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  1. JohanOfverstedt

    Pepsi or coke? - Soda, Pop or Soft Drink? YOU DECIDE

    In Sweden we call it "Läsk".
  2. JohanOfverstedt

    Can a MAN live Without a WOMAN

    Just stick to the hand! The hand doesn't require attention!
  3. JohanOfverstedt

    Do not kill any more mosquitoes with slaps on your cheeks

    The classic!
  4. JohanOfverstedt

    Freed Swede Says He Was Tortured in Guantanamo

    Yeah! You just seem to trust the sources that says what you want to hear and ignore the others. Btw, the swedish source nowhere states that he was guilty of the crimes. Rather that they failed to tie him to the crime.
  5. JohanOfverstedt

    Freed Swede Says He Was Tortured in Guantanamo

    Where did you read that he was found guilty and convicted?
  6. JohanOfverstedt

    Freed Swede Says He Was Tortured in Guantanamo

    Quote: the column doesn't ridicule. The author simply mentions that if these accusations are true he still deserves a trial before being jailed. The column does not say this information is untrue nor has the writer read michalsons blog. So you think he deserves to be put away without a trial and tortured just because a rumour says that he commited these crimes? Which he probably didn't. The rumours are probably spread by some wicked racist party somewhere anyway.
  7. JohanOfverstedt

    are map sizes a performance concern in a 2d tile based game?

    80 megs???? Now I don't follow!
  8. JohanOfverstedt

    Effect of game programmer status on females

    Quote: Dont do a job for the girls man, thats so stupid, do what makes you happy - girls will come and go. Girls might even be repelled by guys who alters their lives totally for their sakes. Quote: Label : Women are bithces, pay them and you 'll get what you want, women who don't do that for profession are always attracted by money , and this make them bithces (goto Label). Statements like this will really make the girls swarm all over GD.net ;)
  9. JohanOfverstedt

    Effect of game programmer status on females

    Quote:Original post by mikeman Geeks tend to stuck into the first girl they meet,and that's dangerous,because you may even get dragged into a marriage. Very true! I see this happen all the freakin' time! Quote: id say if your going for girls that are not going for you because they are turned off by your 'geek' side, screw them. What? If they are turned off by you, then how on earth are you supposed to get to screw them? ;)
  10. JohanOfverstedt

    Effect of game programmer status on females

    And you might not want to tailor your whole life so that girls will like you! I am an aspiring writer and would not reduce the ammount of time I write for the sake of a girl. If she can't stand me writing, then she had better get the hell out of my life ;) Be a man for crying out loud! :)
  11. I guess you meant http://eboredom.20m.com/features/interviews/adams1.html
  12. Quote:Original post by xg0blin If you really think that you can be perfectly happy in total poverty and without personal possesions, then why don't you go ask that guy that lives in the box in the alley that digs his lunch out of the KFC dumpster. I didn't say I was going to live in total poverty did I? ;) There's a balance between how much of your time and energy you're willing to surrender to make a living. In Sweden, we also have a wellfare system that saves a lot of people from ending up living in dumpsters, even if it does not save them all.
  13. Why can't your wife get a job herself then if she so desperatly wants make-up and fancy clothes? I would never work with something I don't like just so I can afford to live. What would be the use of me living if what I do all day is something I don't enjoy? I aspire to be a writer one day myself, and if that makes me too poor to support a wife and/or children I guess I will have to do without a wife and/or children. That's just my view on things! Take care!
  14. Thanks Migs for the link. I think I am going to download and play Beneath a steel sky again. It was many years since last time I played it. Btw, in fact, i'd like one day to be in an industry that has the same objectives ( and coolness) as the film industry, with a different medium. making memorable and breath taking products. not just some kind of quick-fix-and-throw-away-technical-products. [/QUOTE] I don't think that Hollywood is about making memorable and breath taking products. Hollywood is about making money.
  15. JohanOfverstedt

    new top team in search for a sponsor

    A programmer needs to know a lot of stuff to program a pacman-clone too. That is no guarantee(sp?) that you will be able to complete the game in seven months.
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