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  1. That might explain the formatting problems you had.
  2. Dave Hunt

    My Year as a Mobile Gamedev

    I agree with @Dragonsoulj. It feels like you published the article a little too soon. It might have been better to wait until your efforts with the presskit had time to produce results (or not). Then you would have had some real data to back up your statements in the closing paragraphs before your summary.   Overall a nice job, though you might want to consider not using profanity in a technical article.
  3. I think they would make a nice addition to the article.
  4. Dave Hunt

    2D Lighting System in Monogame

    Also, you could use the SpriteBatch.Begin overload that accepts an effect parameter and avoid the Pass.Apply altogether. That method also doesn't require SpriteSortMode.Immediate.
  5. Dave Hunt

    2D Lighting System in Monogame

    Since your shader only has one pass, the following: effect1.CurrentTechnique.Passes[1].Apply(); should be: effect1.CurrentTechnique.Passes[0].Apply();
  6. Very informative article. I could have done without the "Holy ****", but otherwise good job!
  7. Singular - die Plural - dice
  8. Dave Hunt

    Calling Functions With Pre-Set Arguments in Modern C++

    I'm not sure this article should be here, at least not in its current form.   The title sets one set of expectations - this article will demonstrate how to call functions with pre-set arguments using Modern C++.   However, the introduction sets a different set - this article will demonstrate a way to call functions with pre-set arguments without using all the tools available in Modern C++.   A proper article would meet the expectations set by the title. The content of this article is really just an interesting mind exercise and doesn't present a technique that you would actually want to use to solve the problem stated in the title.
  9. Dave Hunt

    12 mistakes of The Powder Toy Simulator

    I agree with xexuxjy and braindigitalis. We've already got 4 PVS-Studio advertisements articles. I'm not sure we need a 5th.
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