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  1. [.net] [XNA] Time Step

    Your game object has a boolean property called IsFixedTimeStep. set this to True, and then you can set TargetElapsedTime property to a specific TimeSpan. Check the docs for details.
  2. I would just draw a large quad, but set the texture wrapping mode to REPEAT. This way the texture will be repeated, and not scaled to fit the quad.
  3. DBPro was quite buggy even 2 years ago... It was quite different, but updates made it quite different experience nowadays. The huge exe is just a side effect of the extension system. DarkBasic uses a number of 3rd party components, and by the default it packs every dll into the exe as a resource, therefore the binary will be quite large (5+ megs) and have option to store resources (bitmaps, sounds, etc) into the main exe. This can be fine tuned, however. Btw, why dont try the 30 day trial version, and ask questions in their community forum ? There you might find someone, who actually made a <completed> game with DbPro ;) I would say that their support is top-notch. and click community. Tom
  4. Home-made projects only ? DarkBasic is targeted for hobbyists, not for the industry... And it has a decent 3d engine... The tradeoff is speed and size. And that is the exact problem, if you are using a third party engine (in c++ as well) you will limited by the capabilites of the engine. Also, DBPro is not suited for larger projects, but not because of the limitations, just because of the language. It is not designed for large teams working on the same codebase. If you have more than 2-3 coders, you will most likely have problems organizing the code and maintaining it. But believe me, neither c++ or dbpro will bring you miracles. You need hard work, and determination to get a game running. And DBPro itself costs £50... And this allows commercial distribution - but there are a myriad of addons, like physx, ai and many more, for more money.
  5. Or alternatively just implement the same thing in opengl and d3d and see which one do you like more :)
  6. ASM, NASM, MASM....ARG!!!!

    Nasm's syntax is different to MASM, it was designed to be simpler (not easier!). You can have a c# kernel, you only need a compiler which is able to compile your code to native. And bootable. I understand you find the .net vm simpler, but dont forget that it is an imaginary abstraction. Its architecture does not exist in the hardware :) So to be able to have .net kernel, you need a virtual machine to be able to run your kernel. And you need an OS to run that virtual machine :D There are a plenty of free (as in open-source) OS, and a lot of hobbyist operating systems to look at, from a rudamentary to Linux/BSD. Get a book about operating systems and forget your normal life.
  7. Slight problem that on Windows XP x64 uses the server kernel, QueryPeformance* functions will use the time stamp counters (rdtsc). (At least it did at the time when it was in beta). Also, the HPT timers are relatively expensive to use (not that you have too much options). There is an excellent article on gameDev's (see resources) on timing in windows.
  8. And if they try out the side effects of a garbage collector they might find it prohibitely expensive (and not for performance reasons) - you cannot control when to do its magic... But it wont be a problem for less demanding (resource-wise) projects. C# is good for tools, at least until you dont want to share a piece of code between the C++ app and the one running on the VM. Performance... It depends on how good and what is XNA :)
  9. Space Glow?

    Mesh trails like... Homeworld ?
  10. context... if i am not mistaken.
  11. C++ question

    OS will free up all memory allocated memory by the application - under normal circumstances... However i cannot stress it enough how bad practice is not to release memory, it leads to the dreaded "Memory leak". Release every resource you allocate (memory, handles, etc) when you are done with them.
  13. [SOLVED]WndProc

    right here on gamedev
  14. somthing you dont hear to often

    i recommend it. i believe nasm16 is the 16bit DOS version of the compiler. it seems that sourceforge is down for maintenance Toom#
  15. somthing you dont hear to often