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  1. I am writing a project rendered in OpenGL, including the GUI it uses. I was wondering if there is any existing libraries that allow me to display a web browser in an OpenGL context? Basically, Internet Explorer in an OpenGL window.
  2. Stonicus

    It must be just me.....

    Quote:Original post by Alpha_ProgDes but is Bush's domestic policies more effective, moderate, and successful than his foreign policies? I mean energy, immigration, taxation, mission to mars. I'd mean those are all things Democrats normally excel in. Bush seems to be handling all of it well. Even with the Dubai Ports fiasco, he seemed far more moderate than alot of Energy: gas prices are going through the roof again Immigration: he wants to basically stop immigration and kill people who cross the border Taxation: he wants to tax poor people, and cut taxes to big business and rich folks Mission to Mars: easy to say you want to do something you know for a fact will happen, and not for another 50 years or so, and somehow try to take credit for it. "I propose we try to cure cancer." Well, duh. Chimpy will have zero to do with and zero influence anything mars related. I don't think he is handling these things well at all. Less fucked up than everything else he is doing, but not well by any stretch of the imagination.
  3. Stonicus

    Memorable events in your town

    So, this little dinky building can take a punch, but the World Trade Center couldn't? bah! =)
  4. Stonicus

    Guess The Film Scene 2!

  5. Stonicus

    Big MUDs?

  6. Stonicus

    White Power

    Don't let it turn ugly dude. Seriously, someone like that isn't worth it. Why risk that idiot or one of his friends pulling a knife or a gun on you just because he is a retarded dumbass? Basically sounds like you're stuck in a segregated town. Not by force or choice, just some places end up segregated. Once they do, it's easy to see how groups like that can form.
  7. Stonicus


    Quote:Original post by DigitalChaos whenever i go to buy shoes, the gentleman or lady always puts them on my feet... Really. Now I don't feel like a complete white person all of a sudden. =(
  8. Stonicus

    A plea to the masses, stop obsessing over mmoRPG's...

    Quote:Original post by KaptainKomunist Artificial communities. Due to the realtime nature of these games, you are required to be at your computer at specific times durring the day. Such as guild raids and the like. This makes it nearly impossible for casual gamers to participate. Yeah, I know how you feel. I play poker in a local league, and damn it if I don't have to be at the game at specific times during the day. How am I supposed to get good at something if they want me to actually practice and participate? Sarcasm off. So the real problem, is this is a product that is designed and marketed for a demographic you don't fit. So, I see your point in that it shouldn't even be allowed to exist. Quote: Monthly fees. I can understand that you need to pay for bandwidth and storage in order to maintain the game, but anything more than $10 a month is a waste. I agree. Spending $10 on a hobby that will last you all month is stupid. Quote: Artificial interaction vs real world interaction. For some, it is way to easy to become addicted to a game like this, but not just for the quests. Roleplay servers are perhaps the worse of the worse. Night Elves, I will leave it at that. Seriously, get out of your dorm room and meet some real women, not 40 year old cheeto munchers running around as female elves. Anyone who uses the "go get laid" excuse must be a virgin. How is "getting some" in any way related to your enjoyment of video games? "I got me some, time to pack up my puter. Later old friend." People like these things because in real life people are fuckin assholes. =) Quote: And now, I have to ask you as a developer, why would you want to make such a game? Why even consider it? Unless the server is pure PVP, and you can come and go as you wish, the game has become a waste of time and money. If you ask people why they play, they don't play because it's fun. They play because they are part of a community, they play because they have an artificial sense of belonging. They play out of duty, they play out of boredom. They play out of addiction. They play because it's where their friends are. Why would I make it? Money. Why else? Quote: Even dungeons and dragons is better than playing RPG's. It forces you to be with other people. You can pick it up and put it down at any time. When you play and MMORPG, you are wasting your life. Dungeons and Dragons is an RPG moron. And, it's ok to pretend to be someone else as long as other people are in the room? But if they're in another state they're evil? Quote:Again, you could say this about any digital entertainment, but it's like comparing smoking to handling a flame thrower improperly in terms of wasting time. No, you can say this about ANYTHING, not just forms of entertainment. Your smoking/flame thrower statement. Just, one thing to say about that. Huh?!?!?!?!?!?!?! Quote: And plese, do not play WOW, or any other MMO at a lan party, unles it's a guild sponsored one. People will hate you. At my lan party, we had to start blocking ports to keep people from playing. You are wasting bandwidth, and people will hate you for it. Ah, so you're an elitist asshole. You post was more of a waste of bandwidth. Quote: If you were aspiring to create your own, I hope I crushed your dreams. I hope you feel discouraged. I am not saying you can't make one. I'm saying you shouldn't. If you do manage to generate the content, write good netcode, have wonderfull graphics, even get past the dreaming stage into the planning stage, or God forbid the development stage, you are adding another curse into the world. I'm begging you, for my campus, and my friend's sake, please stop trying to make them. If anything, you've renewed my energy to complete my project. Especially knowing you'll never be there.
  9. I don't see man in black or other ball. But, at 1:46, when the other ball is supposed to be there, the color of the video changes pretty drastically to a darker tone, as if it had been altered by hand. It's pretty easy to notice it.
  10. Stonicus

    Why do parents get dumber over time

    To get you to do it for her? Which one was the dumb one again?
  11. Stonicus


    Who saw the show Black/White last night on FX? I thought it was interesting. Has potential once it gets into it. But I've already seen some things that don't sit well with me. For starters, when Brian went shoe shopping. *grrrr* I've been white my whole life, and noone has ever put shoes on me when I was shoe shopping. I sooooo hope he doesn't think that is common. =) A few other things that I found "quirky" for lack of a better word. When Brian applied for the job as bartender. he made a big deal of seeing how the job hunt goes as a white man. But, he was job hunting in an all white city. So, what's the advantage? "Oh, you're white! You're hired!" They're all white!! =) Also, Bruno's obsession with the 'n' word I found sort of humorous. And I thought it interesting when Bruno got excellent service at all of the shopps he went to. Do you think there is something to what he says by how he acts and what his expectations are? I don't knowif Bruno is right, or still just horribly naive. Who was right? Was Brian right that the family moved to one side of the sidewalk away from him and Bruno because they were black, or was the lady just making room for them to get by, seeing as how her kids took up the whole sidewalk? Anyway, it's an interesting show. I plan on watching the upcoming episodes.
  12. Stonicus

    BellSouth full of s#*t as usual

    It's not that $500/TB is too much, but normal costs are too high. Think of it like a buffet at a restaurant. We cook $500 worth of food. Say, we'll have 200 customers today. We charge them $5 for a buffet. This will only work if on average, those 200 people don't eat their money's worth. Each one has potential of eating $500 worth of food, but that has never happened. All research has pointed that it will never happen. Through trial and error, we've discovered the average person eats $2.50 worth of food. Some eat $5, some eat $1. So, even though the deal is "Unlimited food for $5!!!!", if everyone took full advantage, we'd be bankrupt in one day. This business model requires people to not fully get their money's worth. It's a gamble, but like a Vegas gamble, you know all the data and know it will average out in your favor. So the business model is to actually offer a product or service you can't deliver, knowing not everyone will ask for it. But in the end, the food costs $500, no matter how we fudge/tweak the cost to appear to be some insane deal for the customer. On the flip side, if this business model does explode all over them, oh well. Don't advertise a product/service you can't fully deliver. Same thing with the insurance guy who had the policy for the World Trade Centers. He couldn't pay it off, so gov't bailed him out. He was allowed to sell a service he couldn't provide. That always urks me. Anyway, sorry to stray off topic.
  13. Stonicus

    A little math problem...

    1) true 2) false 3) March 10, 1992 4) true 5) It's an identity cause there is an equal sign in there
  14. Stonicus

    Who hates MMOG's?

    Quote:Original post by cloudscapes I don't care for them much either. I dunno, I sometimes overhear coworkers bragging about their achievments in such games constantly, which I find a little sad. Why is that sad? What's a better use of time?
  15. Stonicus

    Who hates MMOG's?

    Quote:Original post by dpadam450 I must say I hate these games and dont understand why people would rather sit on a pc all day in a fake world, than do something productive. Productive like what? Playing single player games?
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