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  1. Julian Spillane


    Your Pong game using Boo brings back many fond memories of my learning of the XBox hardware and XDK. First game I made for the XBox was Pong. Or as I liked to call it: PongX: Revenge of the Pong. There's nothing like playing Pong on a 60" widescreen plasma display with surround sound. Truly.
  2. Julian Spillane

    Mono + BooGame = Kaboom!

    I loved Dangerous Dave. In fact, you can download a copy of it from http://rome.ro (John Romero's page). Those were the days.
  3. Julian Spillane

    SDL & OGRE == !CEGUI ???

    Reflection has nothing to do with your API, Chris. ...that's up to the user to implement. OpenGL can do everything DirectX can.
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