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  1. When a person is trying to put together a game by building a team and a company for wich that team works for, how does one aquire the funding to do so? Stocks could be an option for beginners, but I know that can lead to a whole mess of future problems. I'll need a Research and Development department, a Finance department, a Manufacturing Department, Mailing Department and a Sales Plan for Distributors/ Web-based Vendors that pays on volume. And that all equals a whole lot of $$$ in start-up money. If only I could get suppliers to sponser me for using their hardware... How would I go about it?
  2. smiley4

    Legal to KILL in FL

    <quote>Better yet why don't you just take all the guns off everyone (except the military) and that way you'll get rid of alot of problems..</quote> Oh yeah, let the military have a chance to become opressors!
  3. smiley4

    Is the universal term "guys" offensive to women?

    Ok, I'm sure that the slang term "yall" works here, as in: "I'll see yall later." Otherwise, the words "you all" will work just the same. This will ensure asexuality when speaking to people of specific groups.
  4. smiley4

    Yahoo Chat has really gone downhill.

    I'm right, Yahoo Chat really has drained IQ points. It must have a strong "Drain Intelligence" spell. Grammar Ninjas Help me become diciplined again!
  5. smiley4

    Yahoo Chat has really gone downhill.

    I don't know, the Lounge still talks about more than just "do you want to see my webcam," and there is still humor in the Lounge. A bit geeky, yet that's what makes it cool.
  6. To think that four years ago, that people had intelligent conversations on Yahoo and now I feel like my IQ dropped by going there... Anyway, name someother sites that would make you feel the same way.
  7. Ok, you need to stop making excuses. Make a comic or divy out the work for the concept you have. I can do the work for the comic and e-mail them to you if you want. That would cut down some of the time needed.
  8. smiley4

    Capitalism is UNFAIR!

    I wouldn't say tax breaks for the wealthy. I'd say tax brakes for the "wealthy in training." After all, it's the Big Business owners that pay all the taxes. You may say that you pay all the taxes, but I've learned that the Big Businesses are the ones who are taxed on every expense and asset they have. The whole fact that they give out more money in taxes than a person working a job could ever hope to make in 5 years is astounding. (This is for the US by the way.) The whole fact that taxes are more heafty on the poor is because the rich are taxed more. The more money they have to pay on thier assets (employees) the less they can pay the workers and the more they take out to pay them off. The tax man taxes orginizations as a whole, leaving the little man left with next to nill.
  9. smiley4

    Capitalism is UNFAIR!

    What you fail to realize about capitalizim is that you don't have to work. Anybody can own and manage a business if they realy want to. If you don't like working, work till you don't have to work. Work smart, not hard. Create an opportunity for everyone to have money if they realy want it. Why not franchise? That is the better way to go, and you don't have to pay an ungodly amount for it either. Everyone gets paid by the amount of value they create in this world. If you have temporary value, you will have temporary pay. If you create value that will add to itself, you will continue to receive pay from the growing value that you create. If you create a sad story for yourself, you might be paid with pity. However, there will be those that tax you with unkindness. Everyone gets paid in one way or the other. Don't think barter has died, it has just become more refined. And as for the rich people that just go out and get anything they want, they are creating a value again by buying things. They are proving that capitalizim works! I'm just glad that money is a lot easier to obtain nowadays through internet franchising. That's what I'm doing. Now I can realy enjoy my passion for art and animation as a hobby while having the security that I don't get with a job. Through internet franchising I get paid a commission check to buy stuff that I would already need, and some of the things I wouldn't need. I even got paid a bit of commission to buy Halo 2. You could do it to. Everyone in the gaming industry could use a little extra time off, should they want it. They also shouldn't feel bullied into thinking thier boss owns thier life. You are providing a service for your boss. You work all those hours and you only get paid for those hours you work. If you could do more work in less time, they just demand more and pay you the same. I would rather get compensated much better if I did all that just to scrape by. Just remember you still have a choice to live how you want. When someone offers an opportunity, it should be good for both of you. Many people want a job because they think that's all they can amount to. Believe me when I say that you can ammount to much more and then you can realy enjoy what you do. I have an opportunity, but I only give it to those who are looking. And I know that change in methods must happen before there is a change in lifestyle. So, as I learn I will promise to teach the better path that I have found. [Edited by - smiley4 on November 16, 2004 3:51:56 PM]
  10. smiley4

    Eye-opening stuff in Fallujah

    I believe the only solution left to make, to put us all on the same moral playing field, is to create a bomb that will blow up the Earth. Let any survivors parrish in the void.
  11. smiley4

    Halo 2 - The Topic

    Sorry, Half-life was cool, Red Faction and Tribes was better (at least for gameplay).
  12. smiley4

    I want to pitch a brilliant idea!!!

    Look, if a regular guy can get paid a million dollars from Comet to tell them to make the holes in their containers bigger, don't cut the guy out because he hasn't done any market research. Some ideas are just so good it's a no brainer.
  13. I believe it would be better for people to work as a team when trying to make a game. Sure, making your own game from scratch by yourself is good for showing off your "1337ness", but does that really prepare you for the game industry? The answer is no. With new technology and ideas being used everyday, it is best to have a team to make a game that is very competitive with other games. It is also best that you are a team player. The owner of a company wants a game that people would be willing to throw away 50-60 USDs on even if it is just freeware. After all, he makes money off of you. He sells that product to a manufacturing company that hopes to make mega bucks off of what was initially made selling it to distributors. Your software development boss gets a residual income from what is sold and you only get paid for the work you did. In the end, the programmer gets financially screwed even if he's getting paid 50k a year (unless he is really good with people, really likes his job, is willing to wait for his spot in climbing the ladder, and is lucky to not be fired because of downsizing). I personally don't want to put up with all the office bull along with deadlines -- people telling me when I can eat, when I can use my skills and how I should use my skills. After all, it's my skill; why not use it making something that I love? Being a programmer at a job gives you a skill, it won't make you rich. Bill Gates is rich because he's a business owner, not because he can program. Now if you want to learn how to program as a hobby, go ahead, you'll enjoy it more and will probably learn more along the way, but if you want to make money, you need to learn how to market your services, or get with me -- I'll show you how to make money another way. I work with very credible people that can show you what I know. Now don't get me wrong, programming is great, and I encourage people to learn it, but I would never recommend someone to learn programming to get a job, it's just too painful for those people in the end. I show people how to become business leaders and if you want to program because it's a well-paying hobby, then go do that. There are only a few people in the world that have programming as their calling. Other people just want money to pay the bills. I say follow your dreams. Know what you really want in life, and achieve it.
  14. smiley4

    How to deal with laziness

    Do you want the real answer why you aren't coding? You must evaluate what is more important to you. Coding takes a lot of sacrifice on your time. Is your coding important enough to you to give up your gaming? Count the cost of your dream, and pay it, otherwise you will only have part or none of what you want. If you want to achieve your goal, you will achieve it as long as you're focused. Why do you want to code? If you code for money, then you will only stay frustrated. You must code for the love of coding. The money will come as a result of your love for coding. If you want to overcome laziness, you must have a goal, a plan, a deep rooted commitment to the project and the endurance to follow through with it till the end. Never loose sight of your goal. Do you even know what you want to code? Programmers are more successful when they use their coding talents to achieve a goal greater than all the syntax involved in making it happen. Also, don't be afraid to delay a goal if that goal is lower on a priority list. But if you want to stop being lazy, you must know in your heart what is more important to you, and start saying that you can do it. Stop saying you hate yourself. I bet you already have enough people that hate what you do without youself adding to the problem. Think positive thoughts, encourage yourself, that is what pushed you to learn as much as you know so far. Let a positive attitude propel you even further. You are worth it, and you owe it to yourself to do better. Don't let anyone bring you down. You have the power to be as happy or sad as you want, choose to be happy.
  15. Ok, the kid has some screen shots, an engine, and some concept art. Also, he may or may not have a plan in implimenting the way the game is going to be made. Regardless of all that, encouragement and direction are far better for game design productivity, than flames and berailment. He needs an overall plan that he can break down into smaller parts and let other teams handle. Also, he needs to make it clear that the game is for non-profit only, or find a way to compensate his workers appropreatly. Purhaps he can have several contests for each designed level. Charge $50-$100 per level developed and submitted. Then for each level, the winner can get 30% of the cash pool, their level put in the game, and their name in the credits. After sales, and depending on participants, there will be an equal compensation given back to all who submitted something.
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