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  1. Rob Loach


  2. Rob Loach

    MORE SPEED!!!!!!

    You're making serious progress now.
  3. Rob Loach


    Use trunk for the latest development stuff. When you want to make a release of what's in the trunk, copy all of it into a new folder in your tags directory. Name it something like MyProject_0_4 for release of 0.4 of MyProject. If at some point you decide to make a huge design change, branch it off of trunk. Make a new directory in your branches and copy the contents of trunk into there and start working on it. ...... And that pretty much sums it up.
  4. Rob Loach

    Deployment to the 360

    Note that this is a replicate of my recent website post. I just watched the second part of looking at XNA and am speechless. Deploying, running, and debugging an XNA game straight from Visual Studio, on an Xbox 360.... Wow.... I'm really looking forward to getting my hands on that Creator's Club certificate. Random Interest
  5. Rob Loach

    Thank you mr. Java

    Welcome to Java!
  6. Rob Loach

    So much for that...

    Risk is the best board game....evar.
  7. Rob Loach

    Scrolling Demo

    Yay 2D Games!
  8. Rob Loach

    Been a while!

    Wow, it has been a while. I should really make it a routine to write something either on here, or the new website! The old site was hacked together and I didn't really know how Drupal worked when I put it together. This new version uses Drupal 5.0 and actually uses it correctly and looks pretty clean too; I like it. The image gallery isn't quite an image gallery though, I'll have to figure that out later. Last week, I attempted to install Linux on my system and accidently screwed up the partitions. So I formatted everything and installed Windows Vista RC2. This happened just before Vista went RTM too, unfortunately. Looks like I'll have to get myself a copy of Vista release once it's around. So far it has worked with everything quite nicely....
  9. Rob Loach

    Trial By Fire.

    Love the music!
  10. Rob Loach


    Drupal is amazing......... SlyLabs, robloach.slylabs.com, joel.slylabs.com, all on Drupal 5.0.... Make sure you're using Drupal 5.0 Beta though........ 4.7 was missing a substantial amount of features. It's a pain trying to get 5.0 compatible modules, but it's definately worth the added functionality.
  11. Rob Loach

    And I'm done...

    Nice picture [wink].
  12. Rob Loach


  13. Rob Loach


    I like the Mario tile.
  14. Rob Loach

    End of an era

    That's one old cat...
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