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  1. It's not going to pass the senate, sorry. And even if it did pass do you think it would stop harassment and such from police and others in North Carolina? Immigration is a ridiculous joke in this country, but it's never going to be fixed just like the 10000s of other things that congress would rather ignore to save their pet projects and federal pensions.
  2. Quote:Original post by keinmann *ranting* You may want to check out Project Reality. I used to play this all the time (haven't for ages lately though. Don't have the time...). It's the only game I've played that had the sense of a very large battle and not having any cheap bullshit. Like stuff that should kill you will and vice versa. It's based on the BF2 engine, and certainly showing some age, but it's been updated extensively. Maps are often 20kmx20km or larger, the entire kit and spawning system has been changed. (Kit limiting and such). Damage model for vehicles, weapon ballistics, requiring certain its to use certain vehicles, etc. Suppression system, and it's awesome. Large respawn time for vehicles (don't tardrush that vodnik to get killed or everyone will hate you for having to wait 20 minutes) Well, just too many changes. Oh yeah one of the biggest changes. No conquest (AKA whack-a-mole mode). The closest is called AAS, which requires flags to be captured in a loosely defined order. Okay I've sperged enough about this. Also look into Red Orchestra 2 EDIT: BLOPS is fun, just needs server admins to be able to set number of players lower. 18 people on maps designed for 12 is not fun. I think this is why I and many other people like games more like BLOPS than PR. I just don't have the time to devote 2 hours to a match. I can play BLOPS in 10 minute chunks if I want. I'm too busy with life to play games that take forever.
  3. http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Non-English-based_programming_languages
  4. Quote:Original post by Silvermyst Quote:Original post by Nytegard The Tea Party honestly scares me. It's stories like this that I see the Tea Party fanatics want to become the standard instead of an abomination. It's a sad story, but the alternative would be to make everyone in and around South Fulton pay higher taxes in order to provide fire insurance to even those outside Fulton's city limits. There are plenty of regions here in California that are more likely to suffer from wildfires than other regions. Should I pay extra taxes just because someone chooses to build a house in one of these wildfire regions? It makes more sense to make them pay the higher fee, but should refusal to pay that fee then disqualify them from building their home? Around here they don't do anything as extreme as let your house burn down. They just put a lien on the house, which seems like a more appropriate response to me...
  5. I've already been boycotting Target for weeks. I guess I won't be able to shop there anymore ever now :(
  6. Quote:Original post by Trapper Zoid Duke never sat with me as a genuine rebel though. He was a bog-standard schoolboy-who-just-hit-puberty daydream vehicle; a movie action hero who tries to be cool by spouting lines ripped off cult classic films and always thinking about boobies. I think that's why he still annoys me - he's the poster boy of that adolescent segment of gaming in the mid to late nineties where it seemed perfectly acceptable to have the industry run by men who were acting like they were thirteen. Yeah. I never really cared for Duke as a character, and I probably wouldn't play a new Duke unless it had something else. My favorite part of Duke3D was the pretty detailed level design. At the time, there was soooo much stuff that was interactable like pool tables and such. But most games today have that sort of thing so what does Duke have to bring to the table now?
  7. Quote:Original post by capn_midnight Quote:Original post by RivieraKid changing your everyday clothing to suite other people is dumb. I agree completely with frob. Changing your clothing is something that takes so little effort yet reaps such huge benefits that it's dumb NOT to change your clothing to suite other people. You're just hurting yourself for no reason other than being a disaffected geek who refuses to acknowledge the importance, or even existence, of intuition in interpersonal interaction. Can you be successful looking like James Gosling for your entire life? Sure. It's harder, but yeah, it's possible. But you will always be seen as "that computer nerd". Even by other computer nerds. It's the difference between Steve Jobs and Bill Gates. They're nearly identical men in almost every aspect, but people in general tend to think better of Steve Jobs than Bill Gates. If clothes are so unimportant to you, then you should have no problem changing your style to gain advantage in your social group. If you don't care about the clothes you wear, then wearing nicer clothes should be no more burden on you then wearing disheveled or childish clothes. Capn. pretty much gets it right here. At least start wearing nicer clothes. It doesn't really take any effort. After that you might start figuring out what works/doesn't work and get better from there. Wearing t-shirts to work is something I would never do even if everyone else did. The lowest I go for work is like a polo or something. Also. Iron. Seriously.. do it. It looks much better and it's not hard to do. Anyhow story time from meeee! Maybe it's a bit different than some :P I used to look horrible. I'd wear large tshirts (super baggy) and baggy khaki-style pants (like this). Oh and 1mm razor cut hair. I have a picture somewhere but I'm too lazy to dig stuff up for now. Mostly I just wore clothes to keep myself warm. I didn't care about life or anyone else (and if you wear shitty clothes everyone else will think you don't care either) Anyway I had a turning-point a year and a half ago and started to improve just about everything. Lost almost 20kg, and started dressing snazzier. More fitted shirts; better fitting pants. Nice shoes. That sort of stuff. It really made a huge difference and I actually get compliments now and am myself much more outgoing yay (it also helps that I'm pretty much not an asshole anymore)! I'm actually going through another shift now. My 'good lookin' guy' look is being phased out and slowly phasing in 'awesome butch woman' look. Talk about a whole plethora of options open. Being a guy totally sucks on the fashion front so I'm glad to have more options! I'm pretty androgynous now with piercings, shaped eyebrows, etc, and, er, like visible hormonal changes so I even look different now in the same clothes I had a few months ago. So yeah. Improve your wardrobe. It's awesome. Don't worry you won't turn into a girl (maybe). Actually though.. tip here for guys. Girls notice stuff like grooming. Like detailed stuff. So if you have the time/will, you might want to pluck eyebrows (clean them up, maybe a bit of shaping), trim nose hairs, manicure nails, etc. Non grungy guys are awesome :) I'm not the only one who thinks this either... Quote:Original post by alnite Quote:Original post by nes8bit stuff... What nes suggested is to get yourself a gay friend and take him shopping with you. That pretty stereotypical you know. I know gay guys with no fashion sense sooo....
  8. It doesn't look good at all. Hopefully Square only has it's dirty fingers in the trailer. Hopefully the game is okay. None of the things listed would actually make it a bad game. Third person would be easier for a console (face it, no game like this is going to be pc exclusive), and the health regeneration can work if it's done correctly (see.. battlefield bad company 2. You get health regen, but only if you haven't been fighting for like 60 seconds and it's really slow). I also liked IW, so I guess my opinion is fail.
  9. Quote:Original post by evolutional I played WoW almost religiously on a PvP RP realm for about 2 years. I was heavily into character and development of that character, which included huge backstories and regular RP. This meant that the main focus of the game to me was RP and character, until I felt I needed to get into raiding, which my heavy RP guild didn't do. I changed realms and had to grind from 0-70 and then 70-80, I was always a step behind everyone but sacrificed the RP to get up to the top level as fast as I could so I could join in with raids. I then found that no matter what I did, I was always a step behind everyone - be it in gear, knowledge of tactics, ability to play, etc... So I quit. I've played EVE, didn't like it - too Grindy. I played Warhammer, loved it, but no social experience for me. I played Matrix Online - crap. I played Tabula Rasa, crap - no social side. Played Age of Conan, loved it til Level 20 then quit. Played APB Beta, enjoyed the experience but it wasn't social in an RP sense. For me the social side of an MMO is pretty much key. I play on my own for the most part and when I'm not, I'm very happy to spend time just chatting to people in character. It's an escape for me. I'm not interested in voice chat. I'm interested in stories and character. For that, the MMO needs a deep story for me to read, understand and feel a part of... So how often do I get a new one? Well after WoW I tried a load, didn't like them as they mostly seemed like a grind fest with little or no community or role play. Now I'm free of MMOs, perhaps until WoW releases the new expansion... and even then I doubt I'll try it. You sound like someone that could benefit from NWN1. You can get diamond edition for 20 dollars now. Not really an MMO, but does have persistent worlds. There are quite a few heavy RP servers. Also look for one that uses the E6 ruleset. Levels over 6 in DnD are heavily unbalanced.
  10. Don't buy a new car. Ever. It's never, ever worth it.
  11. Buy a Mac. (I use Windows 7... and I like it)
  12. Quote:Original post by LessBread It was GUN. All of the WWI games that I've seen have been flight sims/aerial dogfights. Believe it or not but the US Civil War is still a touchy subject in some places. Well.. you know. More Americans died in the civil war than in both world wars combined. Might have something to do with that.
  13. It's not really fair to consider both, since you can't (legally) run OSX on just any computer. Apple rapes you on hardware costs, so why not charge less for OS?
  14. Quote:Original post by Talroth I'm just happy some clever fellow doing IED designs came up with the idea of hiding comment blocks. I'm the kind of programmer that feature was really designed for. I programmer for TERRISTS!!!?
  15. We weren't allowed to use calculators in most of my maths courses at university. Even the graduate level courses (although those are more focused on theory and whatnot rather than calculation). The only course that we could use a calculator in was statistics... and people cheated their asses off with their fancy graphing calculators. Also. Slide rules are awesome.