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  1. __Daedalus__

    Boy, some people are just classy.

    How about you rename it "BullDozy Bastard 2"? [smile]
  2. __Daedalus__

    so............the mushroom kingdom

    James Brown sums this up: "Too funky, funky in here! Gimme some air! Open up a window, man!"
  3. __Daedalus__

    Want to see my bird? ... the chicken...

    We have a cockatiel and it is the most miserable, mean, spiteful bird in the entire world. I want to wring it's neck but I don't think it has long to go so I'll let it live out the rest of it's gloomy existence [grin]
  4. __Daedalus__

    free service that lets you host exe/zip?

    Doesn't your ISP give you some web space with you package you could use to host files?
  5. __Daedalus__

    Anyone else anxiously awaiting April?

    Quote:Original post by Nietsnie Quote:Original post by _Daedalus_My birthday is on April 5th :D Wow me too :D BTW: Do you play Soldat _Daedalus_? Cool! [smile] Never played Soldat but just looked at the website. I may come back to that when I get some free time!
  6. __Daedalus__

    Has anyone tried this:

    Heh, a while ago at work I put the power connector in to a hard-drive while the PC was on. There was a small bang and the whole thing went off. Fortunatley it was only the fuse in the plug. You live and learn!
  7. __Daedalus__

    So know we know everything! (Simpsons)

    Quote:Original post by Coward Quote:Original post by Etnu I can't believe it took them 16 years to think up a name for that guy. As this picture clearly indicates he had a name all along: Where? I am blinded by that huge specular highlight on Bumblebee Man's ass!
  8. __Daedalus__

    abstract classes

    Quote:Original post by DMINATOR 2 kSquared Tnx for example, but I am still confused. Has anyone been working with abstract classes in real projects ? What advantages it had , any examples ? I used an abstract base class in my event-driven DirectX GUI system. The base class had functionality and variables inherent in every one of the GUI controls that would be derived from it. Some examples of these member methods are: GetWidth(); GetHeight(); GetParent(); GetSibling(); GetXYPos(); So derived controls would have this functionality through "implementation inheritence". The pure virtual methods in the base class (making it abstract) that each derived control had to implement where the events methods, for example: OnRender(); OnMouseDown(); OnMouseOver(); Technically interfaces, on the other hand, should not offer any implementation when they are inherited from. They are just a contract that guarantees to offer certain functionality when they are derived from. It should be noted that C++ is very strong on implementation inheritence but does not actually support interface inheritence.
  9. __Daedalus__

    First post!

    Hold on to your nuts! It'll be a rollercoaster!
  10. __Daedalus__


    C'mon! You know you love a bit food poisoning!
  11. __Daedalus__

    Anyone else anxiously awaiting April?

    My birthday is on April 5th [grin]
  12. __Daedalus__

    Single Line-of-Code Game

    while(1) { }
  13. __Daedalus__

    I hate hangovers

    Just drink a huge glass of water after your session before you go to bed. Ever since I started doing that I have never had another hang-over.
  14. __Daedalus__

    What do you guys look for in an RPG?

    Detail, detail, detail. Did I say detail? I meant DETAIL! Give your world and characters an interesting history. Describe everything. Develop lots of sub-plots in conjunction with your main story. Make them intertwine. I prefer a story with some lineality to open-endedness. There was a cool theme throughout the game "Illusion of Gaia" where you collected red crystals as you progressed through the game. I think there was like 52 of them scattered throughout the world. In pots, wells, caves, chests etc. If you collected them all you got an extra section to explore after you completed the game that expanded on the ending but you had no idea until you found them all. Things like this will add longevity to your title. Break the mold a little. You can do that being an indie developer. I am shocked and appalled that you have chosen a medieval-fantasy setting [grin] You'll get no plaudits from me for that one. For the love of god stay away from anime. It is so passe - like goblins and ghosts!
  15. __Daedalus__


    Quote:Original post by MonkeyInBlack Quote:Original post by __Daedalus__ All the voting in the Euroshit song contest is politically motivated. It is quite ridiculous to watch and makes me cringe. I'm tired of that same old argument. Here in Belgium it's the same each year : we have a great contestant and will surely win ! (but offcourse the song isn't worth being sent to the kids eurovision). Then, when the song rightfully only gets the last place or so it's all because of the politics - conviniently forgetting that with a descent song we ended 2nd the year before. It's all politics until one year there actually is a good song and the country finishes on top - then suddenly it's because it was a great song . </end rant> I'll bet you a virtual £1,000,000 that Greece and Cyprus each give each other 12 points this year [grin]
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