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  1. How can I install a module in Python (Read More)

    You can also, even using Windows, install packages via pip ( the Python package index ). Just follow this quickstart if you are interested in:
  2. in the last months I wrote an importer for the OpenGEX-asset-format in the Asset-Importer-Library. At the moment it supports: Node hierarchies Static meshes Material definitions You can find the importer in the Asset-Importer-Library-repository on GitHub: Bone-animationas and other features will follow. For the OpenDDL-parsing I used my own library called OpenDDL-Parser ( ). Feel free to play around with it!
  3. A simple OpenDDL-Parser

    I started to work on a simple OpenDDL-parser. This will be used in the Asset-Importer-Library for the OpenGEX-importer, which I am currently working on. You can find it here: Why I started to work on a separate parser and didn't used the reference implementation coming from Eric Lengyel? When working on the OpenGEX-importer I saw that a OpenDDL-parser would be a really useful tool I wanted to have it on github ( for issue tracking releases etc. ). For reproducing issues I wanted to have a automated test suite The reference implementation coming from here is good for readability and understandability, but I wanted to play around with it on my own just for fun I pre-released it as Alpha.
  4. Have you tried to start the cmake run in a visual studio console?   Kimmi
  5. Hi,   the cmake-build environment will be testst for each commit to github. We are only maintain this way to build.   Kimmi
  6. Funniest line of code ever ?

    I debugged a problem some years ago and found the following line: logbook->logMutex( true, true, false, true ); Unfortunately at that moment I didn't had much time to laught about it  .   Kimmi
  7. Asset Importer Library 3.1.1. is out

    It is the same library. We switched our repository from sourceforge to github after getting part of the Debian-repository ( was much easier to maintain ). Sourceforget is just hosting the prebuild binaries. 
  8. Asset Importer Library 3.1.1. is out

    You're welcome :-).
  9. Asset Importer Library 3.1.1. is out

    Just updated the post, thanks for the hint ( thank god it'sd friday ) ...   Kimmi
  10. Asset Importer Library 3.1.1. is out

    Nice to hear that. We just heard at the Google-Developer channel, that the shortcut could be a little bit misleading :-).
  11. I am happy to announce the Asset Importer Library 3.1.1. release. You can find the source on github: You can find the pre-compiled binaries and the current release notes at sourceforge: . And you can find our changes here: Thanks for all supporters including all your nice feedback, bugreports, pullrequests and all the other stuff you helped us the last years. And sorry for the name assimp, we just recocnized how bad it sounds in english :-). Kimmi
  12. OpenGL Assimp and Flipping Normals

      Seems so that he has enabled the conversion already ( see the selected importer flags ), but this would be my first guess as well :-).   Kimmi
  13. OpenGL Assimp and Flipping Normals

    The importer flags looks ok for me. I also checked if this is an known issue in our issue-database on github. Do you have the same effect if you try to illuminate your model standalone?    Kimmi
  14. Are you using bouble-buffering with OpenGL? If now: you should. You can check this in your SDL-configuration for your OpenGL-Context: just check the SDL-doc for this feature.   With best regards, Kimmi
  15. Have you already try to use the Asset Importer Library - FBX import feature? I haven't used it now but a lot of your requested features shpuld be already supported by it. And you can use our viewer to verify your models.   See to learn more about it. And of course feel free if you have any questions regarding this topic.   - Kim