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    kp ps texturing techniques

    HOW TO CREATE AN INITIAL SETUP ACTION   1. create a target PSD for reference.   this PSD will serve as the ideal for what you'd like the action end result to be. layer arrangements will heavily depend on the project's art requirements as well as your own working preferences. discover new approaches by taking a peek at your project PSDs and ask the authors any questions you might have.    here is the target PSD i decided on for this demonstration:   while working on the action, i've found it's helpful to keep a screen-grab of your target layers in view.   2. create and name a new photoshop action.   (alt+F9 is the default shortcut to open the actions panel window.)     i created a set folder named "demo" to store my action inside for better organization.   once you create a new action, the "Begin recording" button turns red.   a new step, or operation, is added to the action list for each recordable act you make.   if you make a mistake and add redundant or unwanted steps, all you need to do is press the "Stop playing/recording" button to halt the recording. in this state, same as manipulating layers, you can now reorder your steps by click-dragging them up or down the stack, holding alt will duplicate them. lastly, you can delete them entirely by highlighting the offending steps and then clicking the "Delete" button.   after doing this type of action surgery, it can become uncertain if your changes will work as intended. a quick way to find out, is to open the history panel and revert the document back to its original snapshot instance. jump back over to the actions panel, be sure you've selected the top of your action sequence and press the "Play selection" button to execute the action from the start.   now you can be certain your layers are in sync with your progress. when everything seems to be in order, hit the "Begin recording" button and continue where you left off.   3. record the sequence of operations necessary to recreate your target PSD.   while recording, in as few steps as possible, match your target PSD's groups and layers.   double-clicking an italicized "Background" layer will execute the "Layer from Background..." command, which otherwise is found in its right-click menu. this will prompt the "New Layer" window where you can name the layer and set it's blendmode and opacity, all in one operation.   and here's the result of that:   hold alt and click the "Create new group" button to quickly name and create in one fell swoop.   here's the result:   unfortunately, the group was added above the "UVs" layer which doesn't match our target PSD layers.   in this case, click-dragging the group, to move it below the "UVs" Layer, will work just fine. a more reliable option however, would be to press "Ctrl+[" to move the group down one position.   although both acts move the current layer to the desired position, their operations are slightly different.   here is the action operation recorded with a click-drag:   and here is the action operation recorded with the "ctrl+[" hotkey:   the difference becomes much more noticeable when adding more layers.   "To: Layer 0" moves the current layer to the bottom of the stack.   while "To: previous layer" only moves the current layer down once.   these types of nuance can sometimes cause unforeseen behavior in your actions so it is a good thing to be aware of.   a few useful hotkeys for creating actions: "Ctrl+[" moves the current Layer down one. "Ctrl+]" moves the current Layer up one. "Alt+[" moves the selection down one. "Alt+]" moves the selection up one.   next, record the creation of the "Specular" and "Diffuse" groups.   in the next post, we will finish creating our "initial setup" action by adding the remaining layers.
  2. killingpeople

    kp ps texturing techniques

    i'd like to share with gamedev.net some Photoshop texturing process stuff.   SOME PHOTOSHOP TEXTURING PROCESS STUFF   so, lets get to it.   the first thing i'd like to talk about is the pleasure in creating an "initial setup" Photoshop Action. for me, a texture begins with an unwrap, and so i start there.   here's an image of a UV texture map and its PSD layers before running the Action:   note that when opening a Targa file, it should only have one layer called "Background", in italics.   here's after running the Action:   i used this Action for Diablo 3 monsters, armor, and weapons to quickly springboard into the texturing process.   the purpose of this Action is to save time spent remaking the same Group folders and Layers, over and again. another benefit for standardizing Layers, is that it eases the use of additional Actions and Scripts. for example, this setup Action creates a "Layer from Background..." named "UVs". i can now reliably bind a separate Action that might toggle off the visibility of the Layer named "UVs", while the Action will not affect Layers named "UVS", "uvs", "Layer 1" and so on.   it's nice to incorporate any preferences your teammates might have so that they might also benefit from its use. for instance, on another project, a teammate was using a Photoshop Script called "savePSD+TGA" created by Funky Bunnies, which essentially outputs and names a Targa file based on the PSD's directory and the name of the currently selected Group, respectively. my Action would now have to conform with it, as well as accommodate the project's naming conventions.   when creating Actions for others, it would be best practice to test it before sending it out and i'd suggest using version numbers for when you will most likely come back to iterate on it.   here are the results for that Action:   this Action was made for an unannounced project that which utilizes more modern-gen texture types, accommodated Funky Bunnies' Script, and custom channel specific texture maps required by the material shader.   in my next post, lets create a new initial setup Action, so you can see how one is made.
  3. killingpeople

    Dig a hole in a plane with Max

    you may be able to: boolean through the plane convert the plane to an editable poly mesh select the subtracted boarder you've created extrude the edge down (hold shift, then click and drag) with boarder selected, use cap to fill the hole. booleans are usually pretty sloppy, but you may get close to the desired result. edit: clarifications
  4. killingpeople

    looking for feedback

    very cool!
  5. killingpeople

    Artistic Feedback

    i think they look alright! these have a charming style about them - such as katamari damashi. directed at your grass texture, a simple suggestion i'd give is to remove a few blades of grass near the bitmap's boarders so that the repetition of the texture isn't as noticeable. the grass in your second shot looks very well done in this regard. if possible, flipping some of your tree sprites horizonally will also break up the uniformity of its use.
  6. killingpeople

    How to edit an opt file?

    i googled this http://filext.com/detaillist.php?extdetail=OPT "Various programs use this extension; too many to list individually. Take clues from the location of the file as a possible pointer to exactly which program is producing the file."
  7. killingpeople

    Creating Texture Methods

    i like the music :) okay, so where are you stuck when you try to make textures? uh, the best way to make textures is to unwrap your models and use photoshop to texture them.
  8. killingpeople

    Creating Texture Methods

    hi mojtaba_e, can you better clarify what it is you're looking for? are you looking to create textures for a 3d model? are you looking for a list of texturing methods? are you trying to acheive a specific texture style, such as cartoony or maybe a game in particular?
  9. killingpeople

    Titan Quest demo released

    check it out, iron lore entertainment, released a demo for their first game, titan quest, to the public today. "In Titan Quest, players will take an epic journey through such fabled locations as the Parthenon, the maze of Knossos, the Great Pyramids and the Hanging Gardens of Babylon. With an arsenal of more than a thousand pieces of unique and legendary equipment, players will have to overcome terrifying monsters and mythical beasts in their quest to save humankind from the Titans." "The demo features two quests, 3 skill masteries (Warfare, Earth and Hunting) and the characters are capped at level 6." you can download the demo at these sites: fileplanet: (registration required) url: http://www.fileplanet.com/filelist.aspx?s=104384&v=0 3dgamers: url: http://www.3dgamers.com/games/titanquest/downloads gamershell: http://www.gamershell.com/download_13703.shtml
  10. killingpeople

    How many texture maps for a Building is ok?

    thirding can help make more efficiant use of your texture maps: http://www.poopinmymouth.com/process/tips/thirding.jpg Enemy Territory: Quake Wars uses MegaTexture technology where an entire level uses one large image (32,000 x 32,000 pixels) i can't even imagine how suck that would be to work with.
  11. killingpeople

    Why do we all love...

    i don't place importance in either superior graphics or fantastic gameplay to classify a game a good one. i feel that the most important aspect is the relationship of all of the components of a computer and/or videogame.
  12. killingpeople

    pirated software

    along with what Roboguy and others said, this portion of the FAQ probably has a lot to do with it, yup. Quote:Software piracy is banned from these forums. Posts asking for pirated software or for how to find pirated software will not be tolerated. Admitting to using pirated software is a bannable offense. thanks for the replies.
  13. killingpeople

    pirated software

    it's fine, people don't like the question, that's fine. i don't post much, just lurk the art forums here every so often, but hopefully anyone i try to help will look past the rating - whaaatever ;)
  14. killingpeople

    pirated software

    oh shit! my rating was lowered for asking, eh? swell.
  15. killingpeople

    pirated software

    can someone point me to a thread/threads that discuss the phenomena behind the gamedev community's distaste for pirated software? maybe someone could possibly attempt to explain the reason for the general resistance for using cracked software around this hizzy?
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