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    V5: What I've been working on recently

    Put me down for liking the font in the header image, but disliking the gimmicky "G" logo. One must ask if a logo is required at all - glance at what I consider a very well-designed website: RethinkDB You could just get away with a dark-blue G for the tab-icon in the browsers.
  2. I have a big problem with the 5-star rating thing: They don't work I frequent Hacker News which implements a thumbs-up/thumbs-down system. It works way better than the ratings on youtube, which are absolutely meaningless. I'd ask that you seriously give this issue some thought, because gradient rating systems that always produce a binary result waste everyone's time. :) Other than that, it looks exceptionally well-done. I have no other qualms. I am qualmless.
  3. _goat


    It's a race, good sir. prism will beat you to the punch if you're not careful (although we differ on some key points). THE GLOVES ARE OFF :D I wish I lived near San Fran... Melbourne is so far away.
  4. _goat


    Hard to see text on shiny buttons.
  5. _goat

    Programmer Archetypes?

    Mark Rosewater's probably number one in my list of People Who Write Well. I encourage you to read his entire archives (I'm sort of at about 70%...) - he's got great articles on Game Design; although often skewed towards MTG, a lot of those principles apply equally well to more generic game design (Timmy, Johnny and Spike, most notably). Look for his articles on balancing the colour pie, amongst others!
  6. _goat

    Syntax improvement FTW

    Yah, about flexibility vs limitations. (Note: I'm doing a language, prism, too; it's found at the centre of the universe, apparently) I was originally thinking of syntax skinning myself, one for a python-esque style and one for a C-style. But you have to remember that it sort of devolves into a religious war: Which style is better? I think it'd create an split in the community, so I went with purely the python-style. I also removed the ability for people to indent with 4 spaces (or more accurately x spaces). You see it all over the internets about whether or not it's better to use tabs or spaces to indent your work. Pow, taken out of the equation. Sometimes restricting what users can do increases the friendliness of the application and environment. The way I normally work is by saying "could two users do exactly the same thing in two different ways and both believe that the other is wrong"? If that could happen, I try and find a way to resolve it so there's only one way of going about things. I'd take out syntax skinning and user-defined operator precedence (have one level of precedence set aside entirely and solely for user-defined operators).
  7. _goat

    Language List for 2009

    Are you sure you want to go with C over C++? I don't see any advantages, and I see a lot of disadvantages. Most of the good bindings for Lua/Python are written in C++, FMOD uses C++, the Boost.SmartPtr classes are in C++... you lose a lot of already-written functionality. Furthermore, cross-platformness is a moot issue, really: We've been developing on the Wii, Xbox360, PSP, PC (Windows), and DS now, and they all support C++ well. And I mean well: So far, all Boost we've used has worked (header-only libraries, mind you). What we've found is that even Lua (our scripting language of choice) is too large/slow for the DS, and a lot of AI functions have been rewritten in C++ - which brings another point up: C++ 'maps' better to these scripting languages than C does. Aaaaanyway, I think you're wrong about your choice of C over C++ for your backend language.
  8. _goat


    1) Brilliant story, needs a bit of fleshing out (yay details!). 2) Writing style needs work. Too many superfluous words (to be more precise, too many superfluous particles), some phrasing was stilted, some tenses were muddled, and some expressions just plain didn't give the "punch" that others could have. I rewrote it because I'm bored at work. Who would have thought I'd find a use for writing courses ^^. 3) You're using some weird characters for your quotes. Not in ANSI, no sir. Quote:In the year 2200AD, the Hammer Corporation now rules what was once North and South America. In the late 2000's, advancing electro-microscopes revealed a new particle, dubbed a 'clorid'. Rotating around the nucleus of the atom, the negatively charged clorid was found to be one ten-thousandth the size of an electron. Quickly, scientists were able to find a resonating source of negative and positive energy associated with the clorid: A new, clean source of energy. New medicine was researched that utilized clorids that could cure almost any disease. Energy prices became a footnote in history as everything came to utilize clorid power. New answers were given to how we got here. It was the greatest scientific discovery in history. At the same time, corporations in the "free world" were getting very large and very powerful. Executives at the Hammer Corporation, based out of Phoenix, started investing billions of dollars into research of clorids. Scientists involved in the project discovered that clorids not only resonated energy, they were all connected together via pathways known as axons. Everything in the universe was in some way connected to each other. These reports were never publicized. Experiments began in remote areas of the world to learn more about axons and their potential. One of these projects, now known as KillSwitch, began researching ways of affecting objects through the clorid axons. The first major breakthrough was the ability to send a negatively charged clorid down an axon, destroying a target clorid. The atomic bomb was as powerful as a water pistol. Even for the Hammer Corporation, it was too hard to keep this experiment secret. Word spread like wildfire through every country of the world, igniting a frenzy of speculation. Governments were on edge, not knowing what had happened and who had made it happen. The three largest superpowers: the United States, Russia, and China, started arming their nuclear weapons. It was known as “The War That Could Have Been.” The Hammer Corp evacuated close to a half a million people to a remote island where they built a monstrous underground shelter. Then finally, in 2180AD, approximately 100 years after the discovery of the clorid, the Apocalypse began. Keep in mind I haven't proofread it.
  9. _goat

    After image!

    I'd suggest keeping it for flashy moves and whatnot, but perhaps pull it out of [sic] jumping, because it feels like you should be doing a totally awesome move, or at least a move whilst it happens. Not just hitting the jump button. IMO, anyway.
  10. _goat

    Ein Doppelpost

    Well it's good to see development in this again! I must admit I went off on my own path and began writing a compiler myself. Although I've stopped because A) I have no idea how to go about the back end (the parse-tree and syntactical analysis is done), and B) I'm now working full-time and have precious time to myself these days. At some point I'll probably buy the dragon book and hopefully get at least some assembler output or something. Anyways, keep up the good work.
  11. _goat

    Ranting on the futility of dumbasses

    Quote:Original post by Tape_Worm Quote:Original post by Evil Steve I approve of this journal entry. I approve of your approval of this journal entry. Ha ha! Classic.
  12. _goat

    Linguistic Wishlist

    Nice post. I've always been interested in language development, but the farthest I've ever progress (and probably ever will, unless your little digression developes), is formal grammers at university. However, as for your point on dimensional analysis, data types, and paradigms, you definately seem to be on the "fuzzy" track. Clearly you either have, or should, read up on Fuzzy Logic, and the complimentary Expert Systems that use it (if only for background) - as its applications and mathematical representation could be suitable for these sorts of dilemmas - especially your dimensional analysis. Also, I very much like your idea of "building up" the language - but I fear that to do so successfully (and to disallow craziness a la Lisp) would require potentially a multitude of keywords/complexity that is against your rule of not putting in things that detract from pragmatisism than they add. Of course, this is me thinking after three minutes. Give me some more time (a heckload of uni work at the moment!)
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