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  1. Dragon Age

    BioWare Social me up :-) .
  2. Geshi is another popular open source one out there.
  3. Have you got it hooked up with ASP.NET yet? This is a most interesting idea and would be neat when linked up to something like BooGame [wink].
  4. .NET Lua Wrapper

    The Tao Framework also features Tao.Lua, which is direct bindings to the underlaying C API.
  5. You could use SDL, or GLFW, or FreeGLUT, to make the OpenGL context, and then just render 4 different camera positions on screen.
  6. Google Talk was using 245MiB of RAM, huh?

    Miranda was just updated to version 0.6 with better Jabber support. It's quite easy to set Miranda up to connect to GTalk. Being connected to multiple IRC servers, MSN, AIM, ICQ, GTalk, Yahoo, etc, I'm suprised it's only running at 8MB of RAM.
  7. I don't think the Trimesh ever really worked. If you have a look at the code and get it working, I'd absolutely love to commit the changes.
  8. 4x4

  9. FMod question

    Use FSOUND_FREE, because that's what it's designed for. Also, if you have a single channel for each sample, you can't have the same sound overlap itself.
  10. 2d particle system

    Why are you creating a new Random object every time you want a new number? public static class MyMath { private static Random random = new Random(); public static int Rand(int min, int max) { return random.Next(min, max); } }
  11. [.net] Map Editor in C#

    If you use a program like Tile Studio or Mappy, you wouldn't have to worry about making the map editor. All you'd have to worry about is implementing the functionality that would read in whatever the the editor outputs. I've had experience with doing this with Tile Studio and it's actually quite easy. You can have it output straight binary, or some type of script that's just read in by your application.
  12. MORE SPEED!!!!!!

    You're making serious progress now.
  13. [.net] XNA downloads

    Quote:Original post by ViLiO Windows XP with Service Pack 2, Visual C# 2005 Express, Game Studio Express 1.0 and a card capable of Shader Model 1.1Yup, that's all you need. If you don't mind the missing features (project templates, content pipeline, etc), you can just use an IDE like SharpDevelop and the XNA Framework 1.0 Redistributable, setup the project references manually, and away you go.
  14. What is XNA?

    XNA is closer to Managed DirectX, rather then DirectX. Managed DirectX allows use of the DirectX API from managed code (C#, VB.NET, any .NET language). XNA goes one step further and adds a set of tools and classes to make it even easier, as well as give you the capabilities to develop for the Xbox 360.
  15. You could use Tao.DevIL to load your image files. There's a demo up on the wiki named SpinningTriangle that shows how to load an OpenGL texture using DevIL.
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