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    OMG C++ sucks !

    Quote:Original post by ApochPiQ One of the things I want to do properly from day one in Epoch is to support very direct mapping of code to hardware concepts. For instance, integer is always 32 bits, and integer8, integer16, and integer64 types will all be provided. There is no support for type munging or implicit conversions; if you want to convert a 32-bit integer into an 8-bit integer, you have to explicitly cast it; depending on the cast operator used, you can optionally throw an exception if the conversion overflows (or permit truncation if that's more sensible, as is sometimes the case when bit-twiddling). No more accidentally losing sign bits or other valuable data because the compiler implicitly fucked your types for you. ... Moreover, there will be support for adding your own custom type constructors and other data directly to the VM, so if you want to write a port of Epoch for a platform with a 13-bit byte, there's nothing stopping you - and that code will be visibly different from, say, 32-bit or 64-bit code, because the types will be integer13 instead of some mysterious "char". The way I'm solving this in my language is to have @int (er, types are prefaced with an @) take an integer template parameter. Like, @int<32>, or @int<64>, etc. Templated types using all the default parameters can drop the brackets, so @int would use the default parameter. Which would probably the word-size of the machine (32 or 64 bits, probably). Technically it doesn't take an integer, as that's hilariously circular, it takes a @bitwidth, but whatever. Finally, as a command-line argument, you'd preface compilation by telling the compiler which bitwidths were acceptable.
  2. _goat

    V5: What I've been working on recently

    Put me down for liking the font in the header image, but disliking the gimmicky "G" logo. One must ask if a logo is required at all - glance at what I consider a very well-designed website: RethinkDB You could just get away with a dark-blue G for the tab-icon in the browsers.
  3. I have a big problem with the 5-star rating thing: They don't work I frequent Hacker News which implements a thumbs-up/thumbs-down system. It works way better than the ratings on youtube, which are absolutely meaningless. I'd ask that you seriously give this issue some thought, because gradient rating systems that always produce a binary result waste everyone's time. :) Other than that, it looks exceptionally well-done. I have no other qualms. I am qualmless.
  4. _goat


    It's a race, good sir. prism will beat you to the punch if you're not careful (although we differ on some key points). THE GLOVES ARE OFF :D I wish I lived near San Fran... Melbourne is so far away.
  5. This is the dumbest thread I've read in a while - you guys keep switching which language you're talking about when comparing IDEs to best suit your arguments. [C++]: Visual Studio + Visual Assist X = heavenly tears of joy
  6. _goat

    fscanf problems

    Well, you're going to have to show us what szTextureFile, pTextureCache.name, pTextureCache.alpha_channel all are, and if there's enough memory allocated for them. Otherwise it will definately go to undefined behaviour territory.
  7. _goat

    boost::bind issue

    You definately can't have _2 and _3 without _1. You probably meant _1 and _2.
  8. _goat

    Vaccinations & Nano-Chip technology

    Quote:Original post by Codeka Quote:Original post by LessBread Did you check the per capita figures? Only 66,000 cases out of 310 million people.I think he's referring to the number of deaths per confirmed case. In the U.S. there was 1,744 deaths out of 66,126 confirmed cases vs. Australia's 187 deaths out of 37,039 confirmed cases. Lessbread: ... are you making a point, or just pointing out a fact? Codeka: Yes.
  9. _goat

    Vaccinations & Nano-Chip technology

    I might be biased, living in the "swine flu capital of the world", but no-one I know is getting vaccinated. It's too bothersome - it's just like the regular flu anyways! I know heaps of people who've had it, I may have had it... it got so common we stopped getting tested for it. I had a flu of some description. The infection rate of Victoria is higher than that of America or Mexico! Actually, on this topic, America, what the hell is wrong with you? We've had just over half the number of confirmed cases (and remember - we stopped getting tested for them), and about one tenth the number of deaths. South Korea even makes us look bad. Is it your healthcare, is it a cultural thing (y'know, not going to the doctor for things like this...), is it something else? Edit: I should point out to internationals that Victoria had such a high percentage of infection that local GPs stopped testing people who presented with flu symptoms, and simply told them "yeah, it's probably swine flu", and prescribed regular influenza treatment if required. Usually not required. [Edited by - _goat on November 11, 2009 10:15:11 PM]
  10. Quote:Original post by Codeka Quote:Original post by Beyond_Repair That said, 18 limit is usually too high for most games. I'd have no problem letting a 13 year old play a game like Modern Warfare. A 9 year old maybe not.Then you, as the parent, are stil able to purchase a copy of Modern Warefare for your 13-year-old child if you like. I disagree with you that it would be OK for a 13-year-old to play that game, but the point is that it should definitely be up to the parents to choose whether they want their children playing it or not (rather than the government or some other third-party). Just be thankful you don't live here... In Australia, R18+ games are illegal and you can only legally purchase MA15+ rated games (even if you're a 29-year-old adult). Technically not true... it's legal to purchase them from overseas and play them (personal use), it's illegal to distribute them. That's if it's Refused Classification (ie, pretty much all the ones you can think of). Those that are Banned are illegal to posses for personal use.
  11. _goat

    Would you release bad code?

    Do you know what's embarrassing to real programmers? Working on a hobby for x years and not having anything to show for it. As a bonus, you can get feedback (on your game), and improve the code over the years. That's the beauty of code. Just ship it.
  12. Quote:Original post by iMalc Quote:Original post by Karelian While we're on the topic of for-loops, do you think this is good form? for( int i = 0, size = (expensive operation); i < size; i++ ) The professor of a course I'm attending seems to think that the comma operator should be avoided, but this looks a lot uglier to me: int size = (expensive operation); for( int i = 0; i < size; i++ ) Never mind having size in a scope it isn't needed in.I think that's a clear case of the second snippet being far clearer and thus a superrior choice. /disagree. I think it's clear and obvious what's going on. Quote:I feel if it is important to not write the above code like this:for (int i = 0; i < expensive operation; i++)then it really is two separate steps and should be written as such: Calculating the termination condition, and performing the loop. The for loop's structure have well-defined sequence points. That means technically, the calculation IS done before performing the loop. Consider: for (int mesh_index = 0, mesh_end = really_expensive_calculation(); mesh_index < mesh_end; ++mesh_index) { // let's keep in mind a lot of my loops look like this. break; } This is trivially rewritten by the parser as: // un-named scope { int mesh_index = 0, mesh_end = really_expensive_calculation(); while (mesh_index < mesh_end) { // let's keep in mind a lot of my loops look like this. break; ++mesh_index; } } So nya-nya-nya nya nyaa nyaa. Quote:The only possible benefit of option one above over option two that I see, is a reduction in scope of "size". However it paves the way for a lazy programmer to later add a second loop like this... Agreed, but those programmers suck. I'm not about to start opening up the scope of my variables because of hypothetically bad colleagues. Edit: I just used exactly the wrong word. [Edited by - _goat on October 21, 2009 11:30:00 PM]
  13. _goat

    Nightclubs, Pubs/ Bars why...

    Quote:Original post by Codeka Quote:Original post by phantom However, in my experiance of pubs the music often isn't that loud, more like a back ground noise you have to strain to really hear, because one of the primary reasons for beign in a pub is to talk while drinking.I think that's a U.K. thing. We don't really have pubs like you guys do (which is a shame, in my opinion, since I like the atmostphere in a "traditional" U.K. pub). That's not to say the quiet pub doesn't exist at all in Australia, but it's not the normal state of affairs at least. Get out of Sydney, man. Melbourne has a whole flock of quiet pubs. It's one of those culture differences they always talk about between Sydney and Melbourne. And has anyone else seen Mogwai in concert? Loud as f:)k, but incredible fidelity in the sound.
  14. Quote:Original post by LessBread Quote:Original post by trzy Chile, one of the best-managed countries in Latin America, owes its economic prosperity to Pinochet's military dictatorship which prevented socialism from paralyzing the country as it has others in the region. That's quite a boast. Can you back it up with evidence? You forgot to praise Franco in Spain and Suharto in Indonesia... Are you questioning his claim that Chile is one of the best-managed countries in Latin America? Or that it was Pinochet that had a hand in its development? For the former, Hans Rosling Shows The Best Stats You've Ever Seen
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