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    GDNet V5 Concepts: User Ratings

    I think this is way more complicated than it needs to be. Fading is an excellent idea though. I believe that a simple "good - evil" bar would be enough. Employ fading on that and it would achieve two things: 1. It would add a sense of humour, which is always a good thing. Then I believe the rating would be informative and less offensive. And hey, those who want to serve the darker side can finally do it. 2. The fading would be forgiving to offenders, but the darker they are the longer it would take to be forgiven. Primarily though, by keeping it simple the rating system would be more accessible and easier to accept. I have voiced my opinion on the present system before. I am very happy to see some of those concerns finally being acknowledged. I am just sorry that it had to take such long time. I know of others (myself included) that simply stopped posting because the value of our post got overshadowed by our lack of ability to deal with people. Such as people with Aspergers etc.. The present system have been heavily penalizing to those kind of people. Some simply are rude, that doesn't invalidate the accuracy in their statements though. This change could help alleviate that, something I am very happy about. I don't mind being called words (by someone with Tourettes) I did not even know existed, as long as I get some valuable pieces of information out of it. So, even though I think the change could be more simple, I am supporting this change. On a final OT note: Typing this on an iPhone is à Palm ( is a pain) I kept the "corrections" so you can witness the madness called "autocorrection" on that phone. Oh the horror ;)
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