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    Need Help On Picking The Right Language

    Quote:Original post by Kazgoroth Quote:Original post by Ranma13 By the way, I see a lot of mention of bad programming habits, but would someone be willing to name what some of them are? - Goto. - Poor OOP support (this has got a lot better in newer variants). - Rarely encourage good program structure. - Poor (relatively) runtime performance often leads to an obsession with inappropriate optimisation, resulting in fast but completely unreadable code. - Goto : what I said above ^ - Poor OOP support - well BASIC was never really intended to be an OOP programming language( exception of .net of course), so much for that argument (this could be applied to any language that doesn't support OOP, and there are a lot of them). VB for instance has excellent support for creating active X controls and the classes support properties (getters and setters). - Rarely encourage good program structure ?? not sure I understand this, probably a bad argument if you are thingking OOP, otherwise the paradigm is not that much different than say C. - Poor (relatively) runtime performance: this depends on the basic language, most people assume basic has been an interpreted language. Try using something like purebasic, it compiles to FASM, and is very fast, in fact inline assembly is supported and most of the users use assembly within their programs. If you are talking about VB, well their are optimizations like compiling to native code and removing bound checking on arrays, but yes it is slower than c/c++ in general.
  2. Codemonger

    Need Help On Picking The Right Language

    Quote:Original post by Simian Man Quote:Original post by Ranma13 By the way, I see a lot of mention of bad programming habits, but would someone be willing to name what some of them are? Mostly the goto/label structure. Also basic programs rarely use proper indentation. BASIC does not use goto and label structures anymore than C does, this is one of the most distorted things I have ever heard in a long time about BASIC. Indentation has nothing to do with the language but the PROGRAMMER, and your forgetting that readability is one of the KEY features of a BASIC language. The position that BASIC teaches bad habits or BASIC is too simplistic to program in, is just an elitist view IMHO and nothing more. Most BASIC's have their shortcomings, but this is no different than any other language.
  3. Codemonger

    malloc question

    The variable vertex is a pointer .. what it points to , who cares ? you are just telling the compiler and yourself that it points to a structure Vertex (which is 12 bytes). All pointers with 32 bit compiler are 4 bytes, which is simply storage for a memory address. if malloc(0) worked then I am assuming that you are assigning values with a bad pointer (no pointer). You would eventually crash your program if you continue to access memory that you have not allocated. *** Edit Enigma beat me to it lol :)
  4. Codemonger

    Need Help On Picking The Right Language

    I wrote my game X-hex in Visual Basic 6.0 Enterprise Edition. link to the game and screenshots (it's free for download): http://codemonger.com/Default.asp?Page=Projects So assuming people may thing VB worst language to write games in, I would make the argument that really it all depends on the power of the programmer. Use a language you feel comfortable enough to program in, and that you can get the job done in time, which is IMHO a lot more satisfying.
  5. Codemonger


    I've used Dark Basic i think back in 1999 - or 2000 ? anyway can't recall. I remember I didn't like the fullscreen IDE, it was a pain to work with. I don't personally use Dark Basic but you could try the professional version, which might be better: Dark Basic Pro I would recommend Blitz Basic over Dark Basic. I bought Blitz a long time ago and was very satisfied. Also another Basic language you might want to look into is PureBasic . PureBasic is a much different Basic language and is cross platform, now being tested on Macs. I also bought Pure Basic a while ago and would recomend it, but not for games, unless you have a 2d game in mind. IMHO I think Dark and Blitz undermine their languages by having childish looking IDE's, maybe cool looking but not very professional.
  6. huh I never noticed that .. no multiple inheritance, that's too bad. heres a quote on the site about it that I found: Quote:"Multiple inheritance. It's a complex feature of debatable value. It's very difficult to implement in an efficient manner, and compilers are prone to many bugs in implementing it. Nearly all the value of MI can be handled with single inheritance coupled with interfaces and aggregation. What's left does not justify the weight of MI implementation.
  7. You could always try D, which is a good improvement over c++, and if you are familiar with c/c++ you will have no problem coding in D. It has built in garbage collection and now a GCC front end, and is compatible with C libraries. D Programming Language
  8. Quote:Original post by kusma uhm, this issue isn't really related to 32/64bit machines at all, it's related to bad code. not including the headers and then ignoring your best friend - the compiler -'s warnings. well, you're basicly just getting what's coming to you. Kusma rating ++ , you are absolutely right ... this has nothing to do with 64/32 bit porting and is misleading.
  9. Codemonger

    Linux Game Distro

    I don't know anything about Linux, I've only used Unix back in 1993 or something. The idea is neat, but is their any concern of devlopers sterotyping Linux movement as being free, which seems to be its strong point. I think of linux as being free, and the idea that almost all apps are free for it, is why I would probably want to use it. Would this make it hard for developers of games to try to sell your games for Linux ? just with the free mentality. Again I don't know much about Linux or Linux communities. So enlighten me.
  10. In my game X-hex X-HEX I referenced them from tope left being 1 .. bottom right being the last hex .. So I referenced then like so: __ __ __/4 \__/10\. /1 \__/7 \__/ \__/5 \__/11\. /2 \__/8 \__/ \__/6 \__/12\. /3 \__/9 \__/ \__/ \__/ EDIT: my hexes turned out crappy, I'm not good with the formatting :)
  11. Codemonger

    Ok, I was wrong. C++ is hard.

    The more you become familiar with C++ the easier writing it will become. The other high level languages you mentioned will almost always be easier to accomplish simpler tasks much faster, so don't be surprised. Personally, IMHO (most likely every programmer will disagree with me on this) I would start off by using straight c, move to c++, so you can learn to enjoy what c++ has to offer and understand it much easier.
  12. Codemonger

    Business Plans

    I remeber gathering this type of information a long time ago on IGDA.org . Now this was 3-4 years ago so I don't know if this information is still freely available. www.gamasutra.com is also a good resource for getting facts and information. Sorry I could not be any more direct but it has been a long time since I looked into industry specifics.
  13. Codemonger

    How do I make my own programming language?

    If your interested you can follow this website I have put up for specifications for a new language. CodeBASIC . Also looking for input and feedback, so your more than welcome to post questions.
  14. Codemonger

    managing alt+tab

    Alt-Tab should not be disabled, unless you are building a kiosk or something specialized. Your textures that are loaded should be stored in system memory so when a alt-tab occurs you can easily load them back into video memory when your program gains focus, among other things. ----------------- Check out CodeBASIC.org
  15. Codemonger

    pointer memory

    A pointer is just storage for a memory address, assuming your compiling for a 32 bit machine it will be 4 bytes, 64 bit machine it will be 8 bytes. This is why 32 bit windows has a 4gb memory address limitation.
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