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    The Total Beginner's Guide to Game AI

    Interesting article, but some aspects of some of the examples ended up distracting me - for example, the FSM has no way of reaching "Searching", which feels like it should be commented on in the text (or corrected in the example). Or, for the Markov model, it appears the sample data was in the form of first sighting and second sighting for independent runs, with second sightings being split 11/14/3 for red/green/blue rooms respectively, which is at odds with the way the data collection was described - as each sighting generating a (last-sighting, current-sighting) pair - which should give the same split of red/green/blue rooms for the next sightings as for the previous sightings (with a possible off-by-one for the boundary conditions). It would be nice if the examples and the text were more congruent with each other.
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