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  1. Just started to use Ubuntu, so far it has been great. I mean it is not that much difference from any other OS, but it just works out of the box. The add remove application is a nice feature as well as dual desktops on the same monitor (something Windows is still missing). I will probably keep Windows though and use Ubuntu on my laptop when going on business trips. I have also used SuSE and Mandrake (is that still around?).
  2. sigmaent

    Your experiences with Windows Vista

    1. What edition of Vista do you have? Ultimate 2. Have you had many significant problems with Vista since you installed it? No 4. Has SP1 fixed any of those problems? Don't use SP1 yet. 5. Do all of your programs work under Vista? Yes, even older programs I had trouble getting to work with XP. 6. (For those who have upgraded:) Have you noticed any performance difference when running games? Not really. 7. How comfortable are you when using Vista? In the beginning a somewhat confusing interface, but once you get the hang of it. 8. What do you like about Vista? Start menu search. The ability to restore previous versions of a file. The many ways you can customize your system from the control panel. All the little apps which in XP are provided by third parties (encryption etc). 9. What don't you like about Vista? When first installing a lot of stuff UAC gets annoying, it is a good security feature though. Slowness when copying files (corrected by patch but it was frustrating in the beginning) 10. What operating systems have you used in the past? Linux: Mandrake, SuSE, Red Hat, Ubuntu Windows: Windows 3.1, 95, 98, ME, 2000, XP DOS and BeOS. Also used OS/2 for a while (a very short while). 11. Do you have any regrets? Other than forking out a lot of cash for the Ultimate edition no, but Premium would have had most of the features I wanted.
  3. sigmaent

    I'm so interested in pirate stories...

    Quote:Do you have any books to recommend about pirates stories or any infos? I have read some interesting books about Pirates and that particular era, I can recommend the following books: Treasure Island (a classic really, and very similar to what you wrote above) Pirate Soul (extensive book about Pirates from 1690 to 1740, or something. It has a lot of facts but yet very entertaining and engaging) The Pirate Hunter (about Captain Kidd and the story behind the legendary pirate) The Pirate Dictionary (if you want the right pirate terms in your story you would probably need this book) Nathaniels Nutmeg (more about spice trading than piracy, but it is about seafaring and a pretty interesting read)
  4. sigmaent

    gettin laid in games

    Romance is the toughest to write about, practice makes wonders though. When I took writing courses ages ago my teacher told me that if you want to write about romance you should read romance and experience it. So anyway get to the bookstore and buy Jane Austen's Complete Novels :) Write down your experiences with romance, your feelings and start from there. Yes I know it's hard to put words on it and a bit flaky, but in my opinion it's worth it because you will avoid cliches and it can be the key to some real solid work. There is probably a ton of video games with romance in them. As I recall there were a number of NES and SNES games where you set out to rescue your girlfriend or wife who had been kidnapped by terrorists/aliens/evil scientists, so they had some romance involved. Super Mario Bros is also based on romance with the princess being kidnapped by Bowser and Mario rescuing her. Isn't there even a kiss in the end? :) As for sex in video games you basically have to choices, either its sex/sex with no romance (as in Lula or that game marketed as a sex simulator which I can't recall the name of) or adventure/sex (as in the Larry games, which also has some humour or romance). Hope it helps!
  5. sigmaent

    Israeli Attacks On Lebanese Hospitals No Hoax

    It's a known tactic in warfare among less credible players to place military installations near schools and hospitals or even under them. Historically it's been very common since it both discourages the enemy to attack the installation and even if they do it's great propaganda. Maybe Israel bombed the hospitals on purpose, all I know is that it's extremely hard to bomb one building in a block without getting the other ones damaged. 12 buildings destroyed and 38 damaged means nothing really if you don't put the numbers in context. Out of 400 health installations covered it seems small. How intense were the bombings, how many other buildings were destroyed? How do they define a destroyed and damaged building? Will just a window broken window do for the building to be "damaged"? Were the health installations checked before the bombings? So that they know that the damages actually came from the bombings and not something else?
  6. Hi all, so I'm thinking about taking a couple of courses in Java development but I've been out of the programming loop for a while. Is there still a demand or future demand for Java developers or development or is it getting replaced? In what area do you think Java will be used most? Appreciate any answers!
  7. sigmaent

    Best 5 PC shoot em ups

    Ah yes good old Raptor, played it a lot during the good ol days. Good article about a sector of games you don't hear much about!
  8. Two components that I've used with succes in the past: OpenNewsletter (http://sourceforge.net/projects/opennewsletter) Fancy Newsletter (http://sourceforge.net/projects/fancynl)
  9. sigmaent

    [web] developing a webshop

    Quote:1) Should I use existing software? If so, what are the best choices? [Free for commercial use preferred.] Yes, I wouldn't recommend building it yourself if you don't want to provide very special features that no existing solution can provide. To start with I would recommend ZenCart(http://www.zencart.com). ZenCart can be hard to customize and handle when you first start it. It's not an out of the box solution that you will get a grip on instantly. It's basically built around different HTML templates, and they are fairly easy to design. The problem with ZenCart is that much of the simple stuff like META tags and titles (of the main page) are located in the include files which makes it harder to change some stuff. The user simply has to get used to that some thing can be changed through the admin area and others through the include files via FTP. Alternatives to ZenCart: OSCommerce, http://www.oscommerce.com The same system as ZenCart is built on but with less features Yahoo Small Business, http://smallbusiness.yahoo.com/merchant/ Simple to get started and to attract customers. Your cart is build by Yahoo and has pretty much everything you will need, at least to get started. The cart does become a bit limited after a while. You also get support from Yahoo which can prove valuable but not essential. The cheapest solution here costs around $40 a month plus some fees. This might sound expensive but calculate what you would pay for a domain name, space, cart, SSL and so on first. Ebay Ebay can also be an alternative to using carts and conventional methods. It's very esay to get started and reach a high number of buyers. The problems are that the competition is hard, visitors mainly select items after price and the steep Ebay fees. However Ebay is a good point to start from and expand into an Ecommerce store. Some basic ones: PHPShop http://www.phpshop.org/ MyMarket http://mymarket.sourceforge.net/ Quote: 3) What other security issues must I look at? Also be sure to protect yourself from scams and fraud. Be sure that people can't charge you back once you have shipped the item. Also as Mark previously pointed out be sure not to store any credit card numbers on your server, and always protect personal information about your customers well! Good luck on your store!
  10. sigmaent

    New Writer

    Interesting story, I like the basics. Evolve the story some, I mean it needs some rewriting to be the intro of a game. Also be clear on what the player should do, should he run around in a maze trying to survive or close down the project real good with some heavy firepower? Or maybe the main character should save someone trapped in the game (a loved one?) while closing down the project. Involve some characters in the story and it's pretty good. Good luck!!
  11. sigmaent


    Could have been like the TV-series Lost but in Amazonas, if the player don't know how they got there, and that the tourists has been gone without a trace, and weird stuff happen. You could probably include the rebels as a part of the game as well.
  12. sigmaent

    Dawn of Fantasy, from Indy RTS to Mainstream

    Great work, looks great!! Can't wait to see my units climb and swim :) Is the game leaning more towards magic than realistic combat? Or have you balanced the two, sort of like Warcraft III?
  13. sigmaent


    Hello, looks good to me, but there are a few things that you should change to make the site more available and streamlined. - Change main text color to black, since it's very hard to read otherwise. - Consider making the text a bit bigger so that people with bad eye sight can read it. - If you want the page to be a community you have to have the login module on a more central part of the page. Also make a special link in the menu called "Sign up now" or something so that it's easier to start new accounts. - Consider what your main focus on the site should be, I have a hard time finding out what the core of the site really is about, is it downloads? Shouldn't the downloads be on the front page in that case? Or is it the blog? The music? Events? Identify where the meat is and focus on that first and add the other features later when you have built a solid visitors base. - Maybe more colors except for different variants of grey, I mean games are suppose to be fun and the site should reflect that somehow. Good luck on your site!!!
  14. sigmaent

    Firewar -- Suggestions Needed

    Hi, I rewrote some of the first passages, just minor changes. It's a nice story, I thought if you could present the Firewar suits in a better manner. For example make the player read about them as if they were reading some sort of classified material. Then present the story when the Federation steals/captures the suits from the ICN. It might make the suits sound more important, and they seem to be for the game. Just some thoughts, good luck! < Centuries have passed since the last war fought on Earth, the war overthrew most present superpowers of the Earth and made every nation equal. The war created the International Coalition of Nations, an unbreakable government that controlled all others as provinces. The war that brought a false sense of utopia to the softened, ceremonial military that stands in the place of the nuclear empires we see today. World War III, as you may prefer to think of it, as bloody as it was claiming billions of lives, was but a dim memory compared to the next conflict. 400 years have passed since the third World War, and the International Coalition of Nations (ICN) has moved into space to find a solution to the overpopulation of Earth. 12 billion people inhabit Earth alone by the time the space program grew into a significant part of the ICN. Now, there are over seventy-eight planetary colonies controlled by the ICN. Unfortunately, the government is plagued with corruption, and when the special Colonial Parliament is rendered useless by growing executive powers, six colonies secede from the ICN to form the Federation of Planetary Colonies. In the next month, thirty more follow, and the ICN declares war on their former territories. >
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