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  1. Pacman clone with 2 pacmen: http://home.tiscalinet.de/xception/java/2PAC.html Control both pacmen with arrow key.
  2. Thanks for the feedback Enselic. It seems you haven't play MindYaBlox up to level 25, the puzzle is getting harder start from level 25.
  3. Another new complete game developed using GTGE game library: Check it out here: http://www.fujeyla-studio.com/mindyablox/ Very addictive if you understand how to play it :D Another puzzle game: Applet: http://games.dallasvrtours.com/rockblocks.htm Both games come with auto generated level, thus you can challenge as many levels as you can. Comments, feedback are really appreciated.
  4. Use java.awt.Canvas to obtain BufferStrategy and add the Canvas to Applet, some snippet code: public class YourGame extends Applet implements ... { BufferStrategy bufferStrategy; public void start() { if (running || finish) return; running = true; if (bufferStrategy == null) { setIgnoreRepaint(true); canvas.setIgnoreRepaint(true); canvas.setSize(getSize().width, getSize().height); canvas.addKeyListener(this); setLayout(null); add(canvas); canvas.setLocation(0, 0); // using buffer strategy as backbuffer canvas.createBufferStrategy(2); bufferStrategy = canvas.getBufferStrategy(); // initialization game resources ....... } // start the game thread new Thread(this).start(); canvas.requestFocus(); } Hope this helps :)
  5. Well I'm the developer of GTGE you mention above. What I can say is, GTGE is actively developed, easy to use (at least than others java game engine), use Java2D, LWJGL, JOGL rendering engine, in windowed, fullscreen, and applet environment, has been used by many ppl and it stable enough on most OS. And the good thing is there are already several games made by GTGE users, and there are coming along more and more games. Conclusion: just try it out :)
  6. Huh?? How to make that? Any code example around? Also Java 1.5, already have loading bar?
  7. Thanks and what sort of loading bar do you mean??
  8. This game is not made by me, but made by one of my game engine, GTGE, user. It's simple but fun, so I thought perhaps you guys want to check it out. Para Jump, a simulation of become a paratrooper. Want to feel how to become a paratrooper, try it here: main download page play as applet Any comments, feedback, suggestions are highly appreciated...
  9. Thanks for the comment, I agree that music during gameplay should be added, but I'm not sure about the faster firing rate, I'll see about that.
  10. Hmm that's suppose to be not throwing exception eedok. When pressing exit option on applet game, the game will be convert the image into gray using ColorConvertOP class and tell the game has been finished. And from the exception, looks like the ColorConvertOP operation to make it gray that failed, hmm I guess I will just use try catch in there. Thanks for the report. Yup this one is based on a commercial shooter game. Thanks for the feedback.
  11. Thanks for the feedback guys :) [quote=someboddy]Nice game. The only thing I didn't like is that most enemies just move in a straight line.[/quote] It looks like you haven't see level 2, on level 1 the enemies indeed mostly moving in straight line. [quote=eedok]One thing though, does it need so many title screens? Couldn't it be cut down to 1-2 screens?[/quote] Well, all the title screens is skipable isn't it? :) [quote=Son of Cain]I would also add that the enemies' movement is a bit "unnatural", to say the least. Try to add some AI for them, it will improve your game a lot![/quote] We'll see about that. And for Talroth, try out the download one, applet sometimes is not friendly stuff.
  12. Please try out this game: Applet: http://www.istisoft.net/online/cyberion/cyberion.html For anyone that don't like applet or want to play it offline, download the game zip: http://www.istisoft.net/Download/cyberion.zip Comments, suggestions, bugs report?
  13. Yup, it's only small game to try out the game engine. It's not made by me, but one of my game engine (GTGE) users. Yes it's really easy, just take a few mins to complete it. If you want a hard and stressing game, try out this one: Gumball Gauntlet Screenshot:
  14. Please try this small and simple game: Warehouse Mayhem Screenshot: Comments, suggestions, bugs report are highly appreciated. Thanks for trying.....