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  1. -(sim) Music Superstar

    Download Game Screenshot Might get more people interested, most of us are lazy you know ;) Hmm, I like the game and it seems to have great potential. But one of the first things it requires is a tutorial!! It took me quite some time to figure out the game and its interface. Help doesnt work, is it meant to? Have a paragraph about each skill pop up when choosing the stats at the start, explain what the skill is and why you should invest in it. Do you need another dialog box when they answer no to buying something. Otherwise great work so far, I noticed the sims influence (and interface) which is a good thing in my opinion, I loved the sims.
  2. Gladiator Trials version 1.0 has been released. First a big thanks to those on gamedev that helped with this game, its light years ahead of what I could have down!! What is it? Its a fairly unique game, with features of an RTS, a Sim and an RPG all mixed together. You are in charge of training slaves to become the best peasant or the deadliest Gladiator. Earn gold fighting in the arena to afford training you Gladiators in three seperate skills. Strength at the Training Room, Dexterity at the Archery and Intelligence at the Library. Sceenshots: Download: Windows OS X Website: http://www.taggedsoftware.com I've released the source code to the game on the website, its written in Revolution (www.runrev.com). It was a test to see if such a language (xtalk) could handle a game. I ran into a few limitations, but overall its quite a solid language. Help: Web Design - Its in need of a face lift! GUI Artist - Unfortunatly the person helping with the GUI left before completing it, can anyone take over? Sound FX - Another casuality, there's only a small selection of sfx for the game Backgrounds - Just a small request for the backgrounds of the title screen, overview and win/lose. I will be posting a formal request for help in the help wanted section shortly, but just thought I could use this as another method while Im here. Any comments, positive or negative are welcome! Have fun.
  3. Gladiator Trials Beta (rts/sim/rpg)

    Yes, I'm aware of the spelling/grammer issues, I've thrown alot of that in at the last minute. The only reset option you have is to restart the scenario, as for the tutorial its again something i just threw in there. Im in the process of having it automatically move on when a trigger occurs. Thanks for testing it out! Great to see others enjoying the game :)
  4. Gladiator Trials Beta (rts/sim/rpg)

    Hmm, I didn't change the download link. Could you provide more details for this button problem like the computer specs/os. Did the other graphics show up fine? The interface is a mix of old (brownish) and new (sandstone) graphics. I'm waiting on the final GUI additions from Aequitas. Thanks for the complement! Glad you enjoyed the game. Jeremy.
  5. Gladiator Trials Beta (rts/sim/rpg)

    Just click on the buttons, the keyboard doesnt do anything at the menu screen. :D
  6. Over 8 months of production and finally my first game in years is almost ready. There is very little game balance and the scenarios are very standard (aka 'boring'), so I thought I would unleash a test to see what people thought and grab any new ideas/gameplay features or even user made scenarios. The game has rts, sim and rpg features and is single player only. I've had great help from members of the gamedev forum already: Lost Chocolate Lab - Sound Effects Paul David Bergel - Music Aequitas - Graphics Bruno - Graphics Some videos/animations and all the music was cut in this release as I want to keep the file size down, and also keep some things fresh ;) What I am looking for is any suggestions of improving or adding to the game. If you mess around with the scenario editor and make a cool scenario (perhaps one simular to the food shortage scenario) you can email/send it in and I will try to include it in the final. The game is freeware so there will be no exchange past a name in the credits :D To play just load up the custom Campaign from the custom scenarios option. Beta Download http://www.taggedsoftware.com jeremy@taggedsoftware.com
  7. RTS unit responses

    After getting inspired by the recent one-liner orc thread I thought I would try to steal some comic genius from here as well :P My game is a tribute to Dungeon Keeper and Theme Hospital, its a mixture of RTS/RPG and Sim. Based on Roman Gladiator Times, I would love to hear some suggestions of what the gladiators and peasants could say when clicked on or assigned to work in an area (An area in this game is like a building in an RTS, so assigning a peasant to a kitchen or gladiator to a library). Neither unit should be made out to appear too intelligent ;) Areas In Game: Camp (Rest), Kitchen (Peasants Cook Bread, Gladiators Eat Here), Training (Peasants work on Speed, Gladiators on Strength), Library (Peasants Knowledge, Gladiators Magic), Archery (Gladiators Dexterity), Graveyard (Peasants bury dead here), Blacksmith (Peasants create swords/armour), Hospital (Peasants Heal, Gladiators get healed) Also would like some responses to clicking on a unit when they are diseased or have a skeleton near them (A Skeleton is a dead unit which has yet to be buried). Below are some nice screenshots and I've posted the link to a build that I posted on the help wanted forums last week. Thanks in advance. Jeremy Download Build
  8. A cute, short, blasphemous 2D Platformer

    Well Done! Loved the game, nice ending too ;) Oh and managed to complete your RPG while I was at it and again great work! I see your graphics have improved somewhat as well, had alot of fun with the game (and what a storyline).
  9. Well I will continue my post in more detail from the mother's thread (read it if you haven't). This thread is a perfect example of what I was talking about. Most people know nothing about suicide, some feel it shouldn't be spoken about. Depression is an imbalance of chemicals in the brain, some people are actually born depressed due to their receptors having holes in them (Receptors catch the chemicals that are fired from neurons in the brain after being converted from electrical signals). Are they cowards or of lessor worth? Is a person disabled from birth a coward or of lessor worth? To tell the truth most people won't know why someone commited suicide. I can only offer my short life story so far to perhaps help you understand what sufferers go through. Until I was five, I would only grunt and point to get what I wanted. I never spoken until then due to having a social anxiety disorder (fear of social situations/people). I went to a speech therapist for years, trying to pronouce grass and glass. I couldn't leave my mother's side and always had to be in view of her. I was haunted my night terrors almost every night (Night terrors are far worse than nightmares. Imagine being unable to distinguish your nightmare from reality when you awake) causing doors to be key locked at night due to myself running around in a panic for fear of what I was conjuring up. Depression struck me in my early teens, suicide was a constant thought, bringing blades to my wrist and imagining the eurphoric feeling if I slit them. Am I a coward for wanting to end my life? No, most people don't know what pain and terror truely are, I experienced some of the worst events any human has. Every depressed person has, but they held on, if only for a few months they held on. This doesn't make them cowards, this makes them truly brave, able to face fear head on every day and live through it.. When they do end their life, they only want the fears to end, but at least they faced them! Cowards would have given up on the first day, the first hint of depression, instead of sticking with it and battling their personal demons. I was lucky with medication, heck I got laid for the first time with the help of them. I had a dozen different women in a year thanks to them, 2 strippers and a bikini model, even with two women at the same time! I wasn't afaird of anyone and could get any woman's number in under half an hour :P Im off medication now, been that way for almost a year (been single as well), sure I have the bad days and I don't enjoy going to bed still (I don't run around anymore but still have difficulty when waking from a nightmare), but some nights I dream. Alot of people arn't so lucky though, the medication simply doesn't work and alternatives are no good either. Now with all that has happened to me is there any good that comes out of it? Sure, I found out Im in the top 10% of my country for english (fancy that!?) and top 4% for Mathematics, Im wanting to dedicate my life to research without patents (like opensource for software) in the human genome area, which recently I was accepted into an exclusive course which accepts only 10 people. What I believe is that people who have depression are generally very intelligent. Perhaps it's their mind being unable to cope with this? Looking through history you see every great genius with a mental illness behind him/her. I don't blame Alex or anyone for commiting suicide, I do shed a tear though. If not for their death, for their experience's when they were living. And knowing that now they are free from the thoughts that haunted them.
  10. Cheap Computer Books!

    Youch.. Thought shipping would be alot cheaper than that... Be about 40$US. Currently creating a sim/rts based on gladiators. Most of my experience is in isometric/top down view games. "Hoping" to port it to Linux and Mac, I know I can do Mac but Linux is questionable...
  11. Cheap Computer Books!

    Thanks for the heads up... I was a bit concerned over the game design book I brought as the front cover has the following bold statement: "You must read this bok before designing your next game, or risk developing an ill-conceived design, and a game that has no shot at the top 10 list. It's your choice". - Scott Miller, CEO/co-owner, 3d Realms Ive yet to see Duke Nukem Forever, but if it doesn't make it in the top 10 then Ive wasted my $9.95 :P
  12. Game Idea

    A game released on the playstation 2 (bad japanese conversion I think) that was very simular to this, called Metropolis Maker. 3d, watch people move in and walk/drive around, build police/schools/houses/roads... While the reviews of the game were crap I actually enjoyed it. Though the cost was only AU$25, if I did pay AU$80 for it I would have been angry... It kept me going for a few days before I realized the ultimate goal was stale and the repetition was outshining everything else. Wondering if anyone else played this game?
  13. Cheap Computer Books!

    Hey just thought I would pass this site on to all you aussie nerds :P www.elx.com.au has massive reductions of some newly released books all for only AU$9.95.. I got 'Game Architecture and Design' and 'Absolute Beginners guide to building robots' and from what Ive gotten the books are just slightly dog-eared, so Im assuming the reason for the price drops is damaged shipment? Im sure other countries would actually be cheaper buying the books here.. The game design goes for almost $US40 so I doubt shipping would be much more than an extra 10 aussie dollars :D From all the books on there, is there any real recommendations/must haves for games programmers? 'moving to linux', 'xml 21days'???
  14. I believe the way most (all?) games do it is through programming, you have the two needed images, just code in a feature that slowly reveals the full powerbar image, you can do a wipe effect or a fade in effect... Hope that helps!?
  15. Its the way the neurons in the brain work, reading through the book once and then skimming over parts later actually strengthens the connection between neurons making it MUCH easier to remember/recall and most importantly helping store the memory in long term instead of short :P In other words, I do the same too..