disagree with me and the circle will continue forever. We could keep throwing arguements back and forth about what YOU feel is "FUN" or "LIVING" and I could come with counters of what I feel are "FUN" or "LIVING." In the end it is our life to live and if anyone is narrow minded to believe that their way of life, what they enjoy and dislike is the "way" things should be then they have more issues than anyone or anything I could mention and really isn't worth debating with them and wasting my time on people who are clearly a hopeless cause. In the end the majority of these "people" who most people believe are doing "boring things" (behind computers for example) usually end up making improvements in every aspect of our life. Some people will never be thankful for anything and believe the world revolves around them. Thank god there are many who don't cave to such narrow minded aspects of others. /salute to them.
  6. Zern

    PvE Sandbox MMO

    This is going to be my last response as I don't want to hijack [color="#284b72"][color="#284b72"]neonxprodigyz's thread and you may contact me via PM's if you wish to continue our debate but you failed to see the point in my Bejewled comment. Just because you, ___ and ___ and ___ (so on and so forth) enjoy PVP and a game without MIGHT turn away those who enjoy PVP'ing, it does not make or break a game as a whole. On that same note, lacking any "option" does not mean a game will "succeed" or "fail" because said option is not there. For PVPing you see it as "players making their own entertainment" and I'm sure others don't exactly see it as a way to "be entertained" when they are being grieved by "bored players looking for entertainment." (Yes we could get into the debate of how to reslove this, "pvp flag on" etc etc etc. but that isn't the discussion at hand.) And lightens the load on the designers? Uh ... not sure if you follow updates to most popular games out there but the MMORPG's that have PVP are still and have constantly been attempting to balance skills in PVP for years. Not sure if you consider that a lightened load for the designers? However to finish this and just to restate, not having an option even if it's PVP will not make or break a game. EQ started with only 3 (maybe 4 but Valon, Rallos and Talon servers?.) servers out of 30ish? that were PVP enabled and the game still flourished.
  7. Zern

    PvE Sandbox MMO

    I am no way connected to the OP but I don't understand this. Just because some players enjoy one aspect of a game doesn't mean it "must" be in it. WTFBUBBLES BEJEWLED DOES NOT HAVE PVP!? Must be a very limited and thus underplayed game... You can't please everyone. Not everyone shares the same view/desires as others. (Wouldn't the world be in a much better place if we did?) To the OP: Seems you have most of this thought out but I personally (and might be wrong here) believe the issue with "sandbox" MMO's is that it is attempting to take too big of a bite of the cookie and end up choking on it. Doesn't sound like a long list of "tasks" to get done but balancing (attempting*) one aspect, say the economy of a game is by no means easy and is massively difficult to get to a point where you're happy and still it won't be balanced. But I wish you the best of luck following your dream. [font="Calibri"][font="Calibri"][/font][/font]
  8. Zern

    New to the community (ConGhost)

  9. http://www.cplusplus.com/reference/clibrary/cmath/fabs/ Enjoy.
  10. I'm with YogurtEmperor on his post. Especially : It just keeps going, step-by-step. How do you plan to get to the end if you don't go through the middle? If you have no idea how to even start, then you aren't ready to start. Move on to the next step, which you do by considering what you want to do based on what you can do. As long as that adds a little more to your experience, you are on the right path. [/quote] As for others talking about the graphics aspect .... hmmmm maybe I'm a bit daft but I don't believe he spoke about 3D or 2D. I believe he even stated he wanted to keep it to text [console].... *wonders if others just jump to conclusions without reading whole posts...* Also, I'm sticking to the use of command line interfaces for my games and haven't added graphics yet so I don't have much experience with XNA or OpenGL. My main goal is to create a text adventure game in C# that has: [/quote] Only piece of advice I will share is when it gets tough take a small break if you need but never give up.
  11. Zern

    Update DirectX Project

    Other than what TiagoCosta pointed out, be aware that if you are focusing on releasing your game for the masses, or even if it's a tool that if you wish to support Windows XP you will need to know and use DirectX 9 as DirectX 11 will not work on Windows XP (despite TiagoCosta's comment of being able to run on older hardware .. it won't run on the older OS.) If you wish to support XP you have to use DirectX 9. However if this is what you want to do ignore the Fixed Function Pipeline and focus on using shaders instead as that will transfer over to DirectX 11. They got rid of the fixed function pipeline in DirectX 10/11 so learning it will be a waste of your time. Frank Luna's shader books (here is the directx 9 one http://www.amazon.co...c/dp/1598220160) are great. Actually almost all of his books are excellent, IMO. Can't comment on all as I don't have all . Good luck!
  12. CrescentFresh, This is just a quick idea (forgive me if you already have tested this, just some input! ), but I'd recommend checking your WM_ACTIVATEAPP in the MessageProc, ensuring nothing funky is being altered when the app is reactivated/gains focus. Specifically when you are resetting the device. I assume you are using pDevice->TestCooperativeLevel() and awaiting for a D3DERR_DEVICENOTRESET to reset the device. Ensure that you are setting the D3DPRESENT_PARAMETERS variable that are you using in the pDevice->Reset() function properly. Specifically the FullScreen_RefreshRateInHz variable. Those are the only two options that come to mind. Good luck!
  13. [color="#284b72"]bdcroteau, This is a little off topic but as you already have taken the thread that way I figured what the hell. I can say without a doubt it is a pity reading posts like yours Mr. Bdcroteau, well rather the responses. You have several brilliant and kind users who are attempting to help you and all you do is give them hell for not giving you the exact details of what you want (basically code to copy). On that same note, unlike the others I HIGHLY doubt you work hard at your job. By the tone of your posts you most likely go around other forums demanding help and then get snotty when it's not a copy/paste of code that you want (this is clearly stated in your first post). As for there are no "helpful sites" out there you again obviously haven't worked very hard in searching. A simple "dx11 engine tutorial" gives several links including : http://www.directxtutorial.com/ which gives ... gasp .. step by steps instructions *that work* Same with http://www.rastertek.com/tutindex.html . Found both these sites in 30 seconds of my time. You're a computer programmer and don't know how to do a search? I don't have any other words for you but Jason Z, YogurtEmperor and others , don't let new users like this detour your [continious] help on these forums.
  14. Well, as the ground below the player can "change" dynamically e.g. if the player is jumping off a cliff .. or jumping up onto a box (for example) there is no real "magical way" (that I know of, feel free to correct me anyone) to have a "one size fits all" JUMP animation that can be slowed/quickened during the duration of the actual jump while still looking good. Because the "air time" can change so much it would look weird if you are falling off a cliff for 5 seconds and your JUMP animation is stretched out that long or 2 seconds if you're jumping up on top of a box or an edge. So what I'd recommend is that you have a "FALLING" animation as well, and when you jump you blend it with the JUMP animation the moment you actually JUMP. Now of course this method will require you to know when your player is touching the ground so you can transition into a quick "Ground_Hit" animation or just go back into an idle animation depending on your needs. Again depending on how your engine is set up if you are using a physics library you will need to query the object (bounding box sphere character controller or a dynamic rigid body or what not) or use a reference point on the mesh and send a ray "down" to decide when the player is "back on the ground." Happy Coding and Good luck!
  15. Hiya, The issue you are having is in your "else" clause which sets the animation to idle, so while you press the spacebar the animation is set to JUMP(2) but upon release set to IDLE(0), There are many, many ways to resolve this. You can set a static Boolean so when the spacebar is pressed, don't allow any other animations to run until you hit the ground (another option if you have a physics library that can handle events when an object registered with the physics library hits the ground..) then set the Boolean to false. If you don't have a physics library for this or it's just a lot for you to muck with at the moment, you can get the time of the animation track when you jump and decrement a variable until it's at zero using the same "elapsed time" variable you send in to the update for the animation controller. <-- that one is a bit messy though and I wouldn't recommend it, just it's another way. You can also set up a callback that will fire when your animation is done and thus say all is good to play another animation. This one involves a bit more work but it also allows you to do some nifty things e.g. when your character is running , when a foot hits the ground you can play some sound associated with the material type (texture) that is under the foot to allow dynamic "movement sound" based on the environment below the characters’ foot. For this look up D3DXKEY_CALLBACK/RegisterAnimationSet/UnregisterAnimationSet/D3DXCreateCompressedAnimationSet and the HandleCallback of the ID3DXAnimationCallbackHandler interface for information regarding this callback function in the docs. Good luck.
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