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  1. SturmNacht

    Game Engine with DirectX help

    Hmmm, is porting the code manually an option for you? :P You'd even get a speed gain when porting from VB to C++
  2. SturmNacht

    Game Engine with DirectX help

    If you want to use classes created in your C++ DLL directly inside of VB, you might run into some problems, but there is no problem with accessing single DLL functions from inside you VB project. Just need to declare them ;)
  3. Might be just a small typo somewhere? But code would really help :)
  4. SturmNacht

    Question about books

    I can only agree. I have that book, and the CD is really useful. Without it some things might stay unclear what is meant in the book
  5. SturmNacht

    Halo Sprites?

    You could Do some screenshots from ingame and steal them for personal use. :P
  6. SturmNacht

    Now i've learned c. what's next ?

    I'd 3rd that, learn C++ next
  7. SturmNacht

    Timer based acceleration question

    velocity = 0.5 * acceleration * (secondsPerFrame^2) Actually using the above formula you are calculating the distance (again). You can calculate Velocity by: V = a*t So actually, i dont see any problem with your previous code velocity = acceleration * secondsPerFrame; // Incorrect What was the problem you experienced?
  8. SturmNacht

    Text Adventure question

    What kind of structure does your Game Have?
  9. SturmNacht

    Normal maps without hw support

    You could also try loading lets say... 5 Textures with "Pre rendered" Bump Maps so to say, into memory, and always apply one of these textures to the polygon depending on the direction you are looking from (one for looking from below, one from Top, one from left, right...). Looks alot uglier than Real Bump mapping, and can be a pretty heavy load on your processor, but is maybe a bit faster than normal mapping. Just a tought :)
  10. SturmNacht

    Leakage & piracy

    Quote:Original post by Anonymous Poster LOL - most cleaners have to hoover around the developers. In fact a quick wipe over with a duster is the closest some get to actual cleaning. Haha... hillarious :)
  11. SturmNacht

    Leakage & piracy

    I guess anybody with access to the main facilities (like cleaners, janitors, or anyone with a key) would be able to steal the unfinished games during Lunchbrake when the developers forget to log out. Quite a wide spectrum of possibilities :)
  12. SturmNacht

    Question - Learning Direct3D

    Quote:Original post by mattnewport Quote:Original post by SturmNacht In my opinion you should try writing your own little framework for Direct3D, since the one given by Microsoft is pretty... wierd... and writing your own gives you alot more flexibility. Try some non-MS tutorials, they are mostly the better ones, hehe. Good luck Have you looked at the new sample framework in the Summer 2004 SDK Update? It's a lot nicer than the old one and is a pretty good base for trying out your own ideas. Hmmm, sounds good :) Haven't tried out any of the new DirectX versions yet. Thanks for the input Quote:This sucks because the Summer Update is now the OFFICIAL MS STANDARD with regard to DirectX 9.0. And what is worse is that this is the 3rd Game Development book IN A ROW I have purchased which had good reviews through most channels and claimed to have targeted DX9, yet will not compile with the Summer Update DirectX 9.0c SDK. I guess we should all just write a book. Doesn't matter if it works or not, none of these clowns will update the source code to the book I just shelled $50+ for. What is the deal? Sounds like an interesting proposition, the gamedev community writing a book on the new c version. Maybe not directly a full book but rather a compilation of various tutorials? Cause its pretty hard to have multiple people writing a single book :P in my opinion. Never tried it tough
  13. SturmNacht

    Leakage & piracy

    If i am not totally mistaken, Doom 3 got leaked because someone "stole" it at the E3 or so. Sometimes i really wonder if the studios let those "leaks" come out on purpose? I know its bad for business, but its like that unnofficial Demo. In my opinion, its more "fun" to play a leak than a Demo, and i like leaks somehow. Furthermore, they dont have to do extra programming for a demo and it gives it quite some publicity, when almost all big gaming web sites have a huge "DOOM 3 LEAKED" on their main page. Hidden advertisment? Just my 2 cents :)
  14. SturmNacht

    Visual C++ or C++?

    Learn C++ first. Visual C++ is nothing more than a C++ compiler like Fruny said, that "translates" all the things you do visually (forms etc) into MFC calls. So learning Visual C++ will most likely end up in you becoming lazy and rely on drawing your applications instead of coding them yourself ;) if you want to do forms later on, learn C++ and MFC. From there, you could go to visual C++ and have a excellent understanding on how everything works, etc.
  15. SturmNacht

    Working with text

    Instead of: myString[character+(totalSpaces*line)] try using myString[character+totalSpaces] on both occasions, that might be the problem? Ohh and i think you'll need to reset your "spacePos" to 35 each loop, you haven't added that.
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