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    A cute, short, blasphemous 2D Platformer

    I fixed a bug that would crash the game if you tried to set the / key as a button. Also, I fixed windowed mode to work again. If anyone is having problems, here is how you set the game to use windowed mode: 1. Go to the Cedric directory (By default it is C:\Program Files\Cedric the Little Demon). 2. Open the default.dat file using Notepad (or some other text editor). 3. Chanage the line that says [FULLSCREEN] to read [WINDOW]. 4. Save and close the file. 5. Start game. That might help those of you who are having trouble running the game in full screen mode. The bad news is that you would have to download the game again to get these updates :( If the bugs fixed don't effect you, then no worries ;)
  2. Rick Scott

    A cute, short, blasphemous 2D Platformer

    Quote:Original post by Gauvir_Mucca I'd suggest including an uninstall feature, as well as putting your artwork and sound effects into their own folders (so the uninstall won't be cluttered with a bunch of different files in the main Cedric folder). The uninstall is accomplished by going to add/remove programs :)
  3. Rick Scott

    A cute, short, blasphemous 2D Platformer

    Hello everyone :) I am the aforementioned programmer half of Happy Big Fun. I will try and respond to what I can: Anon: There should be a desktop shortcut and a start menu/programs link to Cedric once it installs successfully. If not, I apologize as I haven't got the .MSI thing down-pat yet ;) About the bitmaps and size/speed: Believe it or not, I highly doubt the bitmaps are to blame at all for anything. Every single file is completely unloaded whenever the stage changes, including cut scenes and boss fights. So when you are fighting death (12MB bitmap), the only bits in memory are that one death bitmap, cedric, the background, the floor and a couple others. They are saved as bitmaps since saving them as anything else increases the compressed size. The .MSI compression (and the Zip compression, of course) are able to compress the bitmap to smaller then a .png or other file in almost all cases. I could have written my own bitmap format, but I figured there were better things to spend my time on :) Here is the smallest specs we could get the game to run against in full-screen mode: Laptop w/ Win2k P3 700mhz 256MB Shared RAM (Shared of course means NO special video memory) Still ran well on this system. So to those of you having huge problems with decent systems, its quite possibly a driver issue (the game uses DirectX 7 which may have been neglected in recent driver releases for the newest cards? Sigh...2D support is going away it seems :() Very Important! While you are playing the game, hit ESC to change your Keyboard settings and/or volume settings. These changes are saved for next time so its a one-time change :) I have tried repeatedly to repro the bugs you are seeing (those are definitely my error messages, but I can't make them happen), but can't. I'm sorry :( Thanks for all of your kind words! I would never have expected this level of populatiry =D
  4. Rick Scott

    Self-sustaining Game Servers

    A much better idea, and one that I'm certain has been implemented before, is to simply sell in-game items for real money. Don't offer to trade back the other way, just give the rich kids an advantage in exchange for having them finance your game. I'm sure there are games out there that do this in some form or another.
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