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  1. Ive just bought "Beginning 3D Game Programming" by Tom Miller, and just at the beginning of the book there is a very important diagram missing of how the code/project is structured - necessary to give a novice an overview of whats ahead. Ive been searching my eyes half blind for this missing image, but nothing (only comments on that it actually is missing), so Im here asking you guys if anybody has it/knows where to find it. The image is on page 27, Figure 2.1. In the book its replaced by an image of the maya-interface. Ive found Tom Millers blog, and emailed him, but nothing yet. Any help is appreciated :)
  2. _Danneman_

    Movies/Presentations about Gamedevelopment

    Quote:Original post by Razorguts Quote:Original post by _Danneman_ ...the common attendant at this lan will be a pubertile male with the attentionspan of a goldfish Well, if this LAN is going to be in "Porno-Land Sweden" (as your member info says), I can understand this. :) Hehe, yes, as a "cultural" province of the "peaceful" and "freedomloving" mass-mediastate of america, its no wonder some of the characteristics typically associated with americans rubs off on us ;) Quote:Original post by Razorguts Quote:by _Danneman_ ...meaning the presentation will have to be a little more graphical and a little less technical. The intention is to get the crowd exited about gameprogramming, and hopefully dig deeper into the subject :) That's a bit of a misnomer, to say you desire to get people interested in game programming, yet don't want to present anything technical. If all you wish to do is expand on the "gee-whiz" graphics that people love to see, just throw together some non-technical presentations on 3-D Modeling, perhaps show the evolution of concept artwork to in-game models... LAN folks are a different breed than the design folks, especially if they're as young and attention-deficit as you say. They won't appreciate the hard work that is required to make the games they so dearly love. Oh, the attention-deficit is a temporary deficit, Im hoping. The overload of information these kids are bombarded with every day have led them to develop a very efficient screeningfilter - and the first victim to this filter is anything that seems boring. The trick I think is to lure these potentially brilliant minds into something as difficult but rewarding as gamedevelopment by dazzling them for their attention, and then make their first couple of encounters with the topic an entertaining one. Then, when they've taken to the subject (ie swallowed the bait), there is no limit to the depths they are willing to go to further their skillz in the field. So, optimally I would like something that covers all of these phases. The PP-articles that I was linked to would probably be suitable for day three of the lan-party, but something more lightly digested would suit day one and two better.
  3. _Danneman_

    Movies/Presentations about Gamedevelopment

    Thanks a lot :) However, the common attendant at this lan will be a pubertile male with the attentionspan of a goldfish, meaning the presentation will have to be a little more graphical and a little less technical. The intention is to get the crowd exited about gameprogramming, and hopefully dig deeper into the subject :) If you have any more links to resources, please reply.
  4. Were having a LAN with around 400 people, and we want to make Gamedevelopment the general theme for the lan. For this we would like to continously troughout the lan display various presentations of various aspects of gamedevelopment on a projectorscreen. Do you have any tips on where I could find good gamedevelopmentpresentations online?
  5. _Danneman_

    Variable variables in C#

    Youre right, its probably easier to use arrays instead. But Ill check out System.Reflection too. Thanks both for the help :)
  6. _Danneman_

    Variable variables in C#

    In for instance ActionScript (programs flash) there is a possibility of calling a variable by typing a part of its name, and add the rest of the name as the content of another variable. Ex: var_1 = "Hello"; var_2 = 1; var_3 = _root["var_" + var_2]; // var_3 gets the value from var_1, ie. "Hello" Does anything like that exist in C#?
  7. _Danneman_

    C# games for Xbox?

    Do you know if there are any commercial games being developed for the xbox 360 using C#? As far as I know no commercial games (to any platform) has yet been produced using C#..
  8. I just have to clarify something. Is "managed DX" synonymous to using C# when developing with DX?
  9. _Danneman_

    Speed and C#

    What actually happens with the just-in-time-compilation that the c#-code goes trough? Is the entire code compiled to machinecode only once at the beginning - as compared to java which lets the virtual machine compile the code over and over again at runtime? Wouldnt that mean that the only overhead would really be the initial loadingtime (as the code is compiled), but subsequently the speed would be virtually the same as C++ (not considering other factors)?
  10. _Danneman_

    Speed and C#

    Anybody got a chart or something depicting the difference in speed between c++ and c#?
  11. I forgot the url to a particular school/academy teaching gameprogramming online, and I was hoping you guys could supply me with some so as to refresh my memory?
  12. _Danneman_

    C# - proprietary or free?

    Quote:Original post by Michalson Quote:Original post by kSquared Quote:3) Have a lot of gamedevelopment migrated from C++ to C#? Is it perhaps even more popular than C++ nowadays? Not yet. I predict it will be, though. C++ became more popular than C, didn't it? As a shoot-from-the-hips guesstimate, I'd give it about a decade before the primary development language of choice is C#. The game industry seems slow to adopt new languages. Look at how long it held out against C++ (in fact most of the arguments leveled against a move to C++ seem to be identical to the arguments now used by C++ gaming zealots against moving to C#). And the very fact that MS is the author of C# probably explains a lot of the reluctance ;)
  13. _Danneman_

    C# - proprietary or free?

    TheNobleOne: Thanks for the video-link - thats the kinda link I like :) Michalson: Youre making a good argument for C# there :) Im definitely leaning towards it. Quote:Original post by staafAnd in the fluctuating game industry companies and funders don't look further than the current project for revenue. Yes, its a shame that the laws of commercialism have finally reached and hit with such force what was once an innovative industry willing to take risks, filled with people bent on realizing their visions of the perfect game. But as any industry matures it creates a generic formula for what is "successful", at the same time that the very concept of success takes on a much more quantative than qualitative meaning, and thus the visionary who was the dominant character at the beginning of the era is replaced by a technocratic, beurocratic, numbercrunching character whose sole purpose and interest is revenue. Hence it seems all developers but a very few are caught in a headlock by their producers, forcing them to become completely focus-group oriented, aspiring to nothing more than the lowest common denominator to maximize its potential customers. And so we, the always wanting, needing customers, are presented with a product that a) has enough eye-candy to attract our attention, and b) appeals to everybody, but because of this very fact really doesnt surprise us or provoke us into thinking - ie. doesnt have any profound effect on us at all. Sad, really. Well, enough OT-rant - sorry about that :p
  14. _Danneman_

    C# - proprietary or free?

    Quote:Original post by CloudNine3) Nope, there's still a lot of money invested in C++ game engines. Why change to another language (and rewriting the engine), losing all the money and time invested? True. But after reading some of the posts by people who have switched to C# there seem to be considerable time (=money) to save by using that language instead. Some profess they spend as little as a fifth of the time coding a similar game for C# as it would take to do it in C++. If that is true, then one could assume there would be a significant pull towards using C#. Quote:Original post by SiCraneManaged DirectX is an interface to DirectX that can be used by any of the .NET languages, not just C#. So it simplifies even further the use of the DX API?
  15. _Danneman_

    C# - proprietary or free?

    Is Managed DX the same as DX + C#, then?
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